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Ranking Lists are completely unnecessary and pointless. There's no best user. Everyone is at their best at some things and actions. I kinda regret remixing or making these kind of lists. I'm glad that I stopped. - MostTalented_BoyX

Such a list to begin with is WAY too opinionated, and not everyone's going to be able to agree with either one person's opinions, writing style, reason for their choices to what he or she may or may not like, and whether they deserve ANY sort of popularity on here or not. - BloodyThunderX

I have a hard time ranking any users, to be truthful. I believe it should be a list where there can be multiple #1's, and then maybe I will! But as of now? Impossible to choose simply 10 without feeling guilty! - keycha1n

I remixed it, but I wasn't really into doing it. There were so many great users and it wasn't fair to RANK them - DCfnaf

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2 Best Songs of All Time

I have remixed this, but I'm not fully satisfied with the results. I just can't be. There are so many songs I love. Mind you, there are a fair few near the top of this list that I can't stand. - PositronWildhawk

I have yet to remix this and I doubt I ever will. Not only do my preferences change regularly, but there's no way I could come up with 10. Let alone, a ranking for only 10! - keycha1n

I'd be changing my remix every other day if I made one for this list. Much too difficult. - BKAllmighty

When I remixed this, I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to get through all of those songs, so I just did my favourite song from some bands I like. - 3DG20

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3 Greatest Music Artists of All Time

The first nine were easy--Beatles, Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel, Doors, Bowie, Beach Boys, Supertramp, Cars, and Floyd. I still can't decide who to add as #10. - PetSounds

I listen to only four. Almost exclusively. So I can't remix it either way. However, I'm sure this list is very difficult to rank for those into music. - keycha1n

Well, once you get 'The Beatles' (No. 1) out of the way, it gets a lot harder to choose. There's a wide margin between 1 and 2, so that doesn't make it any easier. - BKAllmighty

The best one is Michael Jackson. So it is both easy and hard. - EpicJake

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4 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Deserve More Attention

Underrated and overrated and fairly rated are so fluid. Coming up with a definite remix is near impossible! Users also often come and go or contribute sporadically, so its sure to be a remix and list that's ever changing. - keycha1n

I believe that most users deserve more attention. I meet wonderful new users almost every day and they are all brilliant. - BKAllmighty

Have a lot of intelligent people in TheTopTens - belarbi

5 Top Ten Hardest Working Inspiring Users of TheTopTens

With such a title, it's difficult to bestow upon anyone, Everyone on the site brings something new and interesting, and to put a number beside it is so difficult! - keycha1n

This is really a list that is built around discussion and detail. Ranking shouldn't have a big influence on it. - PositronWildhawk

No. Once a list is made, ranking does have a big influence on it. Doesn't matter if up you didn't intend it to be like that, Positron. - Kiteretsunu

6 Best Movies of All Time

I have personal preferences that would get in the way of making final objective decisions. 'The Notebook' could be the best movie ever made on a technical level or something but because that type of movie bores me I'd never put it at No. 1. This issue carries over for a lot of movies considered to be the "best". - BKAllmighty

I can't even start. Movies in general are difficult to rank in terms of quality. - keycha1n

How are you supposed to mix all those genres? - PugaPickle

7 All-Time Worst People In History

Like the greatest, but opposite. - keycha1n

8 Worst Movies of All Time

As with Worst T.V. shows, there are hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS of awful movies out there. Most of the ones I did either are animated or kids' movies, including the two worst Disney movies of all time: Home on the Range and James and the Giant Peach. Some of those movies I've never actually seen, such as The Garbage Pail Kids Movie and Foodfight. I've only seen the trailer and read the reviews of The Oogieloves. Same for Ratatoing. Fred: The Movie I've only seen about 5 minutes of, but that was all I could take. Also, the thing that I HATE about that list is that they were stupid enough to put Frozen at 10 on it, yet Howard the Duck is lower than The Lion King! I mean really, 782 for Howard the Duck? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? WHY CAN'T IT SWAP WITH FROZEN? Bambi should be last, followed by The Lion King and Dumbo as second and third last.

9 Top Ten Best Books of All Time

I have remixed this, and I must say, at least thirty of my favorites didn't make it in! It was so awful ranking books-which have been such a huge part of my life! - keycha1n

10 Greatest People of All Time

The people we see as "heroes" are often just doing what they feel is right, with the best of outcomes. There are people who do "heroic" things all the time that don't get the credit because they only saved 1 person instead of 1,000. We value good deeds based on how many people they affect. But that does not make the people who did these wonderful things any better than anyone else. I could save 1,000,000 people tomorrow in a "heroic" event and be considered as one of the greatest people of all time, while if someone else (who is just as good of a person as me) does it instead, THEY'RE going to be remembered as a hero in the exact same way. We really devalue the word "hero" these days. Nobody ever talks, or even thinks, about this. Nobody. - BKAllmighty

People change the world in so many different, countless, and amazing ways! Should Archimedes be credited with changing the world of science and math? Or is Einstein? What about JK Rowling changing millions of lives with her stories? And Jesus? Everyone's made such amazing contributions and they're all so different and important that they would never be ranked sufficiently. - keycha1n

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11 Top 10 Best Justin Bieber Songs

Because they all suck! - RiverClanRocks

Mine would be empty. - 3DG20

12 Top Ten Problems In the World Today

There is obviously too many to fit in a remix, as well as all of them being so bad, its almost disrespectful to diminish any of them by putting them low. - keycha1n

13 Worst TV Shows of All Time

By now I'm convinced there's more BAD shows than GOOD shows! In fact, it's gotten to the point where I don't even think there IS such a thing as a good T.V. show. When I remixed that list, I just did a random order of shows I REALLY HATE that deserved to be higher. There's SO MANY SHOWS that deserve higher than what they have! I posted a list at IMDb called "Worst new Nick shows since 2008" which has ALL the shows from Nick that I hate on it. It'd be SO HARD to do a list of ALL bad shows, because when you think about it, EVERY SHOW is a bad show! Every show has a reason to hate it or think it's the worst show ever. The best shows was also hard to do since there's not that many shows I DO like. The only thing I am 100% sure of on that list is that Liv and Maddie is my all-time favorite. And it's not even a show everyone likes. I still remember when it was 29 on the Worst T.V. shows. It's only because of me that we got it to 527 out of 535. IT SHOULD BE LAST! Even if you don't like it, ...more

I found it easy - TheKirbyCreeper999

14 Top 10 Best Games of All Time
15 Greatest Genres of Electronic Music

I just can't generalise, let alone rank, the various incredible subgenres of electronic. But still, I gave it a shot. - PositronWildhawk

16 Top 10 Best Metal Bands

If I had've changed this remix every time my favorite bands changed, I wouldn't have but probably 3 or 4 member score.

17 Top 10 Best Animals
18 Top Ten Favorite Colors

Oh come on I like them all! - Lucy1402

19 Top Ten Worst Video Games Of All Time
20 Best Body Parts of Justin Bieber
21 Best Rock Bands of All Time

I just can't remix it. Too much favourite bands! :( - Userguy44

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