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1 Cackletta's Soul - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Fiery Dino Piranha at #1 and Culex not even in the top 5?! Oh, well. Flawed list is flawed. As for this battle, Mario & Luigi have 1 HP in this fight, Cackletta's attacks are very hard to dodge, she has high HP and you can only damage her once you've taken out her head and arms (Which rejuvenate, by the way)

Cackletta's Soul is 100+/100 hard (and Mario & Luigi: Superstar saga is average to good).

The Shadow Queen is 100+/100 hard (and Paper Mario: The Thousand ear Door is bad).

Elder Princess Shroob is 100+/100 hard (and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time was mainly great).

Culex is 100/100 hard (and Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the 7 Stars is unbelievably great).

Bowser X is 100+/100 hard (and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is mainly bad).

Phantamanta is 100/100 hard (and Super Mario Sunshine is average to bad).

Bowser in the Sky is 74/100 hard (and Super Mario 64 on the N64 is beyond perfect/the DS version is average to good).

Bonetail is 100+/100 hard.

Tabuu is 96/100 hard on Easy, 100/100 hard on Normal, 100+/100 hard on Hard, 125+/100 hard on Very Hard and 150+/100 hard on Intense (and Super Smash Bros. Brawl is mainly perfect).

Fiery Gobblegut is 89/100 hard (and Super Mario Galaxy was a mainly average to good game).

This boss is no doubt the hardest boss Mario players ever played. No offense but this list is horrible. Cackletta should be number one.

So hard unless you are overly levelled

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2 The Shadow Queen - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

All I can say is that I've been trying to beat the shadow queen for about 8 years...

A boss so powerful you have to correctly choose a perfect ratio of health, flower power, and badge power throughout the game to even have a chance at winning. If you don't, you will never win.

Without the help of the Shadow Siren Vivian, this boss is impossible. her attacks do so much damage! She can charge herself, making her even more devastating, and hit you, killing you almost instantly!

She is immortal. 300hp! And can use your energy for health and can and will destroy and screw you without vivan. Who won without vivan on the first try? Anyone?

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3 Bowser X - Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story

To reach Bowser X, you must do Boss Rush. You have 35 turns to kill Bowser X, and six enemies before it. Once there, Bowser X does ridiculously powerful attacks, and even eat your Bro. Items, and won't spit them out until 5 turns pass. And don't forget his 7000+ health, limited healing items, and almost unavoidable attacks. This should be #1.

This should be number 1. They start giving you a recommendation of level 50, which takes around a week to reach. And $#%@, this is so $#%@ing impossible while you still didn't reached this point, making this battle just not right. Well.

This is the only boss that ACTUALLY DESERVES TO BE ON HERE you have limited turns and healing items, he eats your bro AND special abilities, has 7000 HP!, and his attacks are such bull to try and dodge like I've been playing for 4 years now and I've only beat him twice because he does ridiculous damage on unavoidable attacks

Bowser Jr. Is harder though. You fight more bosses and he has attacks that do around 90 damage to level 45 bros and also steals your bros items. Plus, you have to fight antasma x right before him!

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4 Elder Princess Shroob - Mario and Luigi Partners in Time

Took me FOREVER to beat her! Her Tentacle attack thing... IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DODGE IN HER 2ND FORM! Plus it took me forever to realize I am supposed to attack her crown... You only have a limited time to hurt her before her gold crown regenerates and then you have start all over again knocking off her tentacle-like legs, and then attacking the crown...

However, her theme is actually a very good!

The elder princess shroob started out small, with a few irritating attacks, like football charge and fireball cannon. However, she heals.
The next form however, can kill you in a hit. You need to destroy the gold crown with copy flowers or trampolines, to be able to injure the main body. Use mix flowers to knock off the limbs. After an incredibly long and tedious battle, you have the choice: die, or have that massive beast die.

I remember struggling so hard with this boss first time I tried. I did not connect the fact that the gold crown on top of her head reduced the power of my attacks so drastically... That and its THREE consecutive boss fights.

Took me forever to beat her and worst in her super giant form it took me 4 years to beat her

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5 Culex - Super Mario RPG

Only reason why Culex isn't #1/2 is because not many have played that are on here...

Culex is crazy, unless you have lazy shell armor!

Putting Bouldergeist a few ranks above this is... Unbelievable!

This guy is impossible! How could Squizzard beat him? How could anything beat him? I strongly disagree with this list.

The reason this isn't #1 is because not many people have played the game or found him.

Cackletta's Soul #1? Screw this list. Cackletta's Soul is easy. Learn how to dodge. - Doge4lifeGaming

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6 Bowser in the Sky - Super Mario 64

The most difficult Bowser: hard to avoid flames, harder to catch him by the tail, tedious to shoot him the bombs' right direction.

This does not deserve to be, even in the top 10. This boss is hard the first time, yet the second time, it is easier. The rotation, timing, and dodging is part of this. One of the hardest techniques to dodge, must be the multiple flames.

Yeah my thumb was so sore from turning the control pad. It's even harder when you miss and have to do it again.

I never knew that it was so hard to throw bombs...

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7 Phantamanta - Super Mario Sunshine

The phantamanta is very hard to defeat, unless you stand on top of a tree. If you battle it alone, It splits up and attacks you from behind and all kinds of things like that. It is so hard to beat.

I gosh... Guys I've commented on tabuu bouldergeist and bonetail... And now this? I found it easy to take down phantamanta! Just take down 1 part at a time before all the angry little ones try and get u and you will be fine - Blazedude77

It took me about 100-200 goes! But I am glad I had beat him! Also my favourite boss battle as well. Good times good times..

I still haven't beaten him or it or whatever it is really hard

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8 Bonetail - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Sure he's overall weaker then the shadow queen, but the fact of going through 99 floors of pain and miserable battles will lower your stats for the beginning of this battle

Bonetail should be stronger than Shadow Queen. It's much hard to beat him after going through 99 floors with stronger and stronger enemies. If you fail to beat him, you will have to go through the pit of 100 trials AGAIN!

I always used danger Mario and never failed. It did take me a few tries the first time as I wasn't prepared. The badge you get is very cool, makes up for the 1 star point you get

Ok seriously, Phantamanta is above this. Bonetail is (so far) the only boss I haven't beaten on this list other than Cackletta's Soul (which is currently #1). I made it to Bonetail twice and failed both. - cabennett18

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9 Tabuu - Super Smash Bros. Brawl


This boss really isn't that hard but ON INTENSE MODE! HE IS LIKE EASILY 1. I did say culex is hardest but nuthin beats tabuu on intense mode on here

Actually the shadow queen from paper mario was easy it was fast to beat but shes cool - SexySiren666

Tabuu should be number one, I died a lot and couldn't dodge his one attack were he gets those wings and practically uses dark pulse on you.

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10 Bouldergeist - Super Mario Galaxy

Now you can argue the same for cackletta's soul being hard, but oh boy, here's a news flash.
If you survive her first attack, you can just use a nut and heal yourself making it just a long, tedious, fight that actually took me 30 minutes. But you can't just get your 6 life back on a daredevil run, nope.
And here's the funny part, bouldergeist was a tricky boss already, but now he's harder with the fact that if you slip up, game over.
I died about a whopping fifty times on this one boss until I overcame him.
Everyone has their own experiences but let's face it, it was at least hard to beat no doubt, we can't deny that.
Unless you that guy who's like "Noah what are you talking about I've been playing Mario since I was 2 and now I can't lose to anything in this game ever."
And all that.

Coming from the Ghostly Galaxy which is located in the Kitchen, this boss does not dissapoint. He is overall my favorite boss in the series and might even be in the whole Mario franchise. This boss has the right amount of difficulty to make the game more interesting. His first phase is pretty straight forward. What you have to do is hit the bomb boos which he summons, at his rock body. After doing this three times you meet his second phase. Whats diffrent about this phase is that he has arms and now could do more moves using them. Most are his fist punch, growing rocks, and his hand slam. Normally you get 3 or 6 lives depending on the amount of star bits you have. But on daredevil you cannot decide. You will only have 1 and you will have trouble.

Bouldergeist is hard very hard when you battle him he will eventually grow hands and the worst part is you have to battle him agin as a DAREDEVIL RUN

He's annoying in daredevil but isn't really hard

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11 Firey Gobblegut - Super Mario Galaxy 2

This boss is easy. He's pretty much identical to his original form other than the flames. I always defeat him by running in circular motions.

This boss is hard but I beat it twice.

He is tricky without the life shoot.

A nightmare for me.

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12 Giant Baby Bowser - Yoshi's Island

And one of the best bosses ever. I love Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, one of the best Mario games ever for too many reasons!

He is one of the hardest Bosses ever

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13 Fawful Express - Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

I remember a few years ago this boss gave me trouble because you can only make two mistakes and that is it. If you don't win quick enough, then you will fall off the cliff and die. And you can't punch the train because it is very low. So you have to burn it which means you can't crush the train.

I hated this boss so much as a kid. The Mic on my DSI is terrible. You only get a few chances to mess up. And then it's game over.

I had more trouble with this boss than Daredevil Bouldergeist and Cackletta's Soul combined. Time limit bosses...

Can't you just crush the dumb train

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14 Dreamy Bowser - Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

This guy is hard! First you most likely would like to disable the arms. If you don't then your in trouble. The right arm makes sure that most of the time that you can't do damage to Bowser or his arm. The left arm is equally bad. Guess what. One second you have to players, the next you don't. He grabs Mario and Luigi and you can't use BP. Then even if you get those arms disabled, you got to beat Bowser himself. He can still use moves even with arms disabled like a hammer attack that You have a second to react and even you react correctly he still hits the other bro. Another attack where timing is everything so he shoots fireballs and then splits in two and shoots even more fireballs. Then where he runs at you and shoots 3 rays of fire. And don't you dare get me started on the minion attack. He spawns a bunch of his troops while he goes and eats which heals him tremendously and then the troops run at you and even if you dodge then Bowser Pounds the floor. Then that shy guy ship. again ...more

This isn't ranked high on the list because the game is new. This guy isn't as hard as Cackletta's soul or EPS but he's still difficult because his attacks do about 103 damage on each hit and you can't attack him until you destroy his right arm. His left arm will grab one of the bros so you will be unable to do bros. Attack. He will also heal himself including his arms which will bring them back to normal. He can also send troops to help him.

This has to be a joke. Mario and luigi SS has such a loose dodging system, and each of cackletta's attacks are simple, the only slightly hard one is when she summons balls of energy with her mouth. Dreamy Bowser, on the other hand, is a b! Tch. With his triple fire breath that follows with a shockwave, and the hammer attack that you must be 100% precise with, and him grabbing a bro with his left arm and throwing him, it requires an extremely accurate dodge. It already is harder than cackletta. That's not the end though. He will summon his minions, and go in the background to heal 150 Hp while you can't do sh! T to stop him from getting a few off. He heals his right arm, and before you can even attack the head again, he does it again, making damage you dealt moot. I have no clue why cackletta is rated as harder than this

When I expected to beat antasma very hard, This boss really surprised me, I though I'm done with the game and battling Bowser himself, But, Believe me, this boss took me a lot of times and its much harder in the Hard mode, every time I take down the arms, he summons the minions and then heals, EVERY time I take the arms both of them, the only thing I do now is destroying the Right arm, then damaging Dreamy Bowser, YOU need to do your best at the Br os. a ttack, 2 Mistakes on it and bam, Dreamy Bowser summons, then Heals, by the way, good luck on it if you don't level up properly or don't have the best Br os. a ttack, you'd wish you have them before the battle...

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15 Bowser - Paper Mario: Sticker Star Bowser - Paper Mario: Sticker Star Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first more.

There are 5 stages to this battle. It's so frustrating!

Is too hard when you don't have any thing stickers but if you do it becomes a cakewalk almost

Very creative in that you need so many thing stickers. They should've added a save/health block after Kamek, though.

This boss would have been so much easier if there was a save and heal block AFTER Kamek. - cabennett18

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16 Shrewd Possessor Ghost - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Try beating him and getting 3-star ranking. Actually don't because IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

Try it in the car. Then come back to me and tell me how hard it is to get three stars

The bombs bounce like crazy, and the tube arena makes it way too inaccurate

That Boss is the worlds hardest boss In Nintendo

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17 Dark Bowser & Dark Star Core - Mario and Luigi - Bowser's Inside Story

Dark star core was a hard boss, I mean, what is with the limits of 10 turns, he goes back to dark Bowser, he heals himself, he heals dark Bowser, seems like you've done all that to remake it again

At first this boss might be a little tricky but it is actually pretty easy when you get used to it

Can't inhale the stupid Fawful spider unless you improve Bowser's speed a whole bunch throughout the game. Nice soundtrack, though.

With slightly high levels he's really easy

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18 Smithy - Super Mario RPG

Uh... Smithy is nothing compared to Culex.

Smithy should be higher on the list than Bowser in the Sky. I could very easily beat Bowser in the Sky compared to Smithy.

19 Crystal King - Paper Mario

Guess what this boss is easy put on a spike shield boss and you've beat him! He's so easy I beat him on the first try without any life shroom beside paper Bowser one and sensei form three are much harder

This guy is so easy. Just have on Spike Shield, Super Jump Charge, Mega Jump, (at least 1) power plus, defense plus and probably damage dodge. - cabennett18

I can't believe nobody put this on the list, This guy has 70 HP, Can heal 20, and has attacks that do 5 damage!

Advice: Use parakarry at ultra rank to get ride of the little ice things and his clones. He's not hard, he just takes a long time to beat but beat him on first time on both of my playthroughs of the game.

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20 Dark Star X - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

The added fact that you have a limited time to beat him, and then the invincibility segment and the increased HP, Attack and defense just makes this boss a pain in the rear.

It takes me about 6 damn days to beat this boss

Even with cheats he kills me in one hit

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