Top Ten Hardest Mario Enemies

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41 Big Cheep Cheep

Is this Big Bertha your trying to talk about? If it is I'm with you. You can't kill him, he just swims up to you and gobbles your face

Big Bertha spawned baby Cheep Cheep to attack you, Boss Bass was the one who couldn't, constantly respawned, and ate Mario more frequently than Big Bertha, even as a statue using the Tanooki Suit..

Big Bertha and Boss Bass are killable with most powerups, such as the Super Leaf, or with blocks and shells, but Boss Bass will immediately respawn after being defeated, while Big Bertha cannot.

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42 Meowser

God damn Bowser uses 3 power ups that you can use the cherry one and the cat one

43 Sumo Bro
44 Thwimp

Oh my god. they're even harder than a Spiny!

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45 Lava Bubbles

He is so annoying. He even jumping every where

46 Podoboos

Those pesky lava bubble things that jump up at the wrong moment every single time - LoneShadow379

47 Fuzzy - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

"Touch Fuzzy, get Dizzy."
Lesson learned kiddies - Don't do drugs.

You touch one, you get high and your controls are changed greatly, causing you to easily die, and just wait for the high effects to go away.

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48 Bullies (Super Mario 64)


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