Hardest Mario Games

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1 Super Mario Bros the Lost Levels

Has no equal. Punishing level design, unfair features like the poison mushroom (looks similar to a regular mushroom but actually kills mario instead), and often awkward controls make this by far the hardest mario game ever released.

The game is brilliantly hard but maybe Nintendo made the right call on its initial release not reaching America as they believed it was too hard for them and would ruin their perspective on Mario. They weren't THAT wrong... It's quite the challenge and bearable... after failing each level 100+ times (1000+ for Level C-3).

Definitely the hardest Mario game ever.

I can't even beat this lol

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2 Super Mario Sunshine

Just started playing this game and it's the hardest Mario I've played next to lost levels. They start throwing difficult levels at you early and me being stubborn tried to beat them but I need more practice first lol.

Although they were hard to use, super mario sunshine was the first game I ever played and it is one of my favorites.

The controls for aiming the water were awkward and hard to use.

This game raises my blood pressure

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3 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Grandmaster Galaxy: The Perfect Run. I have only beaten that level twice in my 5 years of playing the game. SMG2 is one of the greatest games of all time however.

Not as hard as the first one. - Money1208

The motion control levels are frustratingly hard.

I have this game and I couldn't pass several levels but my YOUNGER cousin played it and he passed those levels and he was only like 9 or 10 at the time.

He gave me some pointers but I still failed.

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4 Super Mario Bros. 3

How could Super Mario Bros 3 not be #1!?

Intensely challenging


5 Super Mario World

Very challenging, especially the star world levels.

One of the steepest difficulty curves in mario

Hard as balls

I downloaded it on my Wii U and today I made it to Vanilla Dome and I accidently pressed Erase Data!

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6 Super Mario 64

That damned Bowser finale is beyond hard - DubstepLover

What the hell were they thinking when they made this?

What makes this game hard? CONTROLS!

All the stupid stars!

7 New Super Luigi U

This is the hardest Mario Game I've played in my life! I'm still stuck on the first World! New Super Mario bros. U is the second hardest! Super Mario 64 is a piece of cake and Super Mario World isn't too hard either. Super Mario Sunshine isn't even as hard as New Super Luigi U! I don't know if it's just because I'm an excellent gamer, but I've litterally had Super Mario Galaxy for less than a month and I've already beat the final Bowser battle and I only have 50 stars left to collect! You don't know a truly hard game until you've played NSMBU or NSLU! What makes New Super Luigi U so much harder than NSMBU is that you only have 100 seconds to complete each level! It's impossibly hard!

This is super easy! Beat fairly quick.

8 New Super Mario Bros U

No way, it's easy!

I beg to differ. - Money1208

Very hard

9 Super Mario Land

This is Number 1 material for sure. - Extractinator04

10 Super Mario 3D Land

The regular worlds are super easy and the early specials are easy, but the later worlds such as Special 6, and Special 7 are so difficult.

This shouldn't even be on the list, it is too easy. - Extractinator04

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11 Super Mario Bros.

It’s too hard for me!

12 Super Mario Galaxy

It's hard! I'm stuck. - Money1208

Gave me a splitting headache. multiple ones.
where did u learn to fly dat ship, toad?!

13 Super Mario Maker

(I mean the Expert/Super Expert mode, not the game in general.)

Trolls, enemy spam, YES! A level which kills Hammer Bros! - computerfan0

Play it and you will know - DylanheBuilder

14 Super Mario Bros. 2

Hard,hard,awful hardly...

15 Super Mario 3D World

Champions road can die

16 New Super Mario Brothers Wii

Getting the star coins is extremely difficult

World 9-7 is difficult on its own, but trying to get the star coins is like herding cats: you can get 1st and even the second one fairly easily but the 3rd one is insanely difficult. Why this game is below sonic and mario at the olympic games (at the time of writing this) is beyond me.

17 Hotel Mario

Really? - Extractinator04

18 Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
19 Super Mario Odyssey

999 korok se I mean moons are hidden in it. Some are extremely hard like herding sheep above the fog. I like Super Mario Odyssey, but it is hard.

20 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

WAIT! They made ANOTHER one? - Money1208

21 Super Paper Mario

EVERYTHING! - spicycheese

22 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

My friend has this and it's really hard. - Connor360

23 Super Mario 64 DS

I have the game it really hard

150 Stars.

24 New Super Mario Bros

Too easy. I can't beat LEGO Star Wars again and I still think this is overly easy. - Extractinator04

25 Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

It not that hard! - Money1208

26 Mario Kart Double Dash
27 New Super Mario Bros 2

Damnit! 9.999.999 coins?
ARE YOU SERIOUSLY?! It's very insanity!

28 Unfair Mario Unfair Mario

Why is not on list

So unfair! )3

29 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

This game is as easy as hell

30 Mario Kart Wii

I beat it when I was 6! - Extractinator04

31 Yoshi's Island DS

The levels in this game feel like some romhacker made them. Way too many spikes, really difficult levels, and no items to replenish stars or anything. Good luck trying to 100% this game. - Zach808

32 Super Mario Kart

You'll be hardpressed to find a challenge more frustrating than the 150cc Special Cup

33 Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
34 Mario Kart DS
35 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
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