Top 10 Hardest Mario Kart 8 Tracks on 200cc


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1 Wii U Rainbow Road Wii U Rainbow Road

As much as I dislike the slippery roads in neo bowser city, I hate the sharp turns in Rainbow road even more. Unless your using a bike or kart with unrivaled handling, you're guaranteed to fall off a lot of times even if you brake, something I can't say for neo bowser city.

I Love How Fast You go on 200cc, But the First Sharp Turn on this Track is Near Impossible to Make with using your Brakes - ChiefMudkip

This track is impossible to not fall off even ONCE. It's really hard but it's amazing. - greenshyguy

I Never played the Wii U but the Wii Version is just as hard

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2 3DS Neo Bowser City

The big turn that leads into the area under the overpass is 90% impossible - greenshyguy

Yes, Definitely - ToadF1

3 Dragon Driftway

I find this track to be amazing, but it's so difficult on 200cc. - greenshyguy

Yeah - ToadF1

4 GCN Sherbet Land

This track is so slippery it plays just terrible on 200cc. - greenshyguy

Okay.. - ToadF1

5 Hyrule Circuit

Expect to run into a wall three or four times. This is a rather twisty track, but it is amazing. - greenshyguy

I hate Hyrule Circuit in general.. - ToadF1

6 GBA Cheese Land

This can be difficult because of the chain chomps on the sides of the roads, it is an enjoyable course, but it is difficult on 200cc. - greenshyguy

Cancer in 200cc - ToadF1

7 GCN Yoshi Circuit

Very twisty, it's hard not to fall off the course at least once. - greenshyguy

I'm Not sure about that - ToadF1

8 Wii Wario's Gold Mine

This is difficult because of the bats. - greenshyguy

9 GCN Dry Dry Desert

It's hard without having to cheat a turn, I find this track to be good though. - greenshyguy

10 SNES Donut Plains 3

What? Lies it's Pretty easy and Fun.. - ToadF1

DP3 Is Easy, Even With 200cc - ChiefMudkip

The Contenders

11 Bone-Dry Dunes
12 3DS Piranha Plant Pipeway
13 Mount Wario

Expect to constantly brake especially say the beginning - Randomator

14 SNES Rainbow Road SNES Rainbow Road

Turns are too sharp, track isn't built for 200cc, its near impossible to not fall off. - hohmanhc

15 Ice Ice Outpost

Why is This track ranker hard? It's just perfect on 200cc

16 Wii U Bowser's Castle
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