Top 10 Hardest Mario Kart 8 Tracks on 200cc


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1 Wii U Rainbow Road Wii U Rainbow Road

As much as I dislike the slippery roads in neo bowser city, I hate the sharp turns in Rainbow road even more. Unless your using a bike or kart with unrivaled handling, you're guaranteed to fall off a lot of times even if you brake, something I can't say for neo bowser city.

I Love How Fast You go on 200cc, But the First Sharp Turn on this Track is Near Impossible to Make with using your Brakes - ChiefMudkip

This track is impossible to not fall off even ONCE. It's really hard but it's amazing. - greenshyguy

Well rainbow road I see pretty easy for me, just watch wherever the hell you're going and you're ok

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2 3DS Neo Bowser City

The big turn that leads into the area under the overpass is 90% impossible - greenshyguy

3 Dragon Driftway

Easier than rainbow road but all those curves are torture
But I think it should be 5

I find this track to be amazing, but it's so difficult on 200cc. - greenshyguy

4 GCN Sherbet Land

This track is so slippery it plays just terrible on 200cc. - greenshyguy

5 Hyrule Circuit

Expect to run into a wall three or four times. This is a rather twisty track, but it is amazing. - greenshyguy

6 GBA Cheese Land

This can be difficult because of the chain chomps on the sides of the roads, it is an enjoyable course, but it is difficult on 200cc. - greenshyguy

7 GCN Yoshi Circuit

Very twisty, it's hard not to fall off the course at least once. - greenshyguy

8 Wii Wario's Gold Mine

This is difficult because of the bats. - greenshyguy

9 GCN Dry Dry Desert

It's hard without having to cheat a turn, I find this track to be good though. - greenshyguy

10 SNES Donut Plains 3

DP3 Is Easy, Even With 200cc - ChiefMudkip

The Contenders

11 Bone-Dry Dunes
12 SNES Rainbow Road SNES Rainbow Road

Turns are too sharp, track isn't built for 200cc, its near impossible to not fall off. - hohmanhc

13 3DS Piranha Plant Pipeway
14 Wii U Bowser's Castle
15 Mount Wario

Expect to constantly brake especially say the beginning - Randomator

16 Ice Ice Outpost

Why is This track ranker hard? It's just perfect on 200cc

17 Big Blue

This has sharp turns, no physical coins and easy to miss shortcuts. Forks in roads too.

WHAT?! It's an F Zero track! It's practically MADE for 200cc. - lamourieparkinson

18 Bowser's Castle

The giant fire bowser punching in mk8 is so stressful.

19 Baby Park
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