Top 10 Hardest Mario Kart Races On Wii.

The Top Ten

1 Rainbow Road

It screws you up on the turns. I always fall off on the turn into the shooting star.

2 Maple Treeway

All the racers bumping into you irritates you a LOT!

3 DK Mountain

If you love always using shortcuts you are going to HATE this race. This one cliff shortcut I use always is too hard to turn on to.

4 Koopa Cape

It used to be my favorite but after that STUPID baby daisy bragging that you got shocked in the tunnel and she didn't she was my least favorite character and I HATED this race.

5 Moonview Highway

My least favorite course because of all the cars there

If you try to ht the top of the cars and you miss…….. This becomes your least favorite race.

6 Wario's Gold Mine

Those mine carts should stay off the track.

7 Dry Dry Ruins

This is still my favorite race but I need to say the pokeys shouldn't use the inside of the ruins as a swimming pool. They drive me CRAZY!

8 N6f Bowser's Castle 3

That lava and square turns drive me crazy.

9 Daisy Circuit

Usually baby daisy is on that track and the race is hard enough without her babbling nonsense at U. She drives me crazy

10 Peach Gardens

What business do chain chomps have in peach's garden? NONE!

The Contenders

11 Sherbet Land
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