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21 DS Desert Hills

Too many sharp turns.

Eek I hate his course it has multiple sharp turns and too many fire snakes

22 Waluigi Stadium

This is so hard I cried and threw my controller cause the idiot who thought everything was a wii added th-
Oh for pete sake, I realized it is in the game. I'm such an idiot - TeamRocket747

23 Toad's Turnpike

Mirror mode. That's all I have to say.

24 Shy Guy Beach

This track is super easy

25 Ghost Valley 2

It may be a simple track, but don't let that bother you. It's filled with sharp 90 degree turns and unexpected no guard rails. One time, I've fallen on that broken edge. If you hit a guard rail, you don't see it anymore. That shortcut at the beginning can be a little risky because after that, it forces you to make a sharp turn with almost no guard rails.

Want proof why this track is hard? My cousin and my sister kept falling and got last place or close to last place in a race.

I have good news and bad news. Good news this track is so easy bad news I WAS WRONG ABOUT THE GOOD NEWS

I can never figure out where to go on this level.

26 Mute City

Hahaah! This is Mario Kart EIGHT! Ha Ha Ha! I didn't like that course much anyway... - Mariomaster63

27 Rosalina's Ice World

100% You're going to fall. I hate ice courses in general, but this... this is murder. Not what I expected from a course based off one of my favorite characters.

No no no this is Mario kart 7

28 Daisy Circuit

There is like no way to race without those cones slowing you down, and it is so hard people make fun of me who think its easy when you squashed in the secret passway.

This course drives me insane

Easiest race ever

29 Yoshi Falls

Two words boring, and easy at least some of the other easy tracks like toad's factory is fun

I like koopa kape

30 Luigi Circuit

This is the easiest track whoever said it's hard is a troll do not feed that troll

I play Mario kart I think the easiest map is moo moi meadows

Idiots this is the easiest


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31 Mario Circuit

One of the worst and easiet Mario curcuit stages ever

32 Moo Moo Meadows

Laugh out loud they are easy to dodge but this is a fun course laugh out loud

Ugh, The. cows are IMPOSSIBLE to avoid! The first time I played I kept driving into them and got last place!

The only hard part is the cows

33 Coconut Mall

It sucks when you go on the wrong escalator and got from first to eighth, love everything but that one part, but overall a easy level

It's always the second stupid car that gets me - THEEPICDUDE990

What this my favirote level in Mario kart Wii one thing I hate the cars at the end of the level

I sometimes get hit by the in the 3DS version

34 GBA Shy Guy Beach

Too many crabs and bombs


35 Big Blue

This is my 2nd favorite track of all time number one is WII Rainbow Road. But where do I even begin with this being on the list? This doesn't even exist until Mario Kart 8 DLC. - greenshyguy

36 Shy Guy Falls

This cannot be a track in Mario Kart Wii because there is no anti-gravity mechanic - greenshyguy

37 Ribbon Road

Ribbon Road is not in this game

38 Peach Gardens
39 Dragon Driftway

Oh. My. Gosh. So many crazy hard turns, the drifts are terrible... almost like Neo Bowser City.

40 Boom Beach

I forgot the name of this one but it's the one with the crabs and bombs I think it in the leaf cup

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