Top 10 Hardest Mario Party 1 Mini Games to Clear on Mini-Game Island

In Mario Party 1 the game features a Mini-Game Island mode were you clear mini-games by meeting certain conditions usually by coming in first or collecting a certain amount of coins every time you clear a mini-game you earn a life fail and you lose a life here are some of the mini games that can be the most challenging to clear on Mini-Game island.

The Top Ten

1 Bumper Balls World 5-3

This mini game can be really frustrating most notably after the other two opponents have been eliminated it usually ends with you attempting to chase down the other player as he or she constantly runs from you usually ending with the time running out ending in a draw and costing you a life. - egnomac

2 Pipe Maze World 7-3

You can pass it at 100% only if you use speed hacks

You almost have to guess which pipe will lead to you, you could follow the path as the mini game begins scrolling up but it moves so fast that can barely keep up with it. - egnomac

3 Hot Rope Jump World 6-6

You have more jumps to complete and it can be difficult keeping up with the pace. - egnomac

4 Paddle Battle World 1-4

It so unfair that they would put this mini-game so early on mini game island in the very first world of the island and because its 3 against one it makes it tougher. - egnomac

This has to be some game designers sick joke putting one of the hardest mini games in the first section of Mini Game Island.

Why is this mini game even in mario party at all it's unfair - HunterBoy

My hand has a bister! - will_smm2

5 Crane Game World 7-2

This game can be really tricky holding on to one of your opponents until you reach the pipe. - egnomac

6 Skateboard Scamper World 4-2

You can never tell if your winning or losing. - egnomac

7 Cast Aways World 5-1

You must grab a certain amount of treasure while casting your fishing line and reeling it in with the control stick if you miss grabbing the treasure you want you'll have to reel back the fishing line and try again and you'll lose precious time. - egnomac

8 Pedal Power World 6-2

Seriously, what's with all the stick rotating games in mario party?!? - HunterBoy

9 Tug o' War World 3-4

Again this is mini-game that uses the control stick and its another 3 on 1 Mini-Game. - egnomac

10 Mario Bandstand World 7-6

You're the conductor and have to move the control stick in the right direction at the right time not too hard but can be little tricky. - egnomac

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