Top Ten Hardest Mediums of Art to Use

So when it comes to painting or drawing things, there tends to be a significant amount of difficulty that comes with these mediums. Here are the top ten hardest mediums of art to use.

The Top Ten

1 Watercolor

Watercolor paintings look absolutely gorgeous if they are done right. But from experience, watercolor is very hard to use as you have to be as gentle as possible with it. I'm not experienced much at all as you might tell so I obviously can't do that. - Phillip873

2 Oil Pastels

Oil pastels are a pain and they make a huge mess on your hands and clothing unless you are extremely careful. - Phillip873

Hard to use.

3 Markers

Very, very, VERY streaky. - Phillip873

4 Oil paint

Painting with oil paint is like regular painting except you have to be even more careful to not make a mess AND it takes forever to dry. - Phillip873

5 Pen

Not common to use and for a good reason, pen is very hard to use as an art medium. Never use it for coloring unless you absolutely know what to do. - Phillip873

6 Acrylic Paint

Paint is paint, you gotta be careful with it. - Phillip873

7 Airbrush

Used a lot in graffiti, airbrush requires decent amounts of skill to perfect. - Phillip873

8 Charcoal

Also requires decent skills. - Phillip873

9 Chalk

Sort of messy to use but not too hard. - Phillip873

10 Colored Pencil

While it's quite easy to use colored pencils, you have to make sure you don't color messily. - Phillip873

The Contenders

11 Fabric

Needlework/fabric is pretty hard to work with, worrying about the various types of gauges, needles, yarn, or even worrying about dropping a stitch can be hard to keep track off

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