Hardest Megaman Robot Masters

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1 Elec Man - Megaman 1

There is a way to manipulate his AI but if you don't know about it try doing no damage buster only runs on this stage

Electric man is powerful and hard because he shoots electricity and his weapon you get from him is wonderful.

Electric man is so hard that he makes beating burner man easy

Easy as heck with cut mans weapon - CNSucksNow

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2 Ice Man - Megaman 1

Chuck norris robot master

This guy is real powerful and hard

Ice man can kill you

This guy is real hard to win against because he has ice powers and it makes you say wow this is real hard! I can not win this! Wi th to to ot ot to ot to too to rfkd skdfkskdf! Yeah I am just saying random stuff!

3 Slash Man - Megaman 7

I hate this guy.

4 Burner Man - Megaman and Bass
5 Air Man - Megaman 2

He's only easy either if you have the Leaf Shield or you know how to deal with him

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6 Shadow Man - Megaman 3

With mega buster only, an absolute pain. Completely unpredictable moves (could either slide or through stars, with no pattern whatsoever)

I don't know how,but I killed him on my first try. - CNSucksNow

7 Plug Man - Megaman 9
8 Dynamo Man - Megaman and Bass
9 Crash Man - Megaman 2

Easy to manipulate. I just wait until he gets close and shoot him. Then he kinda chases me and I shoot him. That s it.

With his weakness,he's pathetically easy,but if you don't have his weakness,he's one of the hardest bosses you will ever face - CNSucksNow

10 Quick Man - Mega Man 2

Extremely frustrating without the Time Stopper even then you can only use it for a few not to mention that he has no pattern whatsoever

"Real easy the first time you face him." Actually, you're thinking it backwards.

Real easy the first time you face him - Frouze

The Contenders

11 Dive Man - Megaman 4
12 Freeze Man - Megaman 7
13 Chill Man - Mega Man 10
14 Needle Man - Mega Man 3

For me he's basically impossible without using his weakness

Think of him as Metal Man but much harder

15 Blizzard Man - Mega Man 6
16 Frost Man - Mega Man 8
17 Cold Man - Mega Man and Bass
18 Spring Man - Megaman 7
19 Bright Man - Mega Man 4 V 1 Comment
20 Tengu Man - Mega Man and Bass

It's easier with Bass but try doing this stage with Mega Man

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