Top Ten Hardest Metal Songs to Sing

The Top Ten

1 Painkiller - Judas Priest

Easy at first for a good singer, but to keep up with the song until the end note is almost impossible

2 Abigail - King Diamond

It's not hard if you have a vocal range of 4+ octaves and mad falsetto. But it's hard to find people with such skills! - Metal_Treasure

3 And Then There Was Silence - Blind Guardian

Imagine having to sing this plus the song is 14 minutes long that would be very hard - christangrant

And they played this song even live and did it great! The lyrics are like 5 miles long... - Metal_Treasure

High notes, varied lyrics, and not so much time to breathe plus 14 min long

4 Child in Time - Deep Purple

That part with the high range is very hard to do. Ian Gillan voice is amazing. - Userguy44

5 My Last Sunrise - Demons & Wizards
6 Dante's Inferno - Iced Earth
7 Keeper of the Seven Keys - Helloween
8 Highlander - Lost Horizon

Only reason Highlander is not number 1 is because Lost Horizon is not as well known as these other bands.
Daniel Heiman is not only on another lever, or another world, he is on a different dimension entirely in terms of his vocal prowess.

Sick screams and transitions - Metal_Treasure

9 The Oath - Mercyful Fate
10 Queen of the Reich - Queensryche

The Contenders

11 March of Time - Helloween
12 Metal Meltdown - Judas Priest
13 Cathedral Spires - Judas Priest Cathedral Spires - Judas Priest

(Tim 'Ripper' Owens) - Metal_Treasure

14 Octavarium - Dream Theater
15 Golden Dawn - Edguy

The hardest part is from 5:30-end, where Tobias Sammet vocals are pure bliss. - Metal_Treasure

16 Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Iron Maiden

Ridiculous speed with complicated melody singing in 4th and 5th octave.
I don't know how to speak it so fast, and singing this the way Bruce did is far beyond any human capabilities.

Also it tops at powerful G5 which is quite high, not impossible, but quite challenging as well.

Easily the vocally hardest Iron Maiden song up to date.

17 Sacrifice - Edguy

5:05-6:05 is the hardest part. - Metal_Treasure

18 Burn - Deep Purple

The sustain on the word "burn" in the chorus is relatively hard - you can hear it on the song sample. I've heard cover versions of this song and only Jorn Lande did it properly. - Metal_Treasure

19 Wages of Sin - Winter's Bane

Pretty hard stuff by Tim 'Ripper' Owens. In this song he sometimes reminds of Halford and King Diamond. - Metal_Treasure

20 Pure - Lost Horizon

This song is hard as a whole, hard transitions between mid to very high notes which can reach B5's and in the 6th octave in the background. The One is harder but this one is no pushover either.

21 To Dust We Will Return - Shagstars

The only hard part is the beginning where he hits a F6, the rest of the song are only black metal grunts and screams which are easier to accomplish.

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