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21 The Call of Ktulu - Ride the Lightning

To get this thing right with your bass guitar you must be a master not only with your playing skills but also with distortion and wah, Cliff Burton's stuff isn't a joke

22 Enter Sandman - Metallica

Absolutely, it's the hardest song I've ever seen

Yeah this is BY FAR the hardest Metallica song to play

23 Trapped Under Ice - Ride the Lightning
24 Hit the Light - Metallica

That riff is very hard

I can not beat this song. I can do every GHM song on expert except this one. It's the SOLO. I am at 10 years old and I've compete in several Semi-Finals Guitar Hero tournaments

25 To Live is to Die - ...And Justice for All

The beginning part that sounds like it's on acoustic guitar is pretty difficult but then again, I'm not that good at guitar so What do I know haha

26 Mercyful Fate - Metallica

Longest metallica song, 11 minutes, it's a marathon song of riffs and solos

27 Suicide & Redemption - Death Magnetic

Metallica has only played this song live twice. If it's hard for the creators to play, then it's hard for everyone to play.

28 St. Anger - St. Anger

Apart from being a grossly underrated song, it is insanely tough to play. Definitely tougher than seek and destroy and master of puppets.

The riffs are all difficult

29 Jump in the Fire - Kill 'em All

Easy to forget some details in the song

30 Orion - Master of Puppets V 1 Comment
31 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Metallica
32 Spit Out the Bone - Hardwired to Self Destruct

The drumming

33 My Apocalypse - Death Magnetic

The hardest part of this song for me has to be the riff in the middle of the song where it's just kirk playing it because it is being Palm Muted then he plays it with pinch harmonics. your finger positioning and down picking has to be perfect to get to sound nice and clean.

34 Through the Never - Metallica
35 Hit the Lights - Kill 'Em All

I can play every other Metallica riff, but for some reason the timing on this one is difficult for me. Especially the main riff...

36 Whiplash - Kill 'Em All
37 The Shortest Straw - ...And Justice for All

Right now got and YouTube this song just listen to the solo. By the way there is no hammer or pulls in the shredding parts!

38 Eye of the Beholder - ...And Justice for All
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