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1 Herobrine

Are you serious? It's not even a real mob. It's just a false rumour spread about the Minecraft server that some guy took a queer interest to and decided to make a mod out of it that (may I remind you) didn't get famous until he pumped a whole load of stuff into it for about a year and a half! Notch's dead brother? More like BASIC STEVE WITH WHITE EYES.

But it might be real in the future I belive it was actually a beta testing thing for multiplayer or something and that's why he can teleport and has all the abilities of a server OP so yea he might actually get into the game later on we never know maybe they will have herobrine as just a normal player being controled by the endermen and the enderdragon and after defeating the ender dragon you save him from his mind control we will never know until they put him in also he might actually be the king of a castle or something who knows except the developers maybe we can get one of them in this top ten list and maybe they can give us an Easter egg to what his future might be highly doubt it but maybe

Who knows if he's real or not all there is, is rumors - Ami513

This is totally correct. I don't even think he can die. By the way I am the TNT minecart and I hunt for herobrine

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2 Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon is the the hardest. Harder than a Enderman because you need lots of Eye Of Ender to get to the End.

Being someone on console who is about to fight his fourth wither after I get one more skull I can say the wither never killed me but in the end I dies due to the endcrystals other than that the enderdragon didn't kill me but I had notch apples with both but even with notch apples the end crystals can kill you from fall damage but overall I say enderdragon is the hardest mob

In fact with everything you need to do to get to the boss I can't chose between the dragon or the wither.

Wither kills me with all diamond armor and diamond sword on easy mode I can kill the dragon with a wooden sword and no armor on hard.

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3 Wither

The Ender Dragon may be hard, yes, but you just need a bow, a ton of arrows, and accuracy. All the dragon does is charge at you, and you could easily hit him when he is charging.

The Wither, though, does the following:
- It stays up close, and will NOT leave you alone.
- Kills any mob that isn't from the Nether.
- Shoots Wither Heads at you which can blow up OBSIDIAN.
- Gives a wither effect that can actually kill you.
- Regenerates its health by ITSELF.
- Always stays out of range of a sword until you can get it to 50% health.

You need 50 billion healing potions to beat this mob! It's so hard to beat!

Want my advice? Bring him to an enclosed area so he can't grief whatever is of value, and DO NOT forget to bring potions. Good luck.

How in the world is the most powerful boss in the game 10th?

This is the best way to kill the wither you don't need like 7 healing options spawn it in a 3 block tall space and use a diamond sword with smite 4 or 5 plus milk comes in handy and with strength potions you can kill it really fast plus try to get mobs where the wither is so it might kill them instead of you

Deoxyribonucleic Acid

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4 Endermen

My favorite mob by far is the enderman. people like creepers too much when in reality they're super easy to kill. iron golems massacre hundreds of zombies and skeletons whereas nine endermen are just too much for them. there's only one problem with endermen, they don't teleport away from iron golems!

Endermen aren't hard at all. Just put a pumpkin on your head and grab a sword. Then hit the enderman. When he teleports just walk over to him and hit him again. Or do the same without the pumpkin helmet but look at his feet when hitting him. You take no damage

I hate ender man besides they teleport to much and they don't even fight good

Lol! This is a joke, right?

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5 Charged Creeper

Pretty rare to see a charged creeper in the wild. They are really strong though and can pack a lot of damage if you stand next to them or they creep up on you.

I only know one creeper but I think charged creeds sounds much more deadlier then a normal creeper if you ask me.

Charged Creepers are so easy. When they come after you just run back then sprint forward right through them. They blow up and your out of range.

Creepers are the best!

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6 The Queen

I can show proof the queen is even stronger than the king and the king is supposed to 2nd strongest mob in mine craft and there is no way a enderman is stronger than this thing if I had an enderman fight this he would die in 1 hit and I killed an enderman in one hit with an iron sword with only strength 2

WHAT THE HECK the queen is millions of times harder than the ender dragon and hundreds harder than the enderman?

Not even if you have ultimate armor and bow and the slice

It's from orespawn and orespawn I so more overpowers then all of these regular non moded mobs

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7 Godzilla

Godzilla is the far the most powerful mob.on most of the comments you compare it with the weapons that you would most likely to have not the most powerful weapons in all Minecraft mods included what chance would the ender dragon have against you with the queen scale set and axe but Godzilla might actually beat as for herobrine he might be stronger but he has not been added yet you can not compare mobs that are not even real

Why is this guy not #1!? He beats all other mobs even Mozilla! I don't need say anything else! Like if you agree!

Like someone else said, why the hell are mods here? Then I might as well add every single mod that is hard to beat here.

King is totes more powerful

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8 Lots of Skeletons

Not flaming arrows thankfully! There are already annoying enough! Not as tough as Herobrine or the ender dragon! - n416701

Yep skeletons stuck especially jockeys

I rage a lot. I punched a hole through my comouter screen, ripoed my mouse apart then threw my keyboard out the window and ran it over with a car. I had like 130 diamonds and died to skeletons.

You need a bow to kill one

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9 A Bunch of Zombies

Yeah zombies are hard to defeat but when they are in a group insane! They ripe your armor off in 20 seconds I counted my self!

Wo wo wo wait a second a creeper is stronger than this and also a charged one and their not on the top ten list this thing is a lie!

Yes enough zombies in a group can kill a person in seconds

I agree they will kill you and your armor REALLY fast. it is pretty crazy...

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10 Ghast

These things are so hard to kill. I went into the Nether and a Ghast came out of the gloom and attacked! They can detect you from 1 tenth of a kilometer away! (100 blocks). I tried to shoot it but it would always shoot me with basically flammable arrows first. And then I moved in to kill it with a sword but it flew up and up and just shot me some more, so I ran. It followed me to the edge of a cliff and hit me with a fireball. I was knocked over the cliff for a fifty block drop onto hard ground, and also I was burning! Instant death. Luckily I had keepInventory on.

Even though it just has 10 health it's pretty powerful don't let the health fool you

Lol I tried killing like 50 of them they took it in about 10 seconds

The last time I go in there many them were there,my golems were all there except they got shot and were burn to death.They even blowed up my portal.I shouldn't have kill Herobrine.Entity 303,Null,The real enderman and his father.Even if we made hideouts sometimes they keep staying.So,don't mess with them or you will be dooM.

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The Newcomers

? Floating Enchanted Books

These move so FAST I get killed every time

? Groups of Endermen

Groups of endermen can easily creep me out in hard mode... I can kill like all of them, but 1 or 2 kill ME AND MY FRIENDS

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11 Zombie Pigman

These awesome piggies can do 3 hearts of damage through you little iron armor and not care they gang up on you and mess up your day

Even harder than the wither, because if you hit one, the whole ' pack comes after you, and then kill you

Hit one next thing you know 50 chasing you though
The nether until your dead.

For the pack yeah I mean like preston's pack

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12 Spider Jockey

I'm glad there's no spider riding skeletons in real life. Good thing they have a 1% chance to spawn, or I don't think I'd be able to play on any difficulty but peaceful.

These little marvels are efficient killing machines. A spider's ability to climb walls and poison the player combined with a skeleton's ranged attack is a formidibale combination.

These thing's are rare they have 7.47 % chance of spawning an I can't belive they climb walls gotta go there some chasing me right now I'm playing Minecraft at same time I'm doing this

Cute but I would kill the skeleton first

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13 Cave Spider

A bucket of milk will help with the poison.

When I go mining they always poison me I made a spider farm with every type of spider in Minecraft I fed them zombie flesh I even tamed them but... THEY STILL POISON ME that's Y I LIKE Peace!


These little dudes killed me I found DIAMOND like what I am sooo mad

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14 Giant

Giants are just one mega sized Zombie! No need to worry! - n416701

These things look like bobs mom

Although it's an unused mod, it's very hard to kill these over sized zombies!

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15 MobZilla

Mobzilla is one of the strongest mobs of all of Minecraft

Mobzilla I super powerful but queen is more strong

Much like Godzilla just change God to mob. Has 4000 health

Mobzilla is just a strong one in orespawn guys,and it is a mod,like HEROBRINE

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16 Witch

Actually, you might think these dam things are like weak but these uglier evil villagers are so dam hard to get rid off and kill! One day, instead of going to bed I went out when night was almost over and a witch showed up behind me, I kept running but in just one throw it poisoned me down to half lives and I almost died. Luckily, I made it to my upstairs but it wasn't over. It then turned morning and I Turned around and that witch scared the crap out of me. it stayed there in the field all day and then it found a whole to hide in so that when I came out it could kill me. I looked outside and saw a black thing thought it was a floating coal, it wasn't. I then realized at the moment I saw purple, it was the witch. It like stayed there for one whole night and morning until the next night it left before the sun came down. Witches are so dam sneaky and smart and I hate those things so much!

Hmm let's see they can poison the hell out of you then give you slowness so you can hardly move then weakness then right when your (slowly) running they drink speed and chase you down and they insanely op potions of instant death

Witches can get you down to half a heart then kill you with their harming two potions that can deal 5.5 hearts each or 11 damage

If you play uhc and a witch throw splash potion of poison forget uhc

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17 Hydra

I think this is the most powerful mob because it has three heads and shoots fire at you and can recharge and does lots of damage towards you, like 7 hearts!

Well the hydra kind of suck but still he strong

Twilight forest or mythical creatures?

Wait a minute? This thing grows heads it breaves fire and shoots giant fire balls at you you must where ultimate armor or better when you fight this orelse you will die horiblely
D: good thing it doesn't kill you instantly

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18 King Ghidorah

King ghidorah is from Godzilla and he is a rival of godzilla

Pshhh plese this is way stronger than a cave spider he's to big he could smush him

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19 Cave Spider Jockey

This mob is so annoying because it is a spider that can climb walls and poison you with a skeleton on its back trying to shoot you! How is the regular spider jockey higher than this?!

Will poison you then rip you to shreds in melee but left Lone they will snipe the crap out of you

I Agree these little bugs are a beast

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20 Blaze

Guys blazes are balls of fire how cool is that and they can fly and go through lava or fire

Try deflecting the blazes fireballs back at it. Use bow and arrows as well. Or build a blaze grinder

Why is this weak thing on the list

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