Hardest Minecraft Mobs to Beat


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41 The Nightmare

They are very hard to kill

42 Silverfish

True, but the noise they make is cute, like spiders

They are so sneaky and annoying

V 2 Comments
43 Chicken Jockey
44 Lava V 3 Comments
45 Mutant Zombie V 1 Comment
46 Elder Guardian V 1 Comment
47 Zombie Villager

Potion of weakness. Golden apple. These 2 are keys

48 Turtle Boss V 1 Comment
49 Creeper Queen
50 Giant Zombie
51 Volcano

Volcano? Those are things that shoot out lava it's not a mob

52 King Bowser 9000
53 Rabid Wolf V 1 Comment
54 Pig

These should be number 1, but they're just too op for the spotlight.

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55 Bat

So hard to hit, so fast, and so annoying!

56 Slime

This things annoy the heck out of me!

Just enter a room they cannot enter. Then whack them with a sword.

The smallest one cannot harm you. like a pet! I keep one!

57 Kraken

The kraken was the strongest mob in Minecraft but things changed a lot

58 Block Wielder

He always get killed in his tower and I don't get his things

59 Sheep

But it can't hit you

V 1 Comment
60 Kiryu

He's the flipping mecha godzilla me and my friend tried to kill him

V 3 Comments
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