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21 Wither Dragon

This mob could slay you with one hit so watch out

This can't one hit killed by anything from any other mod! He's got 20,000 HP, and he can hit through an enchanted golden apple

LoL killed him instantly with Really The Last Sword You'll Ever Need. Does not know why
his so strong. *shrug*

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22 Hydra - Mythical Creatures Mod V 2 Comments
23 FuriousDestroyer - PopularMMOs

Wow how does he do it I have no idea but I know how he does part of It Lucky blocks!

There's only one mob this one's failed to defeat: The Creeper Titan!

Well exactly that is true in minecraft life

He is my 1st or 2nd favorite youtuber

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24 Puppet Master
25 K'ril Tsutsaroth - Orespawn V 1 Comment
26 Darack - The End Has Come Mod Alpha

Unbeatable, never killed by player or beast, does not go away in peaceful, can kill you in creative mode.

Wow very powerful it is amazing that it can kill you in creative mode

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27 Battra - Larva

Looks amazing and hard to kill took me four armor set. It's the G-set

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28 Lady Luna - DivineRPG
29 Leonopteryx - Orespawn
30 Demon Rahovart - Lycanite's Mob's Mod

This is not strong when fighting the queen but is harder to beat by a landslide by the player. Sure take the
Last Sword you will EVER need it will deal 25 dmg.queen armor? hardely helpful. plus this mod has pets that
you will never lose because they respawn

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31 Arctic Scorpion - Mythical Creatures Mod

This beast comes out of the windigo and wrecks all non-flying mobs, its awesome

Should have more health

Should be number 1

Can kill king kong anyday and can almost beat burning godzilla leaving him with 2,500 hp

32 The Void Wither - Mo' Withers Mod

Darkness incarnate can't be beaten by anyone.

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33 Battra

Awesome boss but mothra totally could kick its but.

34 Cephadrome - Orespawn

I thought the cephadrome was friendly!? So it doesn't count right?

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35 Pigzilla - Pigzilla Mod

15000 health, cannot be harmed, destroys everything it walks on, comes down from the sky like a meteor and best of all, you can ride it.

36 Caterkiller - Orespawn

O my gosh this is my most favorite frieking mob ever it can whoop emperor scorpion butt!

37 Mutant Iron Golem V 2 Comments
38 Emperor Scorpion - Ore Spawn
39 King Bowser - Mythical Creatures Mod

He beat KINGGADORA which i s in the 6th spot and has 15000 health and hits like a truck but king Bowser only has 1500 health and it STILL beats kinggadora

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40 Garble - Mythical Creatures Mod

This guy is a tough nugget of anger and death. Even the King had a hard time beating him.

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