Top Ten Hardest Missions in the Grand Theft Auto Series

Missions from GTA are fun to do when you steal jets, doing heists or even help a player's friend out. The other missions... not so great for other gamers.

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Supply Lines (GTA San Andreas)

I raged and mowed down everyone with my AK after I tried it. I shot up the windows of the first cop cars that started rolling toward me and they ended up crashing into a crowd of people. I then got into that car and made my way to a bar, jumped out, fired some shots at random people on the street then went into the bar, this is where my real massacre started. I first shot dead the two people at the bar, then started executing people at extreme speed before throwing a cocktail into the back of the bar as I exited the building, getting outside I shot one cop and jumped into my car again, this time I would commit drivebys until I got onto the highway, then I would escape the police.

RC vehicles are terribly controlled toys you have to use, but this mission's difficult for gamers to do if they try to find a way to beat it. You have to take out some rival delivery boys using the RC plane to shoot them down till you run out of fuel. Flying the plane is much harder when you try to avoid hitting buildings, lights or vehicles. Took 7 tries for me to finish it unless you try to focus and concentrate on the targets.

This mission is the worse because the controls is PS2, PS4, XBOX ONE, or any controller you use for T.V. is difficult for this mission.

One word. Control, that's all.

The Driver (GTA Vice City)

For those who play Grand Theft Auto Vice City, not all missions you can pass ain't that easy, especially this one. In this mission, you have to win a street race to beat a fat shack of turd named Hilary (who has a fast car better than the crappy car you're driving), but problem here is that he can ram you off the road and 2 stars wanted level appears when cops shows up. I had hell of a time passing this and it took 13 tries to solve this situations. This is far the most frustrated mission Grand Theft Auto Vice City has given us.

This is a very frustrating mission, but here is a tip : SHOOT HIS WHEELS!
After his wheels are damaged, he will start swerving and then will get off the road.
Use this as your advantage.

Who thought it's a good idea to start a race with a slow car?!? Hilary has Sabre Turbo, which is pretty fast and quite exotic, and you get the cheap and slow car, Sentinel.

Yes, this one can be really annoying and hard. You have to drive almost perfectly to win.

Bomb Da Base: Act 2 (GTA III)

This part of act ain't much easy as the other act, you have to protect 8-Ball when he tries to trigger a bomb in a rival gang's boat. Thing is 8-Ball has injured hands and he can't shoot them but rush himself to a suicide mission. It frustrated for gamers to take out all goons with a sniper where so much action is going on. Took 4 tries, but shoot them in order where they try to shoot 8-Ball is one way to go if you hurry up.

One time I failed this mission, because 8-Ball committed suicide by jumping into the water...

One of the hardest missions I have ever seen in a Grand Theft Auto game.

This is the hardest mission for me but Yess! I finally finished it!

Dildo Dodo (GTA Vice City)

For this mission, you drops some leaflets for a director while using the seaplane. Bad thing about it is that the plane's controls are terrible when you try to nose up and down and you must reach hard to reach checkpoints to get it done.

High Wire (GTA Vice City Stories)

You must use the chopper with a magnet to pick up containers before time runs out. Hardest part is you must rescue a cartel from bikers and this ain't easy grabbing his car with the chopper's magnet while he's driving around getting shot especially around street lights and palm trees.

Everyone who voted for above didn't play VCS

Man,out of all missions,his one gave me the hardest time,especially when I have to save the cartel from bikers

Espresso-2-Go! (GTA III)

Doing this mission as intended can be tough and frustrating, I found out when I played this game blind. However, I came up with a tedious but safer way to complete the mission: Drive all over the city until all nine kiosks are highlighted on the map, as you go kill the cartel goons in them. The timer doesn't start until you destroy the first one so you can simply identify where they are and take them down one by one with the rocket launcher.

If you're gonna do this awful rush hour mission, you're gonna need a fast car to take out some drug stands before time runs out. Cops will be roaring all over you so make it quick and concentrate on the road.

The cops, the mafias armed with shotguns, and the fact that cars get destroyed easily... This is the worst mission in Grand Theft Auto 3, without doubt.

I played the mobile version and it was actually easy, beat it on the first try

Demolition Man (GTA Vice City)

Never did end up completing this. The RC helicopter controls are TERRIBLE and it doesn't help that all the construction workers are trying to knock it down.

This mission is frustrating mission in vice city

Hardest ever, can be compared to supply lines from Grand Theft Auto sa

Completed it in 2 tries

Learning to Fly (GTA San Andreas)

This is the toughest mission of the game. I have completed all the missions without cheats easily but this made me cringe.

Impossible. Stopped playing after this, never returned to Grand Theft Auto because Saints Row 2 was so much better.

I remember spending a whole night trying to pass this mission back then

This was so hard! One of the challenges took me around 2 hours

Wrong Side of the Tracks (GTA San Andreas)

This MF Big Smoke can't aim for jack. All he had to do was shoot the damn gangsters on the train. Don't matter that I follow them and give him perfect height to shoot. He doesn't kill them ffs

Easy way to win: tested in PC and PS2(I don't remember play station cheats :/)
Before starting this mission or during the mission before reaching train station activate KJKSZPJ and FULLCLIP when cutscenes ends and you and smoke are sitting in bike don't follow the train immediately leave the bike and use YECGAA (jetpack code remember that jetpack also have the code ROCKETMAN but it's too long and time is important by any second in this mission) then fly to train you must be equipped with a automatic gun that will work on jetpack (don't worry about smoke game tells you to pick him up but leaving him there won't fail the mission) try to land on train and (remember if you don't walk on train you will standing still and train goes and you will fall from it and you must back on train again) shoot the vagos (watch out the tunnel in train's way) if you do this all of them will die then all you need to do is going back to smoke in train station and sit on the bike. Congratulations! You ...more

By far the absolutely most frustrating and infuriating mission in san andreas.
I've played the game multiple times all the way to the end but every single time I had to redo this mission at least 30 times. Sometimes I'd just quit the game because of how frustrating it got.

I always know what to do in this mission, but Big Smoke gets all whiny and said "All you have to do is follow the damn train, CJ! " Dude, he doesn't even know how to shoot those Hispanic gangsters right.

Robbing Uncle Sam (GTA San Andreas)

Forklift is so hard to control, VCS had a similar hard mission by Phil Cassidy but SA's Robbing Uncle Sam is hardest. Ryder can't shoot properly and always having to get out and save him from infinitely spawning army is tedious.

It's hard to protect a homie when you must put crates in the back of a moving truck from soldiers using a forklift. Another bad thing is you must outrun them and Ryder here is getting shot behind the truck when he's covering up the crates. Why use the truck's door to close it and sit in a passenger seat, you smoking idiot?

It was pretty hard to complete, for me it took like 15 tries on the first time. the second time I passed it on the first try when I just shot the weekend soldiers myself

Ryder keeps dying when I get in and when I ge track out to cover him he dies

The Contenders

Keep Your Friends Close (GTA Vice City)

Enemies are here to rob you and you must defend your cash from them. Bad thing is they're heavily armed and it's impossible to survive this hellacious mission if you have a strong weapon or no exact choice but to use a cheat code. You also have to kill a guy who betrayed you and you have to run back to your office to take out a hard boss with everything you can to end it. There's no checkpoints on this finale mission in Grand Theft Auto Vice City, so good hell of a luck you're gonna need.

I would have use a cheat on this mission, but I didn't. It only took me 7 tries unless you find armor or health packs around the mansion.

This one wasn't THAT hard, sure I might've died the first time but I passed the second time

This was the highlight of Vice City

Freefall (GTA San Andreas)

Too much pain in this mission. Even though I love the lore of this mission, it took me nearly 20 times and 10 different turorials to make it.

OH MY GOD this mission is insane...first u have to drive all the way from the casino to the airport and then do a 180 mid air and follow a plane that is faster than yours...this took only god knows how many tries

I've done it 100 times...but then also it is the most difficult mission ever...I can't even tell how many tries it takes to do this mission

Very easy 1st try

Exchange (GTA III)

You have to waste your own money to give it to an annoying cow named Catalina and you must chase her while outrunning the spawning Cartels trying to kill you. If you have a rocket launcher you better shoot Catalina in a chopper till time runs out.

Unneccesary thing 4 claude to do

The Snow Storm (GTA IV)

Gangsters Everywhere SWAT, FBI, Police to Kill Helicopters to Shoot Down Took me Five attempts to do it not only that The Hospital has very little Cover and if you move to get Health you might GT Blown up by an Enemy shooting a Gas Bottle. Couldn't Find the Bag so always got Killed and The Boat Was Difficult. Eventually Completed it by Shooting Gas Bottles, RPG's and Cheats.

It was hard considering heavy controls of Grand Theft Auto IV. And you get 4 star wanted level. And, hardest part is to lose wanted level. They even follow you inside respray shop

S.A.M (Grand Theft Auto III)

Hardest mission in the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise!

N.O.E (GTA San Andreas)

Toreno told you to fly the canyon route to angel but the canyon IS HARD AS HELL, even harder for those mobile player, the trees around angel pine is ridiculously high and some of them are solid and some are not, also the steep, bumpy relief make low flight way harder, also its difficult to not alert the hydras and your plane have no anti-missile system which is messed up, you are forcing to do loops to avoid the missile swarm which might result to crash to things, I tried dis mission 21 times in order to complete.

It actually takes more efforts than any other mission, including freefall. You always have to be alert of being below radar.

Boomshine Blowout (GTA Vice City Stories)

It takes me like 3 months to finish it but when you know the trick it will be easy

The harvest mission ever

Cesar Vialpando (GTA San Andreas)

This was pretty hard because I didn't understood the timing at first. I got almost all the moves wrong, but after a few tries I managed to get every single move correct.

This one took me so many tries until eventually I finally won it and I was so relieved

It easy on android...
Just learn to press keys on keyboard and you'll get it

I hate that mission and it was kinda hard to complete

Big Smoke (GTA San Andreas)

This so hard I had to use cheats to beat it, also probably disabled my ps4 trophies now

It is impossible without cheat

It is highly impossible

Easiest mission ever

Payday For Ray (GTA III)
Just Business (GTA San Andreas)

I actually thought it was easy. I passed it on the first try.

Vertical Bird (GTA San Andreas)

One of the hardest missions in the game

Did Somebody Say Yoga? (GTA V)

Hardest in the series, if you disagree you are lying

Back to School (GTA San Andreas)

The last one is the worst, considering that we lose only by stopping the car, or the traffic.

Hate it, and still can't complete city slicking. tried like 100 times

Alley loop is the worst part

It is a stupid and idotic school

Publicity Tour (GTA Vice City)
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