Hardest N Game Episodes

The hardest episodes of N, The way of the ninja,
For those who don't know, N is a flash game where you control a Ninja and have to collect gold and avoid obstacles such as mines, zap drones and more and get a blue switch to open the door to the next level, Every 5 levels is an episode.

The Top Ten

1 88

Of course, 88 would be at the #1 spot because 88-4 is the hardest level in the entire game, Not even I can do it (yet).

88-0 is pretty easy, going for the golds is a bit difficult though.
In 88-1, If you have no idea how to do perpendicular jumps, You are done for.
On 88-3, You have every single enemy in the game against you, And when you think that's done, You finally relax and be prepared for 89,
Until you meet 88-4, A level made by blue_tetris (Who makes very difficult levels to beat, On NReality, You have 2 whole columns of him, 100/110), You have to do everything exactly right and be very careful on 88-4, Otherwise you'll be rage-quitting worse than the day you couldn't get past 05-4! - flagfan02

2 99

The final episode of N (not counting NReality), and the toughest non-userlevel (Metanet) episode, It isn't as hard as 88, But close. - flagfan02

3 59

Especially 59-1 and 59-4, This episode will keep you very low on time by the end. - flagfan02

4 89

Mainly because of Mount Doom (89-4)! A volcano full of mines, thwumps and a zap and chaingun drone, and you have to get all the keys while avoiding the mines scattered around the level while escaping the volcano! - flagfan02

5 98

The episode before the final dungeon, 99 - flagfan02

6 69
7 85
8 47
9 86
10 29

The Contenders

11 18
12 08
13 39
14 97
15 83

83-3 is what makes this on the list. - flagfan02

16 79
17 09
18 63
19 96
20 65
21 77
22 17
23 49
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