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Horseback riding (or Equestrian) is one of the most intense sports known to man. Not only because it's physically challenging, but it takes more than athleticism. Horseback riding takes commitment, time, patience, and most importantly building a bond with your horse. If you don't have a good relationship more.


I have been riding for 4 years and trust me I did soccer, basketball, lacrosse, dance, figure skating, and cheer but horseback riding is BY FAR the hardest, most dangerous, most physically demanding, and skillful sport I have done! Think about it we control a 1500 pound animal that doesn't speak our language and could kill us at any second! When I first starting riding my trainer had all these good horses that would listen, come to you in the pasture when you went to get them, and ones that didn't need a wip. But one day she got a new pony. He was the most stubborn pony there. Every week my trainer would ask me who I wanted to ride and she would always give me the option to ride any of the good horses but I always said, "No I want to ride the new stubborn one" and she would always look at me like I was crazy but she was proud of me. When I got on him every week I could barely get him to walk. After 3 years of working my butt off I was still thrown off 3 times, stepped on, ...more

Today I was approached by a girl who was arguing that horse riding was not a sport... and as an equestrian myself I gave her an about 30 minute lecture of what I and my horse have to do just to complete a full round of jumps. It is by far the hardest sport and if anyone want to tell me gymnastics is harder they are going to need to prove it as I am both an equestrian and gymnast and can tell you without hesitation... horse riding is harder. A gymnasts gear does not need to be fed 3 times a day and cleaned on a regular basis... They buy one set of equipment and it lasts them years where as horse feed lasts... well a couple weeks. Horse riding requires a lot of mental work to make sure the horse does not feel your nervousness... whereas the horse in gymnastics will do its job exactly the same every time whether asked to or not.

Horseback riding... it's not only a sport, it's a talent a dream and a challenge. I won't every single one of the people out there who say we just sit up on a horse, say giddy up and the horse goes to go through the lesson I go through. You would go home crying. You don't know the work that goes into riding. We have to remember shoulders back, heels down, look up, roll back, lead, strides, how to put on a saddle, girth, bridle, boots, plus more, two point, leg yields, bending, and much more. I won't to see you get on a horse and jump an oxer without falling off. You might say you have ridden a horse at your cousins farm or at the fair at a pony horse, but have you ever really ridden? Like hard core riding? No, you haven't. So the next time you say that riding is easy I will take you to my barn, put you on my horse and take you through a lesson doing everything I do.

I'm an A level jumper and I can't stand when someone says "riding isn't a sport, you just sit there." You try communicating with a 1500 pound animal that doesn't speak the same language. You try getting that animal to jump over things. You try falling 10 feet from something that's moving at 30 mph and crashing through a solid object. After you try all these things, you can come back and tell me again that its not a sport, except you wont, because now you know how difficult it is.

People say that horseback riding is not a sport, that the horse does everything. That it isn't dangerous. I have been riding for 4 years, and I have done saddleseat, western, hunt seat, and jumping. And it is very dangerous. Saddleseat, when you show you don't wear helmets, and if you show saddleseat professionally, you have a wild horse. You have to stay on with your legs and pray to God that you won't fall off. For western, you don't wear a helmet either. Jumping, no matter what height you jump, you will eventually take a tumble over a jump. And it is not fun. And for ALL disciplines, horse may spook, or they may slip. You think it isn't a sport? Think again. We have to control an animal that is at least 1200 pounds. The animal could easily throw us off and trample us, and could kill us. And if you think you know how to ride horses because "that one time" you rode horses, get your head out of your butt.

If a Olympic gymnast can stay on my horse that bucks and rears and throws tantrums when she gets exited or try and get her to jump over a gray fence (She is teriffed of gray fences and wont ever not stop at one ever time you approach it) while making it look easy and make her look elegant then I will give Olympic gymnasts the number 1 spot but I don't think that they could (I used to be a gymnast I started when I was 5 and took it till I was 8, I definitely think horseback riding is harder than gymnast though I would put it a #7)

When people say it isn't a sport, they aren't saying that it's easy. Just because it's dangerous and hard to communicate with a horse, doesn't make it a sport. Competitive cheerleading is hard and dangerous and each member of the routine has to know exactly what they're doing, does that mean it's a sport? No. Plus ranking in the top 1% of horseback riders just means being better than like 20 other people that do it. If it's not that popular, it can't be that hard to get to the top.

20 people that do it? Try 2,000,000. Just because you don't watch or enjoy it doesn't mean that it's not popular. Besides, if it weren't popular, how would it have made it into the Olympics? - SassyEquine

You know what I've been riding for 4 years and I only and only learned my walk and trot because I couldn't find the right horse and the right instructor. for riding you need a heart as well as skills if you don't have a heart horses isn't for you a horse is a living thing at any point it can do anything at any time, one point you can be on the ground in the middle of a field. so yeah horse riding is a life not a spare thing to do.

Horseback riding should be ranked as the hardest sport in the world. We communicate with animals that don't speak human-languages. We jump over objects, we control our horses, we have to think about every single thing you and your horse are doing. A butterfly can lead you to your death. You pull too hard, you can die. You're not strong enough, you can die. One simple mistake can kill you.

This takes years of training and even then you probably wont get to international level. In your "sport" do you communicate with a team mate that doesn't speak your language. Could you just sit there and ride those death definitely scary cross country courses because take it from me even a 50cm jump course is scary.

Do you know how to control a 1500 pound animal that is going full speed towards a 6 ft obstacle and could easily fall on top of you and kill you? It takes a lot of balance, skill, strength, and courage to ride a horse at that level. It takes even more skill to look good doing it.

Horse back riding is crazy hard and dangerous if you think all you do is sit there then your wrong imagine go up to a four foot jump with a 1000 pound animal and if that horse gets spoked who knows what's going to happen horses are just unpredictable you never know what's going to happen

It's ranked as the hardest Olympic sport for a reason, it is! It's the only sport where your teammate is a living animal with a mind of it's own, who is 1200 lbs and could kill you at any second. You have to learn to communicate with the animal, not an easy task.

I am only 13. I have been horseback riding for 8 years. I show at some of the biggest shows for competitive youth. I hate it when people say its easy and you just sit there. I have shattered my tail bone, broken my arm, and dislocated my arm. It is not easy.

Takes years of practice with many injuries controlling an animal that is 1600 plus pounds that has a mind of its own. You need to be aware of your self but also aware of your animal because they react differently and have a different mind set then humans

Horseback riding involves a lot of strength, dedication, and training. If you are an advanced horseback rider, I admire your perseverance, because I know from experience that this is such a difficult sport to master.

I do horseback riding and it is not easy even know I am not up to cantering and jumping its already hard. I also hate when people say horseback riding is so easy it is not. You use so much of your leg and you need great balence they are so wrong. Even know I am only 8 I love horseback riding. I know a really good Olympic horseback rider who is really good her name is Laura Kraut. Look her up.

Horse riding is hands down the hardest sport in the world. No comment. Being able to control an animal is a talent. A DANGEROUS one. You think horse riding isn't hard? Have a go one day and try and do what WE do.

To qualify for the olympics there are hardly any horseback riders in the world, it's not very popular, compared to say swimming which has absolutely massive amounts of competitions

Hardly any riders in the world? Just because you don't know anything about horses doesn't mean that it isn't popular. I'll have you know that it is UNREALISTICALLY hard to be known in the equestrian world. You have NO idea. - SassyEquine

Horse riding is so phisically demanding no person who has never sat on a horse and rode it without any assistance can say that it's easy! My friend had a one of lesson once and she had the idea it would be easy but you ask her now and she would tell you how hard it really is. You can die instantly riding a horse not in other sports.

"The horse does all of the work," "You just sit there." Have you ever ridden a bicycle? No, the bike doesn't do all of the work, and no, you do not just sit there.

Horse riding is OFFICIALLY rated as the hardest sport in the olympics.
Try moving a 1500 pound animal by using your legs! The force of a horse is just incredible. What's even more incredible is having the balance and srenght to stay on a horse! I get out of breath in no time by just trotting the horse!
I hate it so much when people say the me that riding is so easy because all you do is just sit there and tell the horse what to do and that it isn's a sport. I'd love to gather all of the people who have said that to me and invite them to a riding lesson. I can promise you that they will change their mind! That's even if they have the nerve to get on the horse!
Oh, and try learning to fall!

A lot of people underestimate us riders, they say we just sit there. I would like to see you get on a horse and jump enormous fences.

Wow people how in the world is horse back riding not harder than gymnastics I'm so confused

Horseback riding is the only sport to combine two types of intellect.