Top 10 Hardest Orbs to Obtain in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

The orbs in Spyro 2 that can prove to be quite difficult to get.
The Top Ten
1 Alchemist Escort - Fracture Hills

Probably one of the most frustrating missions in the game you have to defend the Alchemist as he attempts to get to Hunter and give him the potion, the problem is there's these giant monsters in the area and the alchemist always picks the worst route to take and will change directions without notice.

I really hated this mission.

What a great list

I hate all those big earthshaper guys

2 Ride the Trolley and Collect the Gears - Breeze Harbor

The trolley in Breeze Harbor is so hard, you have to collect 50 gears using a trolley that jumps, Trouble With The Trolley Eh? There’s a reason that this guy became a meme. There’s are large explosive boxes and TNT barrels, and arrows you have to hit and huge jumps, and it is very easy to fail this challenge.

I beat it on my third or fourth try

A tricky challenge as you use the trolley to get the gears without hitting anything if you do you have to start all over and have to listen to the pelican's annoying repetitive dialogue.

this is easy. you just have to be dimwitted to not do it

3 Catch the Thieves - Hurricos

This one is more time consuming as it is difficult you have to replace the lightbulbs and bring out the thieves and defeat them and it takes a while before they actually show up which means you could be waiting for a while.

stupid and pointless

so time consuming

4 Crystal Geysers 2 - Magma Cone

Uh, the reason why I hate Magma Cone is that, this level has the most annoying challenge ever, that is crystal geysers in Magma Cone, it is so hard for me to beat Hunter, and the controls feel very slippery when I am playing this challenge.

Much harder then the first challenge and as always its much harder as Hunter grabs the colored popcorns much faster then you.

This should be nr 1

this one makes me hungry

5 Agent Zero's Secret Hideout - Cloud Temples

All you need to do is follow Agent Zero as he makes his way to his hideout without him spotting you what makes it tricky is you use the trees to avoid being spotted and you can't be too close or too far away.

Way higher than it should be. This orb challenge is easy. It's only hard to people who can't play well.

this one sucks. it also getas pretty annoyying when the doors shuton you

6 Turtle Soup 2 - Sunny Beach

Haven't been able to complete this orb challenge till now. Tried dozens of times but there r just too many turtles

Just like the first time only more turtles appear and move more quicker.

huak, turtle soup is unbearable to think of.
I mean thde challenge

tried 20 times

7 Lava Lizards 2 - Skellos Badlands

Just like the first challenge only the eggs hatch much faster making getting the orb that much difficult.

should be 5 star difficulty

the catbats, firewizads,
lava toads. and then the lava lizards. so pathetic

8 Capture the Flags - Scorch

After speaking with one of the characters you then need to shoot down the flag thieve who will then challenge you to race back to the end of the level while avoiding his attacks to get that flag its starts off a little easy but as you progress the length between the area where you find thieve and the levels end becomes much longer and if you get hit you have to start the race all over from the begging.

I have nothing to say about this one. its just hard

now I see why it,s 5 star difficulty

the guy keeps throwing stupid bombs t you

9 Clear Tractor Path - Robotica Farms

Us basically use the charge power up to move really fast and break the objects in your way and reach the end but its easy to accidently fall of the stage or run into a wall making you get back to the beginning and try again.

this one is for babys

10 Draclet Cave - Crystal Glacier

at least I tried

This can be really tricky you use the flight power up and hit the spider monsters in the cave area its very easy to miss the enemies and they will re spawn if you take too long to hit them all in a timely manner

The Contenders
11 Ice Hockey - Colossus

You are timed on this one

took me 57 goes

12 Metro Speedway - Cat Burglars
13 Pursue and Race Hunter - Ocean Speedway

This one is the hardest of them all!

14 Paragliding - Icy Speedway
15 Retrieve the flags - Scorch
16 Spark Plug Thieves - Mystic Marsh
17 Fight The Ox - Metropolis

it's easy. you just flame some bombs

18 Cowlek Corral II - Zephyr
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