Hardest Plants vs Zombies Zombies


The Top Ten

1 DR Zomboss

Well of course he is number one. - AnLSUQB

Yes definitely hardest he drops all of the zombies

Yea he's number one.

2 Gargantuar

You place a tall-nut and spend 125 Sun and... BAM! -he kills it. How annoying!

3 Football Zombie

There the most annoying Zombies in the game in my opinion. I mean there so fast and are so defensive. there even harder than the Gargantur Zombies. ARGH! >:(

4 Bucket Head Zombie

It has 50 HP. you need at least 3 peashooter to kill him L0L.

5 Catapult Zombie
6 Zomboni
7 Ladder Zombie
8 Dolphin Rider Zombie

Thanks to this sadistic (CENSORED), my DS is permanently broken.

It should be higher than the ladder zombie

9 Screen Door Zombie
10 Giga Gargantuar

How is this below gargantuar? A giga gargantuar has 300 health and a gargantuar has 150 health. - bumy

SCREAM! They're WORSE than Gargantuars! Giga Gargantuar are SO STRONG (stronger than the real one)! It has to take at least 3 massive plants to kill it (if it gets hit by the massive plants 2 times... then it throws that idiot IMP!

I hate this zombies! They are so strong!

Why this isn't number 2? They are even stronger than normal Gargantuars.

The Contenders

11 Dancing Zombie

It's fun to use the hypno-shroom againist them

12 Scientist Zombie
13 Pole Vaulting Zombie
14 Imp

How come there are two imps. - bumy

There are 2 because that shows are annoying these little brats are. - AnLSUQB

15 Bungee Zombie

so hard!

16 Imp Zombie

It's very easy to kill but they go faster than normal zombies.

10 health in adventure mode and 3 health in I. Zombie endless - bumy

17 Zombie Yeti

They are so easy to beat!

18 Basic Zombie

Is the first zombie - bumy

19 Conehead Zombie
20 Pogo Zombie

They come so early in round 4-8 it is hard to get a tall nut in time with how much it costs in the night time

In 4-8 they are very difficult because they come before you have time to put tall nuts out

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