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1 Red (Pokemon HGSS) Red (Pokemon HGSS)

I had so many problems beating him first off his Pikachu is Level 88! It WILL Kill you if you don't have a ground type. His Snorlax is very strong but he is slow. His Lapras is Immune to Hail. His Charizard can be hard without Rock type attacks. His Venusaur can use Frenzy Plant and Kill you almost instantly without Fire. And last but not least Blastoise High defenses require you to use Special attacks like thunderbolt!

The level difference is just too high and the 100% accuracy of blizzard in hail, which 3 Pokemon from his team can learn, good lord! And I thought my level 77 dragonite could carry that battle! Sigh...

The main reason I have trouble with Red is because of his levels, and moves. His Venusaur is not a problem because I have a fire type starter. Charizard, and Pikachu are also no problem Since I always use my lugia and grass type, but the main problem is that his Lapras, Snorlax, and his Blastoise have the move blizzard and all my level 70s, and 80s are weak to ice. I've never beaten red to this day he should be number 1 darn it!

ITs red. Dude is known by everyone

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2 Furious Master (P.B.A & Pokémon Elites)

I don't know who they are

Weirdest pokemon battle/no. 2 of the weirdest bosses in the list.

These one is...

3 Cilan (Pokemon Black and White)

Anyone who is anyone hates the monkeys. So you probably didn't bother to level up your monkey, so you have almost no chance against any of the gym leaders. Plus, the Lillipup is annoying too. So have fun...

Why is this even here. Is this some kind of joke?


What. This gym leader is pathetic! Pidove can take care of Pansage, and your starter, A Blitzle, heck even your own Lilipup can beat his Lillipup!

4 Brock (Yellow) Brock (Yellow) Brock is a character from Pokemon and is created by game freak & Nintendo. He was the first gym leader in pewter city, and specializes in rock Pokemon . ...read more.

Only with pikachu you'll lose to him

In Pokemon yellow I remember going with the starter, pikachu and being thrashed. Nidoran and mankey, the only Pokemon who could properly beat his wretched onix only learn the correct super effective moves at later levels. They are also rare to find.

It's simple now to level up a Nidoran to level 13 and double kick him, but when I was 9 doing this that kind of grinding was nearly out of my league. ūüėā

5 Cynthia (Pokemon DPP)

I mean, hard! The rematch... A level 72 Lucario, a level 72 Togekiss, a level 78 Garchomp? Also, she has a well-balanced team with generally good moves (Why does Garchomp have Giga Impact? ) - bubbles1111

Weavile can't even one shot Garchomp. If anyone can manage this without Weavile, Scizor/Mamoswine combo or Altaria, you forever have my respect.

I sighed in relief when I had FINALLY beat her after the fifth or sixth time. How can she NOT be at number 2 at least? - 906389

Pushover. My mammoswine knocked out almost her entire team(I only had problems with spiritomb

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6 Shadow Lugia (Pokémon XD)
7 Mew (Pokémon Snap) Mew (Pokémon Snap) Mew is one of the fictional species of creatures from Nintendo's and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.

I though I beat the game until I had to catch this thing, I have that beaten the game in a year or 2!


8 Dialga (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2)

Dear Lord, it took weeks or even more than a month for me to finally beat Primal Dialga in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Literally, your only hope is that he doesn't use Roar of Time instantly so that you can throw a Stun Seed or something - which is hardly helpful because he can still One-Hit KO with a single Roar of Time as soon as he recovers if your Pokémon are below Level 40.

I guarantee people, like me, bought action reply just to beat Dialga. No joke.

If you get a water starter, you're screwed

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9 Whitney (Pokemon Hgss) Whitney (Pokemon Hgss)

Whitney of all people probably was the only gym leader in all my gaming life who ever made me cry with frustration because of her Miltank which is a tank on steroids who drank super juice but her Clefairy did not cause me the least amount of trouble but when Whitney cried it was possibly the best moment of my gaming history.

Damn IT MILTANK! If you don't have any fighting moves, it is hell hard to kill because it's like a tank. It uses Milk Drink when you have its HP low enough, and Attract on your Male Pokemon. Rollout can be devastating. Really hard for an early Gym Leader.

A very hard gym leader, but not one you can't counter. Onix and geodude have no problem with this gym. I found Clair to be significantly harder.

If you beat Whitney first try everyone should immediately hail you

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10 Angeallen (Pokemon Platinum)

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11 Ghetsis (BW)

The first ever time I played, I could not beat his Hydreigon. It made me stop playing for a while. - 906389

First time I fought him I had to use all my revives and max revives

That Hydreigon killed my Zekrom with a Dragonbreath! And its got a wide variety of moves too. Had to use a ton of Hyper Potions to beat this guy


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12 Lance (Pokemon HgSs)

He has over powered pokemon and too many items! Even with my supply of over 100 full restores I still managed to never ever ever beat him so a can't put Kanto bosses on here. The only reason he's #4 is because I thought that other people could beat him more easily than the Top 3! In fact the only other one I flat out couldn't beat was #1 who can beat you way faster!

You have to go through the elite 4 with battered Pokemon and then you have to beat a guy who's strength is the 4 put together!

All those Dragonite with hyper beam -.-

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13 Primal Dialga (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon2)

It will let you approach it unlike normal Dialga but it can easily K.O. You or your partner in 2 hits and has about 670-1000 HP!

Isn't this already on the list? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

14 Steven Stone (Emerald)

If it hadn't been for my Blaziken dodging Metagross's Hyper Beam, I would've been destroyed.

How is this only number 15? My legendaries were knocked out with EASE by this guy!

2nd hardest leader ever! (cynthia took a level 100 tortera and 50 full revives) - Wisecrack3

Such a nightmare. Aggron can beat my level 98 deoxys in 1 hit in defense form.
Metagross beat my level 100 mega rayquaza.

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15 Duksnoir and 7 Sableye (Mystery Dungeon 2)

3 against 8 gives the enemy a 5 man upper hand! The sableye have about 93 Hp but dusknoir may well have about 800 Hp! Dusknoir can deliver about 70 damage per blow and Sableye can can do about 30 do the math and that's about 93 damage per team member, ouch! However these are fron the math is best their strongest attacks and if they all attack so don't get too worried!

I hate fighting them it's so hard and there's so many sableye. Plus it takes forever to take down Dusknoir. - TheStupidHobo

I beat dusknoir on my first try. He was EASY! If you thought he was hard, wait until you meat primal Dialga. PD will murder you

This is like Luxray and the Luxio times a bazillion. Your only strategy is to confuse Dusknoir. For every 1 battle I have with Primal Dialga, I have 10 battles with these guys.

16 Ultra Necrozma (USUM)

Higher stats than Arceus, Totem aura, and excellent type coverage. How much more OP can you get? - Darth_Tyrant

Hardest than anything on this list by far

This thing... kills my Pokemon Every! Single! Time! Boost to all of its stats, insane base stats, and a moveset of Photon Geyser, Dragon Pulse, Smart Strike, and Power Gem. Oh, and don't forget its ability, Neuroforce (Powers up moves that are super-effective.) This thing should have been #1.

Oh god, I only won that battle because my Decidueye crit with Sprit Shackle

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17 Evice (Colosseum)

He has lots of powerful Pokemon such as Slaking which gets skill swapped. He has a Salamence and tons of other powerhouses such as Machamp and Scizor. At least the Shadow Tyranitar you have the Master Ball but then again you might of used it on Shadow Metagross.

Seriously, extremely high level pokemon, with slowking skill swap on slaking and shadow tyranitar. Htis guy made me lose SO many times.

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18 Cynthia (Pokemon B/W)

I haven't played this, but from what I've heard, Cynthia is a beast.

Her garchomp is the most terrifying pokemon ever... even for an experienced player, if you don't have a strong ice or dragon type you are screwed. And that's without having to worry about the other pokemon...

THIS is what you think the hardest is? Just use whoever you used to beat Ghetis with! - Pikachulover1

19 Lenora (Pokemon B/W)

After finally beating the ferocious beast known as Herdier, you have to face her Watchdog. It usually starts the battle with Retaliate, which pwns your pokes most of the time. And then it starts spamming Hypnosis and Crunch.

Had 5 tumburs I never used and released immediately after and one sawk that I used to replace my starter for the entire game, if you ask me, the first gym and second gym leaders in dpp where the hardest gym leaders, rest are easy as pie - Wisecrack3

Wow, I figured out how to beat her a long time ago.
Use your starter otherwise, but if you started with Snivy, get a Fighting type from Pinwheel Forest. Give your main killer a Chesto Berry and when she switches in to Retaliate, switch to your HM Slave. I beat her on the first try, even as a Pokémon newbie many years back!

20 Lusamine (SuMo) Lusamine (SuMo) Lusamine is a fictional character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She is the head of the Aether Foundation.

Her Mother Beast form is overpowered as hell! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The clefable is what got me every time

Strong and varied team. Mamaged to knock out even some of my overleveled mons

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