Hardest Prince of Persia 1 Mods


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1 Prince Unique

Without sword is like impossible this is hardest this should be in number 1 vote this!

No sword It means like prince is doomed very hard its for expert my god this should be in No. 1 vote this please

This Is Really Hard Without Sword Is Hard Enough

Hard then I ever thought

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2 The Princess Is Mine

Hard Mod!

3 Extrem

Its Really Extreme 600 Min laugh out loud!

Extreme is too damn hard

Really Extrem Very Very Very Hard

Super Hard lots of Tricks needed practice it - khushalsharma

4 Trick of Chomper

Too many freeking chompers that really tough

This is the hardest lots of chomper are there - Khushal64n6

5 Extrem2

Nice but this is like extreme this is also hard

6 The Resurrection of Jaffar and the Revolt of the Guards
7 Jaffar Not Forget
8 10th Dime(n)sion
9 13 Swordsmen
10 4D Prince 2

The Contenders

11 4D Prince of Persia
12 4-Rooms Levelset
13 Arabian Nightmares

Arabian Nightmares is like hard enough this should be at #1

This Is The Hardest Prince of Persia Mod Even For Expert

Too many spikes hard 600min means kill ourself!

14 Mirages of Persia

This is like lots of skills and tricks will pass levels 300m this is hardest

This is great map and difficult :) Some focus and trick you should know

This level is to hard!

Its Tricky And Intresting

15 Jaffar's Revenge

The first 3 Levesl are like impossible this is hardest

The First 3 Level's Are Like Impossible!
Don't Believe Me Try It If you Want
This Should Be At Top 10 As My Consideration
Vary Hard

16 A Labyrinth of Doors
17 Battle Hardened III

Every level has a fat guard and last level have its boss with 70 LP this should be hardest

18 Adventure Forever
19 Alternate 1
20 Adventures of Kariba
21 Battle Hardened 2: Battle Hardened with Vengeance
22 HWLev02
23 The Quiet Levels
24 Ataa's Levelset
25 Battle Hardened
26 Dungeon Quest
27 Mix of Persia
28 Prince of Persia: Remix III
29 SNES Levels
30 The Shadow and The Flame Remake
31 Alternate 2
32 Castle in the Stars
33 Combat & Adventures
34 Dark Castle
35 Despair: the Hopeless

7th Level Is To Damn Hard
8th Level Has To Many Guards
This Should Be At Top 10

36 Dusk:Mod
37 Evil Time of Persia
38 Flying Prince
39 Gouty Prince of Persia
40 HWLev01
41 HWLev03
42 HWLev04
43 HWLev05
44 HWLev06
45 HWLev07
46 HWLev08
47 In The Prison
48 Jaffar's Island
49 Jaffar's Revenge (other version)
50 Jakim's Levels
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