Hardest Relationships to Start

You know how hard relationships are right? Well hear are the ones that need a jump start! I'm 14 so just add more wheneva!

The Top Ten

1 When he/she thinks about you as a brother/sister.

Why not just shoot us now? we want a date and then you pull out this awkward situation. - lovesickandhoping

Also happening to me I was hoping but' it might not work out. :( - lovesickandhoping

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2 The other one is obsessed with you.

You like her/him but, you just can't get over the creepiness of obsession. - lovesickandhoping

3 You 2 are worst enemies.

Would you date your attractive nemesis? I wouldn't. - lovesickandhoping

4 The friend zone effect.

friends with one girl so now "According to the web law" your everybody's "friend" - lovesickandhoping

5 The Stalker

Someone is stalking you, thinking you 2 are in a relationship but when you explain she attempts to kill your pets - lovesickandhoping

6 Long distance.
7 she likes someone else.
8 The touchy girl.
9 Meeting someone at a funeral.

The atmosphere is just too sad. - lovesickandhoping

Haha this one made me lol - AnxiousApe

10 The girl is a living questionnaire.
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