Top Ten Hardest Resident Evil 4 Bosses

The Top Ten Hardest Resident Evil 4 Bosses

1 U-3

Took me a while. You need at least a broken butterfly or a killer7 to kill it. - phantomtheimmortal

2 Jack Krauser
3 Verdugo

The guys practical invincible.

4 Ramon Salazar
5 Bitores Mendez
6 Osmund Saddler
7 El Gigante

It sucks, this can throw a tree on you, anyway the best alternative is to dodge his attacks, you can't stop, you have to move constantly and keep shooting on his back, when he bends his knee go there and do the QTS. - LukeTargaryen

8 Garrador
9 Del Lago
10 Chainsaw Ganado

His name is Dr. Salvador. and he is terrifying.

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