Top 10 Hardest Robtop Levels in Geometry Dash

The non-official list for the top 10 hardest RobTop official levels in Geometry Dash. This list is based on opinions.

The Top Ten

1 Deadlocked Deadlocked

STILL easier than Club.

This level, is the one and only level that is rated 15 stars, out of the official 21 levels. This level has a complicated design, but can be easily completed with practice. It also has a unique coin which can only be obtained by collecting a key at 19% and grabbing the coin itself at 43%. This level also has difficult dual wave parts, UFO parts, etc. - Extamyte

The mini wave part is super hard!

2 Theory of Everything 2

This is a piece of cake compared to Clubstep.

Harder than Deadlocked and Clubstep is EZ (probably my next demon)

Definitely, this level takes the 3rd place. Unlockable with 20 coins, this level is mainly memorisation and full trickery here and there. It is also the demon level that contains the hardest coin in the game, where you have to squeeze through a small hole as a mini wave and exit through the opposite. It also has a rocket part about 80% where precise timing of the ship is required as you maneuver the ship through a squeezy space. - Extamyte

Clubstep is EZ, it took me 783 Attempts, THIS: 2k Attempts. HOW is Clubstep #2?

3 Clubstep

This is hard.

This level is the first demon that can be unlocked with 10 coins, but even though it has been rated to be easier than Deadlocked, amongst a lot of people, this level can arguably be just as difficult as Deadlocked. Clubstep has a simpler deco and design compared to Deadlocked, but it has one of the most annoying mini rocket parts, especially at the 87% part, where you require precise timing for the rocket as it switches gravity continuously. Clubstep also involves a lot of trickery, including fake spikes and jump pads where you should not touch. - Extamyte

4 Electrodynamix Electrodynamix

I mean, isn't it obvious? This level is what most people call "The hardest insane in the game". Indeed, with triple speed rocket, UFO and cube parts, this level is not only annoying, but also a bit irritating to play, as it is the only level that is possible to die at 0% and 99%. But the powerful beat to the level is something that solves the problem. - Extamyte

5 Clutterfunk Clutterfunk

A bit surprising? Well, this level is definitely not just rated as a normal 11-star. Even I myself find this level annoying and tricky. It is just slightly easier than Electrodynamix. This level would have been easier without the difficult mini cube part near the end. It also has an equally annoying squeezy ship part at 30%. - Extamyte

6 Hexagon Force Hexagon Force

This level, is surprisingly easier than Clutterfunk as it has been rated 12 stars, like Electrodynamix, but this level, honestly should only be 10 or 11 stars. The only difficult parts are the dual ball parts, where practice is required, the dual ship part afterwards, where straight-flying is required, and the 90% half-speed rocket part, which is annoying to control as you are too used to the quicker paces of the level. - Extamyte

7 Geometrical Dominator Geometrical Dominator

This level, is actually quite easy in nature, but it still has its difficult parts. At 70% thereabouts, you enter a dark section which requires pure memorization, as you have to traverse your way through the dark with only the lights of the cube to help you, thus it is very easy to die if you do not memorise this part. It also have moving objects which may cause just a bit of trouble to players. - Extamyte

8 Electroman Adventures

This level, is a fun and good-looking level, but it is quite tough to a lot of people, due to its tricky transitions, from the ship to the mini UFO to do a bit a flappy bird, to a mini rocket which requires immediate regaining control of. It also has a mini cube part near the end where you have to time your jumps carefully or death will meet you. - Extamyte

9 Back On Track

I took a long time completing it so I only made it to base after base before deleting the game

5%? I can't even get over the first jump!

This is a very hard level that no one has ever gotten 5%.

It is the hardest demon ever been known to exist. No wonder barely anyone has beaten it!

10 Fingerdash Fingerdash

I mean, don't get me wrong. This level is actually quite easy and simplistic. With moderate spider, rocket and cube parts, there is really nothing too much with Fingerdash, except for the 3rd coin, where you have to collect 10 coins as a mini wave, whereas by missing one, you will not be able to collect the 3rd coin when you enter as a spider after the next portal. - Extamyte

The Contenders

11 Stereo Madness
12 Polargeist
13 Dry Out
14 Base After Base
15 Time Machine
16 Cycles Cycles
17 Jumper

The 2nd hardest demon ever, just behind back on track. Spike spam, Gucci hard dual sections, and the most difficult part, the first ship section. This level took me 11k attempts to beat and 25k to get all 3 coins. Let's get this level and back on track onto the top three!

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