Top Ten Hardest Runescape Quests

The Top Ten Hardest Runescape Quests

1 While Guthix Sleeps

hardest quest ever really long 2 took me a day and a half and all tho's skills and requirments are hard work 2 get but it is worth it cause its fun and good rewards

People are pusses. This quest took an hour and with the right guide it's a sail in the park.

I think this quest is very irritating. I could barely finish this quest. Well I didn't even finish it. Guess what... I'm very lazy.

While guthix sleep is a interesting story but its very long but it's the second longest recipe for disaster is even longer and harder because you need to complete so many quest and lots of requirements and bosses

2 Sheep Herder

"S***! " are the only words coming out of my mouth during this quest it was a huge pain! And once I got the sheep to the fence they said "baa" and ran away it was terrible, not even worth the 4 quests points you get for completing the quest.

Gotta love how this is up there with the likes of While Guthix Sleeps and Desert Treasure, aha. That atrociously horrendous quest design. Enough said.

I don't understand the complaints, literally finished this quest in under 5 minutes.

Definitely the hardest quest in the entire game. Just the way you have to herd those sheep! It is terrible how they put you through that misery! D:

3 Mourning's End pt 1+2

Holy cow.. The puzzles.. Not only did you have to constantly defend from shades, you also had a hell agility course where if you fell, you pretty much had to start all over. So glad I finally finished.

The puzzle never seemed to end as well as it being such a boring puzzle. Then when you fail the agility bit 5 times in a row, tops the quest of as the worst and most boring quest I've done. (Part 2)

The rest of the quests here are jokes, the real hardest after this one would be Elemental Workshop 3, it's literally hours of solving a puzzle ugh

M. E. Pt. 1 and 2, especially are extremely irritating. For 1, it's mostly dyeing the sheep, but all of part 2 is one massive puzzle, and on top of that, you have monsters who hit frequent 100 hits on you everywhere. It's most certainly a very difficult quest.

4 Tutorial Island

I could never cook those shrimps nicely, and then the fire stopped burning. The most annoying thing ever. Also there was the bread! It took forever and ever to make, and then it got burnt! I must have smashed quite a few keyboards to pieces during that one!

Hard quest just because we all did it when we were 9 and never read the instructions on what to do, so I would spend 20 mins making fires and trying to move on w/o making that damn shrimp.


Guys your suppose to vote this, I mean. Everything about it is hard! Reading those orders that you are told to do... Never again

Probably one of the hardest quests yet when tossing up with sheep shearer and cooks assistant. The hardest part was probably walking out the door of the tutors room. It took me ages to open it. I wonder if any of you guys also had the same problem :/

5 Summer's End

I found this much harder than WGS, plus the whole quest is based in the wild and I'm a rev magnet so I died a lot more than I should have

Ok, so I did every single quest up here in the top 10, but this was the only one I died in. And I didn't die once.. I died 11 times!

I died at least 10 times until I did this quest right :/ It sound that it will be very easy, but it's not!

The stupid boss monster in this quest was RIDICULOUSLY hard. Way harder for me than While Guthix Sleeps was. I'd rather do WGS 10 times over than do this quest again.

6 Monkey Madness

Live by the Grand Tree, die by the Grand Tree. Literally die. Hardest quest in RS.

The underground dungeon in this quest makes it living hell. IF YOU FORGET TO PRAY MELEE (which I have done once) YOU WILL DIE LESS THAN 3 SECONDS OF ZOMBIE MONKEYS HITTING YOU! The agony and long spent hours doing meaningless tasks in this quest are legendary.

poison spiders, monkey rangers, gorrillas that beat you back in jail, skeleton things... they all killed me once, wich made this a really annoying quest

so frustrating, long and boring! not too bad after the monkey talisman but I wouldent do this quest souly for dragon scimitar!

7 Desert Treasure

Some parts of the quest were near suicidal, the bosses were hard and irritating, and the pyramid bit at the end was based on luck to get through, which was the most annoying of all.

LMAO. I am stuck on the part at the ice trolls cause my stats keep gettin drained and I can't fight them because of that. - mattarous

A very hard quest for the some of the best combat magic in the game. Not the hardest but some parts (like the locked chest) can take your money and time away.

The battle in the icy zone was actually challenging, which is pretty rare. The locked chest took me about 50 lockpicks and was exceptionally infuriating. The pyramid actually wasn't as bad as the chest, but these 2 mainly luck based things make this a memorable and annoying quest.

8 Underground Pass

Most annoying quest I've completed so far, I fell over 45 times no joke. I can't imagine Regicide...

Most annoying quest I've done so far I fell literally a 100 times and every 3 times I fell I had to rest because those Dam soulless beings and I was saving my good food expecting a hard boss cite but nope I ran in and ended it in like 2 seconds so annoying yes but hard no

Stupid! The first part is hard enough and I had to restart the entire thing because I fell down so many times. I rage quit for an hour after that and then after the doll part it was all over for me.

Ugh, this quest is infuriating. It just takes so long, and it all takes place in the same dungeon.

9 Nomad's Requiem

This is way harder than all the other quests in front of this, nomad is one tough son of a b*tch!

Nomad was easily the toughest boss I ever fought. Then again, I fought him at 90 combat without summoning and with 75 range. The time I finally beat him, I still had like 4 or 5 Saradomin Brews left.

This is the only one I haven't completed so it must be the most difficult.
You must have a BoB and super restores too defeat Nomad

Only quest fight that was close to Nomad was ROTM, all the others were pretty simple. Easily the hardest quest.

10 Recipe For Disaster

so freaking long I still can't get the first part

Too many quests too many stuff to do no time 4 bull

If u have a kitten instead of a cat and u lost your greegrees and m'speak amulet this quest becomes comparable to hell and eternal inferno.

The Contenders

11 Elemental Workshop III

Barely managed it with a video guide, I don't know how people would manage the quest without one.

This quest is difficult or the most difficult because of the puzzle that takes nearly an hour to finish alone.

Thanks to that ridiculous puzzle, this quest was left unfinished for almost 7 years...

The puzzle is always making me nuts

12 Legends Quest

This quest is the GOAT.

I hate it

13 Ritual of the Mahjarrat

The jungle intro is absolutely terrible. Hands-down the least fun I've ever had in my ten years playing Runescape. Hiding behind cover only works about half of the time, and if you misclick at all, you automatically fail. Move your pinky toe out from behind cover for.00001 seconds and you'll take roughly 9 million damage and have to start over. No chance to dodge, no taking the damage and moving forward, and half of the time your character decides to practice their dance routine and run back and forth in a completely nonsensical direction. Oh yeah, the entire time this is happening, you will be gangbanged by the ugliest, most obnoxious-sounding mouth-breathing gorillas to ever walk the face of Gielinor. I think I would rather chew broken glass than have to do this again. Completely ruined my enjoyment of the remainder of the quest. 1/10 for fun value, 9/10 for difficulty.

What? This is a new quest, But I have seen The guide, Whoa! This Quest Breaks your God Damn Life!

14 Regicide

the agility is not fun to get - Zoeyzol

I hate falling off the bridge and having to go all the way back... plus I died by stupid traps and lost my fire cape

Stupid cave. i dont want to go through it every time

Died on traps lost zerk ring level 104

15 Cook's Assistant

I can't see whether this is a troll or some stupid kids really are unable to finish this quest. Geez if you seriously can't beat this quest then I'm sorry to say it but runescape isn't the game for you.

PLEASE HELP ME! I'm stuck in this quest! Where do you get the milk from? This is one of the hardest quests by far! Even harder than tutorial island! Please pm me if you know what to do :(

How do you get the super-large egg? I mean, its ruining the quest. I've been stuck on it for about a month now because the egg is so rare. Somebody told me I had to defeat a lesser demon. Aren't they the hardest monster in the game?

Instructions to make cake unclear. Solo'd Corp and got ely drop

16 Broken Home

Absolutely hate this one. Even with a guide this takes forever and gets really repetitive. Almost gave up, but I pulled through after 2 hours in that hellhole while looking at a guide. Was so glad to finally finish, then I saw that there were additional challenges requiring you to do it in 37 minutes. Sigh I really don't want to go back...

Hard to do the challenges. Unless you're Michael Scofield and have the map of the home tattooed onto yourself.

My sister did this quest and took like 1-2-3 hours

Took forever, very confusing

17 Monkey Madness II

This quest made me rage the most haha - Acid_Bubble

Totally agree. Did this quest yesterday... ohhh the ship platform... lmao that was aids.
Kruk was aids. Glough was'nt too hard actually.

Gorilla's were Aids
Glough was Aids
Nieve's death was Aids
Kruk was Aids
Everything was Aids

18 Sliske's Endgame

This quest just SUCKS" all you do is talk to a few people and then spend over an hour in a maze, and then get tossed into a hard fight. honestly not that hard but you'll die a few times getting used to the fight. if you don't know how to get him into the next faze of the fight its an insta death.

Crazy long maze, stupid hard fight at end, I'm max combat and just died a bunch so I could use outfit of trials, and it was still a b#$%, died 8 legit times

This quest is so long and tedious. If your combat level isn't so great get ready to die a lot and bring a familiar (storage pet).

Dude, the labyrinth is ridiculous. I saw the guide and thought, "Gee, it's so short. This'll be cake." Nope, very difficult to get through even with a map right next to me. This is the only quest I haven't completed yet due to the dang labyrinth.

19 One Small Favour

I actually cried

I throw up every time I think of it. All the favours you have to do, for some wood. Kill me.

Doing this quest is what I imagine dying feels like!

20 The Temple at Senntisten

Too many quest reqs

21 The Firemaker's Curse

Even maxed, Char still gives me issues in the Dominion Tower. Had to listen to Kanye's "Stronger" to finally beat Char

22 Derek's Quest

So hard! I can't mine, it says, just because I don't have a pick-axe? What even are pick axes and why can't I use my hands?

, I literally rage quit.


23 Shadow Over Ashdale

The boss is way to hard for any new player to beat. at least make it that the boss health doesn't reset each time you die because I'm not gonna waste another 2 hours to try and beat this boss only to get killed over and over again.

That end boss was a pain. Especially because I did the quest around level 10. Actually had a friend quit the game because of this quest.

Final boss quite annoying and hard

The boss is super tough

24 Dimension of Disaster

Not as bad as Recipe of Disaster, however flipping hard. I died to Agrith Naar twice, and Zemouregal 3 times before I was able to barely beat them. Come prepared, set action bar, and collect a chunk of the zemouregal coins before starting the minquests

25 Birthright of the Dwarves

One of the hardest bosses in game

26 The Brink of Extinction

I'm scared.

27 Pieces of Hate

How the heck do you manage to survive the final fight against Rabid Jack? At least it showed me that I should never do drugs... I still feel the headaches urgh

Uggg, just uggg

28 Blood Runs Deep

I can't come close to killing the Dagannoth mother.

29 Sheep Shearer

Hands down number one. I believe this quest was not completed until a month after the release. The final boss fight sucks and I've lose upwards of 15 inventories of sara brews trying to kill it; its special attack is ridiculous! I'm in max gear and the thing punches a hole theough my armor, what

30 Imp Catcher

Bloody hell. I don't even know what an imp is let alone how to find EVERY single coloured beard! I'm just kidding, I completed this in 10 minutes when I was 8 years old.

31 Darkness of Hallowvale

The amount of times you have to travel back and forth to that stupid hideout...and the fact that I could never get the guards to notice me to take me back to the jail! It took me hours because of those 2 facts alone

32 Nomads Elegy and the Mighty Fall

Did these two today and the boss fights are just ridiculous.. I spent 1.2m reclaiming my items after death while attempting to complete nomads. Broken for sure..

33 The Branches of Darkmeyer

Vanstrom was s***, the moment I defeated him he insta killed me somehow. I panicked and thought I had to do that fight all over again.

34 Dishonor Among Thieves

Maze lever puzzle pissed the hell out of me, can barely see the shadows, and I failed one part of it over 15 times. finally got it done, then I died to the boss 5+ times, before I finally raged and beat him at a final attempt

35 Shield of Arrav

I don't have friends so difficultly 10000000000000% more

36 Do No Evil

Puzzle after puzzle...all for one lousy quest point?

37 The Blood Pact

If 1 of these darn bosses weren't enough, THERE IS THREE OF THEM!

38 Some Like It Cold

3 words, Submarine Battleship Ending.
If you have even the slightest bit of lag, it catches up on you in the end.
I mean hell, 250+ quest points here and I was practicaly pulling my hair out on this. Lost "died" twice!

39 As a First Resort

I just finished this one after 5 hours. Your brain will hurt. The pools puzzle... I made 50 trips outside oo'glog for plants and logs. Wrote down every single combination of plants to burn, and still... I almost rage quit.

40 Myths of the White Lands

Can't get past the ice puzzel

41 Hero's Welcome

Its not bad, the boss at the end was hell. if u don't study how to beat him u will get destroyed within seconds. After I looked at the wiki, I spent 10 min playing ring around the rosie with him and I beat him

42 Chicken Slayer

What a bloody hard one

43 Dealing with Scabaras

The furnace is horrible, and the puzzle with the runes is death.

44 Lord of the Vampyrium

I died so many times during each phase of the boss fight, so many times I was hit with special move after special move, bam bam bam straight after each other, on 1 try I had black screen, 2 seconds later black screen. dead... finally completed it in legacy mode.

45 Wanted!
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