Top Ten Hardest Runescape Quests


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21 The Firemaker's Curse

Even maxed, Char still gives me issues in the Dominion Tower. Had to listen to Kanye's "Stronger" to finally beat Char

22 Blood Runs Deep V 1 Comment
23 Birthright of the Dwarves

One of the hardest bosses in game

24 The Brink of Extinction V 1 Comment
25 Darkness of Hallowvale

The amount of times you have to travel back and forth to that stupid hideout...and the fact that I could never get the guards to notice me to take me back to the jail! It took me hours because of those 2 facts alone

26 The Blood Pact

If 1 of these darn bosses weren't enough, THERE IS THREE OF THEM!

27 Some Like It Cold
28 Shadow Over Ashdale

That end boss was a pain. Especially because I did the quest around level 10. Actually had a friend quit the game because of this quest.

29 Sheep Shearer
30 Imp Catcher

Bloody hell. I don't even know what an imp is let alone how to find EVERY single coloured beard! I'm just kidding, I completed this in 10 minutes when I was 8 years old.

31 As a First Resort

I just finished this one after 5 hours. Your brain will hurt. The pools puzzle... I made 50 trips outside oo'glog for plants and logs. Wrote down every single combination of plants to burn, and still... I almost rage quit.

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