Top Ten Hardest Runescape Quests


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21 Blood Runs Deep V 1 Comment
22 Birthright of the Dwarves

One of the hardest bosses in game

23 The Brink of Extinction V 1 Comment
24 The Firemaker's Curse

Even maxed, Char still gives me issues in the Dominion Tower. Had to listen to Kanye's "Stronger" to finally beat Char

25 Darkness of Hallowvale

The amount of times you have to travel back and forth to that stupid hideout...and the fact that I could never get the guards to notice me to take me back to the jail! It took me hours because of those 2 facts alone

26 The Blood Pact

If 1 of these darn bosses weren't enough, THERE IS THREE OF THEM!

27 Some Like It Cold
28 Shadow Over Ashdale

That end boss was a pain. Especially because I did the quest around level 10. Actually had a friend quit the game because of this quest.

29 Sheep Shearer
30 Imp Catcher

Bloody hell. I don't even know what an imp is let alone how to find EVERY single coloured beard! I'm just kidding, I completed this in 10 minutes when I was 8 years old.

31 As a First Resort

I just finished this one after 5 hours. Your brain will hurt. The pools puzzle... I made 50 trips outside oo'glog for plants and logs. Wrote down every single combination of plants to burn, and still... I almost rage quit.

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