Hardest Songs to Play on Bass by Rush

Which song is really difficult to play on bass guitar by the band Rush?

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Oh, man, this is the hardest song I've ever played! Geddy Lee makes it sound so easy to play, but when you try to platy it it's a lot harder than you expected. GEDDY ALL THE WAY!

The bass is just as loud as the guitar and dose mostly the same thing wich is really sick. GO GEDDY LEE BEST BASSIST AND SECOND BEST SINGER (after Jon Bon Jovi) EVER!

Playing this song right now. Some hard bass songs are just boring, but YYZ is really hard and really fun at the same time and it's extreamly fun to play in a band!

Not Only The Hardest Rush Bass Song, But THE Hardest Rush Song Ever, GEDDY LEE IS THE BEST BASSIST EVER!

2 La Villa Strangiato

La Villa Strangiato is harder than YYZ in therms of empty sounded parts, there is more silences and you must catch up in the exact moment, YYZ may be faster but La Villa Strangiato is more complex and unpredictable (I played only the BASS part, but this applies to mostly to the entire song in every instrument) in many ways.

Ask the men that make up Rush and you'll find they all agree that "La Villa Strangiato" is the most difficult piece in their repertoire
I'd place YYZ a distant second

Most intricate Rush song. There is so many different difficult parts and phases to it making it the most difficult Rush song to play in it's entirety, let alone playing it as a band.

It took me three months to fully learn this song, and I still miss notes, and can't fully play the bass solo sometimes. Beautiful song. YYZ in my opinion isn't a very difficult song next to this one.

3 Freewill

Geddy lees shredding right before the solo... Incredible. All the crap that other bands come up with it seems that the bass does not matter. Well in rush I love how they make the bass important. Keep on rocking!

4 By-Tor and the Snow Dog
5 Circumstances

For me this is the hardest Rush song to learn... Or at least one of the hardest ones! The time signatures change a lot of times, the bass is played pretty fast and everything is so well composed, but hard to play... It's a very good song!

6 The Spirit of Radio

I can barely play this song... - jprg12

This one is fun!

7 Tom Sawyer

The chorus and verses and what not are easy, but the bass riff underneath the guitar solo is hard to get consistently right.

Not hard at all. Been playing bass for a year and I picked this up in 5 minutes

8 Working Man

Not the hardest song difficulty wise but if you were to play this song exactly like geddy lee remembering each note its near impossible when the jam session hits.

Coming from someone who can play all of the other songs above this, the solo is pretty rough here.

not incredibly hard but probably yht most difficult - Okami

9 2112

Your fingers will definitely hurt after a 20 minute song

10 The Big Money

The most difficult bass line I've ever come across in all of rock and prog- I get blisters on my fingers every time I try to play this one!

Definitely much harder than Working Man, the bass-line in this song is just mind-blowingly hard!

How Does Geddy Play Bass And Sing At The Same Time, I Mean How?!?

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11 Digital Man

Speed, variety and complexity all in one. Toughest bass line without doubt

12 Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres

How is hemispheres not after yyz?

How is hemispheres so low on this list. Oh I forgot that it's one of their lesser known songs, when it should be the most prized. It't probably the band's greatest work of art!

13 Limelight

Makes Tom Sawyers bass line look like Hot Crossed Buns. - Beatlesboy9

14 The Trees

I have not seen anything like this song. The bass intro is incredible and unless you have gigantic hands you aren't playing it

15 Malignant Narcissism
16 Workin' Them Angels
17 Leave That Thing Alone

Check out the "Live in Cleveland " version! - All I can say is WOW! From beginning to end Geddy ROCKS! The run at the end is especially awesome!

Totally rocking' bass line, this song definitely highlights Geddy's amazing skills!

Definitely Hard - Sounds Awesome!

18 Fly by Night
19 Xanadu

Easily harder than most songs on this list

20 Closer to the Heart
21 Subdivisions

Not much bass, but when there is bass, it is fast.

22 Vital Signs

Can't believe this is not in the upper half of this list. maby not in the top 5 but it is really hard and cool! - Messej

23 Red Barchetta
24 Armor and Sword

This really isn't that challenging of a song to play. It doesn't contain that many parts just odd time changes. The bass slide is so fun to play!

25 Show Don't Tell
26 Roll the Bones
27 Turn the Page

I can play The Spirit of the Radio, I can play Tom Sawyer, and I can kind of play YYZ. But Turn the Page? Freeze? And Circumstances? Come on guys! We're not ranking our favorite songs, but the hardest. And by the looks, most of you don't even play bass... Or just don't know the band that well.

Most of people here is giving a simpathy vote. This is themost genius and impossible Rush song, petty is sited on a album very few people sit down and listen well

28 The Garden
29 Headlong Flight
30 Marathon
31 Anthem

The intro is very hard, and to play exactly what Geddy is playing is very hard.

307 Bpm!

Some parts are easy enough at this speed, others far more difficult, and the bass is not always to hear on this track so harder on the ear to pick up. Definitely harder than Tom Sawyer and Closer to the heart..

32 Hysteria
33 The Anarchist
34 Cygnus X-1
35 The Necromancer

In opinion this is much harder to play than YYZ By-tor and the snow dog and working man.

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