Hardest Songs to Play on Bass by Rush


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Not much bass, but when there is bass, it is fast.

22 Marathon
23 Vital Signs

Can't believe this is not in the upper half of this list. maby not in the top 5 but it is really hard and cool! - Messej

24 Anthem

307 Bpm!

Some parts are easy enough at this speed, others far more difficult, and the bass is not always to hear on this track so harder on the ear to pick up. Definitely harder than Tom Sawyer and Closer to the heart..

25 Hysteria
26 The Anarchist
27 Xanadu

Easily harder than most songs on this list

28 Cygnus X-1
29 Turn the Page

I can play The Spirit of the Radio, I can play Tom Sawyer, and I can kind of play YYZ. But Turn the Page? Freeze? And Circumstances? Come on guys! We're not ranking our favorite songs, but the hardest. And by the looks, most of you don't even play bass... Or just don't know the band that well.

30 Armor and Sword

This really isn't that challenging of a song to play. It doesn't contain that many parts just odd time changes. The bass slide is so fun to play!

31 Show Don't Tell
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