I didn't find it too difficult, however it is hard to do well if the subject is just SO boring! Grammar and Vocab aren't too bad, but dumb literature stuff that no one cares about is an honest waste of time. As long as you can speak it and don't plan on majoring in the subject (what does an English major do anyway? ), its a complete waste of time in high school

English is a biased subject. I consider myself pretty decent at English but I have had the same terrible English teacher for the past three years. This English teacher did not like my style of writing and always purposely tried to put me down in front of my peers. One time I asked her if she could read the first paragraph of my essay. She told me to change a certain sentence and actually told me what to say. When she graded the paper she said she didn't like the sentence she told me to write down... She made English impossible for me. I am a straight A student and got a really high English score on my SAT, but I literally had to fight my way into an A.

Math is easy. It's just memorization and logic. You know fun stuff. History is easy. It happened. Read about it and remember. Science is easy. Use the scientific method and remember stuff.

English on the other hand is not well defined and always changing. With the rules and terms always seeming to contradict each other in a way only a mad man could understand. My final point- English is odd and difficult. That it would criticize my use of informal language.

It's not hard once you get used to it. The English language can sound beautiful if used correctly. Those born with talent can write incredible stories that can take your mind on an amazing journey. Please, keep working on reading and writing skills. You won't regret it. Once you immerse yourself in a good book, you won't stop. One day, you may even make a story of your own, that'll be remembered for years, decades, or even centuries! Writing and reading are extremely important skills that you need to learn!

Too much grammar rules, and I get confused a lot from the British grammar mixed with the American grammar, who's idea was it to make it this way? Grey and gray, armor and armour... Not only that the quotation rules are a lot different too. There's also a style of writing you have to follow! Even if you write it in that style, it can be consider not "good enough" if you didn't add creativity.

To me English is the hardest for me because unlike math there is NO REAL ANSWER. You're teacher says write three paragraphs about this, check for grammar and spelling, indent, and I'll grade it based on the words you chose and the order they're in and such and you have no idea how or what to do because this subject hates you and you're bad with words anyways so be prepared to have no life.

... Or well that's what I hear from English/

While all the other subjects include knowledge and simply knowing things, English is totally different. English includes deep thinking and it's difficult to get a high grade in the class. As opposed to sciences, where all you have to do is study, English is something it's always possible to improve on. Therefore, you can never do as well without putting a lot of thought and work in.

In the past, English has been my easiest subject. I got 100s on all of my essays and comprehension questions, and grammar came so easily to me. English is still one of my favorite subjects (and a very possible major in the future), but being in a magnet IB program, it's grown much more difficult. The teachers are extremely ambiguous and expect that you follow the million rules that they have never told you about. Make the quote support your thesis, not the other way around. You must encompass the WHOLE work. If there's one thing in the novel that doesn't match up with your thesis, rewrite the whole thing. English is lots of fun, but at the same time, extremely challenging and tedious.

English is actually easy and very useful. It is my favorite class and I really love my teacher because she is extremely nice and can be quite humorous when she wishes to be. Give this comment as many thumbs down as you desire, you will just look dumb because it will show that you dislike one of the best things about school.

It is hard because here you have to think outside the box! You need to be creative with writing. Unlike math or science which is very literal. Learn it, then do it. Here, in English, it is more about the critical thinking than the application. My lowest mark is on this difficult subject!

English is not difficult if you are endowed with language ability. English and literature are closely relevant. In addition, you need a good brain to remember vocabulary, grammar,... and other problems. I do pretty well in English, and I'm confident in it. I love English

Well, my English is fluent and all. And its not that bad. But the Grammar part, where they teach all the tenses and in the higher classes they teach those old fashioned English words which most of rulers used to use and all. But overall, it fine. - archiesweirdmysteries

The grading is extremely subjective, one teacher could like something while another one could like something else, unlike math, which has rules that are unchangable. It is difficult to practice English. You would have to read and study for hours and hours to expand you vocabulary, develop close reading skills and take notes.

With any science or math course you simply need to memorize material and/or apply a problem solving process. At a highschool level English already requires a great amount of synthesis and over-analysis.

I often think that the person is invisible even though it is a metaphor and my autism makes it even harder to understand and so end up losing the plot.

Why can't it just be required three times in high school. Why does it have to be once every year? The course is so bs. It's repetitive throughout high school, all that I have learned so far is the proper format of a comparative essay. This is probably the most useless course in high school.

The grammar and punctuation gives me headaches like different sentences, Nouns, and all that but when it comes to essay writing Its okay I guess. Personally. I don't like writing essays with a lot of structure and rules but it can be good sometimes. I Like debating and public speaking more. I really don't like persuasive essays, the structure is confusing. You've got a persuasive essay, persuasive discussion, persuasive propaganda etc
Whatrever it is, Its easier than MATHS!

I am in a class where I don't understand anything, my teacher is useless and doesn't mark any of our work, my teacher expects us to know how to do things and doesn't check. it is the most painful, stressful thing I have ever had to go through in my high school career, I recently got a tutor but I still find it difficult, I hate it so much

English is extremely hard especially when you have to learn about Poe and Shakespeare, and you do not understand their words, the main idea, storyline, or the theme of the story.

I think English is quite hard because you cannot really revise properly for it and it is harder to improve your English than say your maths

This is the curriculum for my 7th grade language arts class:
Stuff I learned in 6th grade
Informative essays (HARD)
Argumentative essays (HARD)
Literary analysis
Science fiction
Actual literary analysis (HARD)
Novel study (2 weeks to read 850 pages and a 10 page packet)
Public speaking ( I don't even care anymore)

I'm okay with everything else for the most part, english is okay for me but when it comes to the essays and maybe the research papers I just completely suck

You should have put it as Primary language as not everyone lives on english countries. Its easy when it comes as a foreign language class

It can be more difficult since a lot of it is about less solid facts and involves more interpretation and opinions.

I have major issues with this class, and fail to understand how all this "subject"/"predicate" stuff works... And I'm a native English speaker.