I find Math really difficult because to me, numbers have never really been my strong suit. Numbers cause my head to spin and it becomes very difficult to think through. I mean, I have never denied that it was important, but it just is so incredibly difficult to work with them. It's so easy to make mistakes and Math is usually the one that hinders one's ability to score well. And I don't like that is is about right or wrong. I prefer things like English and Science because those subjects are subjective and they actually teach us something useful. AA lot we learn in Math I never use, because seriously? Do we need to learn algebra?

Math could be the hardest subject in the whole world without math there is no chemical formulas in Physics, Chemistry, Science, and many more subjects that is involved with numbers.Remember that Calculus is also Math it's just a higher level of Math I should think that you should change Math to top 1 Hardest Subject of all time. Without Math who could build the first flying machine by Leonardo da Vinci, he could not make it cause you still have to compute each height length width weight base of it and to calculate if it could fly. This is just my comments guys. No offense Just my Opinion. My Suggestion is Just Making it the Top 1 Hardest Subject Of All Time. I know some of you won't believe me and some didn't believe me even my teacher. But I know Math could be the hardest. As a grade 6 pupil I love Math. Can't stop learning Mathematics. Thank you. Peeps

I don't think just one subject of Math is the hardest, for me IT'S JUST MATH that's hard. And History is easy.

Its really hard. The word problems are just so hard and who cares why you would want to ilsten to a boring old story which at the end of the day are just numbers being put into sentences and getting you to solve the problem for them (why should I? ) and we don't really do much. Just calculations and equations everywhere. My paper gets super messy and I have a problem against that. I always like things neat and clean and can't stand it if there are scribbles everywhere on a piece of boring problems. Part of the reason is I also don't get good grades on it.

" Maths Is the single most hard subject ever made! With its random laws in algebra (commutative, inverse laws) to its annoying ratios, fractions and decimals. The biggest lie they tell you in high school is that you will use algebra outside of school in your daily life! "

I have an A, but I just turned in a crap ton of work in to my teacher, and she's being strict about everything. I know I only have an A just because I'm only in 8th grade, but it's hard. I was licking my sack when I felt like I needed to study, so I put my pants back on and got to work. I got an A on that test. You should follow in my footsteps. Study study study.

I find it easier than physics. The problem faced is that generally maths exam has a good length and a lengthy paper automatically becomes difficult for students to manage. So, they have tough time dealing with this subject. But yes, this subject is really very interesting and scoring, even more than physics.

Mathematics is more difficult to the extent that it makes me expect that I abnormal and non-humans toughest this article

Math is simple. Even somebody that knows multiplying by zero is zero knows zero to the power of anything greater than zero and knowing the ones table has you know anything to the power of zero! It is not that hard to know zero to the power of anything or the other way around. Also 1s table has you know anything to the power of one and anything greater than zero divided by itself has you know one to the power of anything! - mathguy37

Many people tell me that math is their least favorite subject in school, but it comes very naturally to me. I have been in advanced math since 6th grade. I am now in Honors Geometry. I really enjoy all of the different equations and I often find myself spacing off in other classes thinking about everything I have learned in math. I am naturally a very technical person and math and science are by far my 2 favorite subjects. I have a deep need for knowledge and enjoy learning how everything works, both mathmaticly and scientificly.

Math is considered hard because there are so many ways to answer one question. But the biggest hurdle to overcome is simply memorizing how each formula works and understanding the concepts and rules.

I hate math! I honestly feel that math is an evil mastermind trying to take over my brain. In fact, I hate math SO MUCH, that I wish it was illegal to teach in school since it is so hard. I can't understand math, and I can't stand it! Luckily, I have managed to keep my grades higher than a C in math. I don't know how! But other than that, why was math even invented in the first place?

Lol I'm only in the eighth grade and I find Math challenging. I have decent marks in it and my average is about 79 or 80 (about a B where I live). But I can't help but think that stuff makes no sense in terms of relevance to real life. I try my best on tests and assignments but it's still very difficult. Whatever happened to 2 cookies + 2 cookies=4 cookies lol.

Yeah yeah we all know Math is stupid, but it's important too because when you get a job, you will be seeing lots of decimals and numbers, so you HAVE to learn it. And yes I know it's hard, but it's fun! I love Math.

For Me, Maths is the hardest subject ever since I was in grade prep. With each question even as easy as it is, looks like another language even to senior school I've always had problems with Math.

Are you out of your mind?! Math is the best subject ever. Although, yes it is tough and all, it is very interesting when you actually understand. You just need interest my friends, just interest! - archiesweirdmysteries

It is for me too because it will be much harder than it right now. You have to work hard to be in the right level science and math are best subject but the most hardest.

Math is easy, just too much work. A lot of my class work turns into homework since no one in my class gets it all done in class. On top of that, there's the daily homework!

Along with the one who invented Algebra, this guy would be in hell too! It is so damn bull! And plus, I just can't manage to remember the + - thing! - archiesweirdmysteries

I think maths is the toughest subject in the world but physics is the best subject.

Math is easy for me until some stupid genius decided to put letters in Math. Really? Letters? It's like they want us to quit school. - Chaotixhero

Math is difficult. But I do really like it! My only problem is that math is overemphasized in school. Math may be crucial for every job, but not difficult math or math that couldn't be done on a calculator. It isn't that important, especially for people who know they wont be studying anything too mathy - keycha1n

It's not exactly the MATH that's hard, but the quantity it comes in is daunting at best. And don't get me started on HOMEWORK. Jeez, it consumed my life!

Math is especially hard when your teacher doesn't know how to teach!

I honestly just hate it, its pretty hard. It used to not be hard used to be my favorite subject until the 5th grade I just started hating it!