Top Ten Hardest School Subjects

As if school isn't hard enough, this list tells what is the hardest!!!

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61 Javanese
62 Economics

The basics of economics is in fact not too hard as it is composed of theory and a very basic knowledge of calculus. But once you add microfoundations to various theoretical models it become much harder as a very sound knowledge of math and econometrics (basically statistics) is required to understand and utilize the models

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63 Integrated Science
64 Nursing

My dad is a nurse, and I am almost finished with nursing school. it takes up a lot of time and is hard but I like it

65 Moving Image Arts
66 Music Theory

Very time consuming and you need a good ear for it.

Not a walk in the park, but I did pretty good.

67 Civics

Civics is all about memorizing the states, presidents, politics, and constitutional rights. This subject is really hard when you have no interest in any of it.

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68 Literature

It's just so boring, I mean, Shakespeare is cool and all but I think the teachers must have put more thought into analyzing than Shakespeare himself... :(

This subject should be completely removed from schools. It doesn't have any important use in life. Those who like it may choose it as an optional subject

Literature is so boring. that's why I chose to do English 101/102 for college credit. Now I am stuck at home on Friday nights writing papers on advertisements and immigration.

I call it "nap time" - JustAnAccount

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69 Writing

Writing is just a way to criticize someone's hard earned unique skill.

I'm writing laugh out loud

No matter what you write they say there is something wrong

Horrible - Orlemley

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70 Handwriting

The worst part is that they don't allow you to use your own handwriting style. - Animefan12

Arrgh, I hate Handwriting! Plus, my school is an Australian School so I have to write in a certain Handwriting!

71 Cooking

Cooking is hard, but if you take the time to do it it can come out in happiness don't rush it it is like art don't RUSH IT

It depends on what level the course is. Some of the advanced levels are super challenging, that I will say

For us, once they allowed to eat the cooked food. - Animefan12

I love food nothing wrong with this subject

72 Visual Imagery

VI is a photo class and students are required to buy expensive cameras ( no smart phones). This class requires CREATIVITY and I am not creative! Hard iMac X Photoshop!

73 Geography

It not easy or not hard it just a bit simple thing that you must understand it

Much harder than a abacus

I mean, geography is so easy!

74 Abacus

How is this a subject it's just a block of wood with beads on it

Now we have calculators so whats the need to do calculations on abacus

What, what retarded middle school baby put this on here?

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75 Business Studies

Business is interesting but there is a lot to mug up! - archiesweirdmysteries

76 Food and Nutrition

Before my year chose their subjects my home economics teacher told us that our hardest subject would be HE, of course I still chose and it comes a close second or third hardest to English

77 Irish

Though I'm still relieved I don't study Chinese or Arabic! This is just of PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, Irish is so hard! So MANY exceptions to stupid rules. - sryanbruen

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78 Physical Education

The biology and psychology aspects of it are so difficult

Supper diffficalt two du

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