So not to brag but I have gotten straight A's most of my entire life, I found school pretty easy aside from some spots (like Spanish). My GPA is very high and I'm ranked in the top 2 percent of my class. So once I completed Spanish 3 I felt I wanted to drop it and place an extra science in. So I took physics thinking it would be easy. Well it's far from that, I have an 88 half way through the marking period and probably just failed the quiz today bringing my grade to like an 83-85. I don't know why the subject seems so hard. The problem is I have a lab due Wed and I'm not sure what to write. I have to try to get a B+ this marking period so my GPA does not drop. Does anyone have any advice on how to do good in physics? Right now we are going over projectile motion at an angle. One dimensional motion was pretty easy, second dimensional motion was easy until we got to the point where you had to split the vectors up into components, and now we are starting this. So pretty much my question ...more

Unlike other subjects such as biology or history, memorization does NOT work in Physics. You have to actually understand how and why phenomena behave to be able to problem solve; unlike most topics in calculus, the language of physics, you aren't shown how to do a problem step by step in a cookie cutter fashion. For example, if you throw a coin out of a hot air balloon going up, it won't directly go down, it will initially follow the motion of the hot air balloon upwards, then fall back down. However, it is a very interesting and rewarding subject, and my father majored in Physics and loved it despite struggling with it in college.

Honestly, I love science. I've always been fascinated by atoms, life, and especially space. I thought I wouldn't do too bad in science during high school. In grade 9 my first unit was Chemistry, which I did Okay. Next was physics and oh my god my mark dropped lower than the titanic. I absolutely hated the subject, what would I ever do with electricity anyways? I would leave that to the electricians. Calculating resistance, voltage drop, current, it wasn't too hard, but combining all the calculations for me are hard. Ever since that Unit, I have a high respect for electricians now.

I agree physics is pretty difficult even for me - anthonybecerra831

I don't know how you can say that the concepts of physics are abstract. I found it the easiest science I took in high school because the concepts are what we live. It's easy to picture and use logic to help you. Not only that, but it's fun or at least interesting. As long as you had a decent teacher who kept you attentive. It is literally the study of everything. Any tangible phenomenon will involve some formula of physics and you can calculate exact values from occurances. When you turn see a straw through a glass of water, that's refraction. When you throw a ball, you can use simple 2D kinematics to figure out how far it will go.

Before I took AP Physics, I wanted to be an astrophysicist. After one year of college physics, well, now, I want to be a marine biologist or something. You have to be very good at visualizing concepts and putting together different pieces of the puzzle to be good at physics. This class is twenty times harder than chemistry (in my opinion), but it's still a pretty interesting subject.

I love physics so much to the point that took it as my college major (applied physics) but I was never good at it (my very first quiz in physics back in high school I failed, there were times that I would get good scores, 1-3 times I got perfect scores but there was this one time where I got 3/40 it's so embarassing haha and most of the time I'm on the verge of failing lol) but still physics is very much interesting and I love it but I have to admit I am not very good at it! But practice and practice and one day maybe we'll find physics easy

This subject has always been tricky for me and still is. I will NEVER enjoy it. No matter how nice the teacher is or whatever... It HURTS MY BRAIN. No... Legit I had to go home because I had a migraine and a panic attack in the middle of the session. I think I will stick to music, geography, French and drama...

In Physics, You can't just memorize a cookie cutter strategy like in Biology, History or Pre-calculus math classes. You have to think critically and slow down and its very time consuming. This is extremely important and most students who enroll in introductory physics are unprepared for this type of learning.

It's very useful for our lives, but very hard and extremely complicated as well. I remember that time when one day, we had a Physics test, and even the smartest people in my class got lower than average score at that! On that test, only THREE OF TWENTY people in my class passed, and I was so happy knowing that I was one of the 3 people in my class who passed! On other subjects, it's quite a piece of cake for me to get a grade above average (not boasting ok), but not Physics... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I'm always very good at science, however understanding it was a problem when I took physics. I was able to pull off A's, however I was just writing down answers from what the teacher said. It took a lot of explaining till it clicked in my head. Even then I still didn't understand it.

Physics is awesome! I am not sure why so many fear physics and mathematics. (Which are basically the same thing). It is more difficult than any other subject in college, but I enjoy it. I presume this is why it comes easy to me. Who wouldn't want to know how the world works? That is the question.

Physics is about concept mastery. You cannot do Physics unless you really understand the concepts. This makes Physics unique among the sea of other school subjects that depend largely on memorisation and following standard procedures. In other words, you can memorise Newton's 3 laws and yet can still score zero in your physics exam if you do not really UNDERSTAND them.

Physics, best, most difficult and most rewarding subject.

Oh and did I also forget to mention Quantum Physics? If you understand Quantum, the chances are that you are part of the elite "smart people's" club.

It's the hardest subject, no doubt about it. Full of equations and derivations. We might even lose the concept of what we are studying. It's a mix of Calculus, Trigonometry, Algebra etc, which are one of the hardest subjects on their own. - stickmansam_78

Me and physics have never seen eye to eye-and I always wished I could drop it as although there is actual not that much content in the syllabus, it is very conceptual-something many people find hard. However it is an important subject so...

Physics is hard because you have to apply your knowledge in different situations in which sometimes you will be required to rearrange formulas or there are several steps before you get the answer

Most subjects involve regurgitation of facts and memorization. Not Physics. In Physics, you learn abstract topics of relativity, motion, and acceleration, and use small details to figure out a formula before solving a problem. It forces you to think critically and analytically, and you have to use a different part of your brain to solve physics problems vs. reading about history. Nonetheless, Physics is a very fun subject, and people who major in Physics usually enjoy this challenge.

I already hated Chemistry, but it looks like Physics is even harder. Now that I have at least taken one physical science class, I hope I never take another physical science class ever again! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If you agree that you understand physics, that means you understand calculus, maths, chemistry basics, trigonometry and logical and practical thinking, etc... Learning physics is a complete mental exercise...

Many concepts in Physics cannot be seen and can be a bit confusing. Like learning about Newtons, Joules, and Forces that are not able to be seen is very confusing. I can see why Einstein was considered a genius.

Physics is a perfect example of how something so difficult can be so fun! I hate how some people say that things are only boring for students because it is too hard, but that isn't true!

I've never passed in physics... always failed in it, either I'm a retard or it's just hard. Maths is hard but I've managed at times to get top grade, never in physics or biology.

Okay, I'm a junior right now taking AP Physics C Mechanics / AP Physics C E&M and I can honestly say that I have never received anything lower than an A in a class ever. Yup, that includes AP Chemistry, AP Biology, Neurobiology, AP US History, AP Micro/Macro Economics. But AP Physics. I'd be happy to receive a a B+ as my final grade in this class. It is honestly the hardest class I've ever taken in my life. I just finished Mechanics, and am going to EMAG, but I'm already in shambles. Who needs to understand how you can use the radius of the Earth to calculate its mass? (That's actually ridiculously applicable, but STILL)

Absolutely agree with the statement that Physics is the most challenging subject out of all. In the beginning, it looks simpler too. But as we keep on learning, we come to realize its subtle aspects.
It takes a lot of hard work and consistent effort to excel in the realm of Physics. Only few genius can do it.