Top 10 Hardest School Topics

These topics are separated from the subject you learn them in
as most may expect these topics are highschool topics we all learned one time or another,so most of us will say "oh my,I remember this lesson"
but I had As and Bs soooo.....lets go on with the lesson, I mean list

The Top Ten

Algebra (Math)

Statistics is even harder!

Only three words: boring subject ever! - Sugarcubecorner

Algebra had to be the hardest subject in math,why we adding letters a+d=k?
It took a lot of studying to get my grade from a 55% to an 89% - Adventurur2

Pythagorean Theorem (Math)

Uhhh I forgot what you di in this,I think it involves genometry though - Adventurur2

Slavery (History)

This is hard to learn cause it's disturbing and sad,I'm happy it's over though - Adventurur2

Definitions (Ela)

Big words like, gielekdkldwkl,now look it up in the dicktionary - Adventurur2

Areas of Irregular Shapes (Math)

Weird shapes with lots of steps to find da area of a hexogon - Adventurur2

Periodic Table (Science)

A table of elements with protons,neutrons,and electrons
sodium H2O and atoms - Adventurur2

Spanish (Language)

Hola I will teach yall some
other spanish word
more spanish
please help me - Adventurur2

Civil War (History)

Like slavery this was hard to learn with a striaght face - Adventurur2

Graphing Functions (Math)
Genes (Science)

The Contenders

Mandarin (Language)

I took it as a kid. I eventually quitted.

Statistics (Math)

Nearly HALF of my COLLEGE class was struggling with this! INCLUDING ME!

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