Hardest Shines in Super Mario Sunshine

The Top Ten

1 Lily Pad Game
2 Pachinko Machine

THIS LEVEL CHEATS! Whenever I try and use F.L.U.D.D to steer Mario to the hole I want to get him in there's always some invisible force that seems to push me right.
There's fun and fair challenging, and then there's just pulling dumb crap just to make the level harder than it really is. - SuperSonic17

3 The Goopy Inferno
4 Phantamanta
5 The Runaway Ferris Wheel (normal route)
6 The Watermelon Festival
7 The Shell's Secret
8 The Sand Bird Is Born
9 Mysterious Hotel Delfino
10 Yoshi's Fruit Adventure

The Contenders

11 Corona Mountain
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