Hardest Skateboard Tricks

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41 Hand Stand Flip

I fell on my face first try does that count

42 Rock and Roll
43 360 Inward Heel Flip

360 inward heels are a horrible trick to learn. Spent about 8 months getting the inward heel and then as soon as I got it I didn't hesitate to go for 360 inwards. Been able to stick em for about 3 years now and still feel so awkward.
The flipping rotation is so uncomfy. Same thing applies to 360 hard flips.

44 Primo
45 Coffin Flip
46 360 Dolphin Flip

Crazy hard and only a few people can do it also even the rotation is confusing

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47 No Comply 540 Flip V 2 Comments
48 Hardflip
49 El Toro
50 Nollie Triple Heelflip

Hardest trick I've ever done

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51 Kickflip Nollie

Guys... this one is the hardest trick I literally lost my testicles after I tried this so now I use my backup vagina (cause how am I gonna have kids, right guys?!?! )

52 180 Pivot

Not even tony hawks can do this

53 360 Forward/Dolphin Flip
54 Manual
55 Ghetto Bird

Just try them there sick I can do them and I'm 13 plus I've been skating for 4 months

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56 Bigspin Kickflip
57 Miracle Whip V 1 Comment
58 360 Coffin Flip
59 Nollie

This is really hard! I came close to having the board flying in my face!

60 Nollie Front-Foot Double Flip

This is a hard trick

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