Hardest Songs On Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

The Top Ten

1 Through the Fire and the Flames

Dragon force: why do you make so much long songs? They just like to challenge themselves.

This Song Is very hard but it's a great song.

2 Raining Blood

Slayer is making things go by to fast. But now it is going to hard and it is causing for them to be annoying my brain about how fast their songs are making it difficult.

3 Monsters

With you having to move your fingers so quickly that by the beginning you are on red and then you mess up and fail like that. It was a cheep shot on the song.

4 3's and 7's

Queens Of The Stone Age were good at playing music. Too bad they got to good and made the song on rock band very hard.

5 One

It is just like mini version of Slayer's Raining Blood except still hard by fame and glory when you just need to complete the campaign and the song can screw you up a lot. Period.

6 My Name Is Jonas

Weezer and AFI are alike exempt when this song popped up: My Name Is Jonas. It's hard.

7 Can't Be Saved
8 Even Flow

Even Flow... When the night makes me go shiver. Do not ask a question. This is a hard song

9 Avlanchala

Stay away hard song.

10 Ruby

Most of the songs are not that hard now and this song is stiff.

The Contenders

11 The Way It Ends
12 The Devil Went Down to Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band

This is harder than Through the Fire and Flames because, while Through the Fire and Flames is really fast, the Devil Went Down to Georgia is much more complex.

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