Hardest Songs In Guitar Hero Metallica

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1 War Ensemble

This is a song by Slayer, not Metallica. Although I would say it must be pretty hard to play it on Guitar Hero, even though I don't own the game. I played it only when I was young, at my friend's house. Anyways, it was far more difficult than the others.

the only song on GH: M I can't complete on Expert guitar

I fc nearly every song on expert guitar I can get 98 or higher on all songs. But I must go with this one just for the drums and the bass has got to be hardest with dyers eve a close second

After a year of having the game, I finally beat war ensemble with 3 stars. yet in a couple days I beat the rest of the songs on this list

2 Fight Fire with Fire Fight Fire with Fire Cover Art

This is in my opinion the hardest Metallica song to play on guitar. Playing that fast on the E string then skipping strings and chords and notes fast.

Fight fire with fire is very hard. I needed star power and it cramps my hands and tires me out. I mean, why is war ensemble up there. I passed that song WITHOUT star power and NO problems.

Very tough song, when you think you got a pattern to it, it just just messes you up due to the constant repeating notes mixed with the speed it comes at you

This is one of the only songs I still have four stars on. I am suprised Disposable Heroes or Fade to Black are even on the list, I got 100% on both of them.

3 Master of Puppets Master of Puppets Cover Art

It's hard to play on a mobile game

Tiring, but easy.

There's only one Harding pRt and you can get star power so this is easy

I reckon this is harder than ffwf

4 Dyers Eve Dyers Eve Cover Art

Difficulty -
Guitar - 10/10 Solo and Main riff
Drums - 15/10 Verses and Solo
Bass - 9/10 Verses and Main Riff
Vocals - 10/10 Screaming during verses

Last song I managed to five star in the game. Even fight fire with fire was easy to 5 star.

Playing that solo is like playing 3 another solos at once... Playing it on drums is challenge for Joey Jordison or Dave Lombardo.

I reckon this is harder than Master of Puppets.

5 One

One is one of the hardest Songs on GHm.. can't beat it on expert

Still stuck in this one! This solo is too hard!

If you can't beat this you suck

This song is easy until you get to the solo. my advise for those who try to pass this song:
-make sure you have full startpower
-do NOT use it right away but at the point where you will almost hit red
-mash those buttons as fast as possible and don't even try to do it the right way

If you get past the solo you will finish it

6 Disposable Heroes Disposable Heroes Cover Art

This song was way harder for me than any of the others. This, master of puppets. But I old base that on going for 5 stars not just passing the song.

The solo is pretty easy for the most part, but this song is mainly a test of endurance for your right arm.

Hardest song to 5 star on hard difficulty

hardest song on GH MetallicA. Never saw song harder than this!

7 Battery Battery Cover Art

Way hard! Try playing it on Expert PLus on the drums!

8 Hit the Lights Hit the Lights Cover Art

this is a very difficult song on guitar the main solo is very hard and goes on forever

its crazy with all the soloes I just gave up because I cbad

Hard, not the hardest but hard it has a massive solo. I have to pause to rest my arm and than bam fail surprised one is above this song as I have no trouble with that song

I beat this song easy and I'm 10 ( on expert)

9 Fade to Black Fade to Black Cover Art
10 Enter Sandman Enter Sandman Cover Art

Whats this doing at the top ten, this is easy

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11 Ace of Spades

Much harder then enter sandman

12 Whiplash Whiplash Cover Art

my fingers hurt after this song

One of the most difficuilt for drums

End solo is nutty

Big d to fc

13 Creeping Death Creeping Death Cover Art

for some reason I can't get it to work pisses me off all the time

14 Orion Orion Cover Art
15 Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate Cover Art

This song is harder than Creeping Death, Orion, Whiplash and The Thing that Should Not Be by a longshot. Those songs are pretty dang easy, especially Orion.

This song is actually pretty challenging due to it's length. And to top all of that. You need really fast fingers.

way harder then the that shound not be

16 The Shortest Straw The Shortest Straw Cover Art

Drums are amazing in Expert+

The hardest song in GHM

17 All Nightmare Long All Nightmare Long Cover Art
18 The Thing that Should Not Be The Thing that Should Not Be Cover Art


Whoops, accidentally voted instead of comment. O well.

Anyway, I came here to say this was the first on-disc song I FC'd, first song I ever fc'd on expert, period, and I 5-starred it on a sightread.

The main riff(s) (yes both of them) are easy enough for my dad to play (and he failed Creeping Death, on easy), and the solo isn't anything to write home about if you know how to do the taps properly. If you voted for this (yeah, I know, haha, I voted for it) on purpose, you really kinda have to suck at this game. Sorry

There's a reason why this is the final song in guitar career. THE SOLO MAN!

19 Am I Evil? Am I Evil? Cover Art
20 Blackened Blackened Cover Art

It a fast song, so hard all the way through

21 War Inside My Head War Inside My Head Cover Art
22 Seek and Destroy Seek and Destroy Cover Art

The solo is not so long it is just really hard

23 Wherever I May Roam Wherever I May Roam Cover Art

Solo can be tricky

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