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121 Wax Simulacra - The Mars Volta

How this song wasn't already on the list is beyond me.

122 Gematria (Killing the Name) - Slipknot

This song took me week to play this. Very hard! - Mumbizz01

123 Toad - Cream

Toad is to Cream as Moby Dick is to Led Zeppelin.

124 Chop Suey! - System of a Down
125 Diluted - Slipknot

I checked out a drum cover of this song on YouTube, and believe me, it does NOT look easy. - NikBrusk

126 Loser - Beck
127 Indians - Anthrax
128 Triskelion Song
129 Ignotus Per Ignotium - Planet X

People on this site need to learn their music. While heavy metal and rock songs can have difficult drum playing, progressive music blows all other genres out of the water (other than maybe jazz). Virgil is by far the greatest living drummer, and any song of his is far more difficult than anything on this list so far. I'm a drummer by the way, for a good majority of my life as well.

130 Spleen - Staind
131 Rocket Skates - Deftones

Not really that difficult

132 No More Sorrow - Linkin Park
133 Space Boogie - Jeff Beck V 1 Comment
134 Black Metal ist Krieg - Nargaroth

I bet you can't play it.

135 6:00 - Dream Theater

Just an incredibly difficult and technical song! It has quite the hook also! Great opener for album!

136 MVP - Despised Icon

Absolutely agree here mate.
Intense beyond belief. I am a drummer myself and cannot comprehend how in the world this beast of a drummer can play this.

V 1 Comment
137 Sleepwalking - Bring Me the Horizon V 1 Comment
138 Homecoming - Green Day
139 Burnout - Green Day
140 Chump - Green Day
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