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121 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

This song is easy I played it in my high school music club lol

I could name about 70 nirvana songs that are harder to play than this. - Gruunge

Not really... there's plenty of harder dave grohl songs

122 Where Eagles Dare - Iron Maiden

To have so many Travis Barker songs ahead of Nicko is just plain wrong. Nicko has been described by several other drummers as "the octopus" not to mention no double bass drums...only one leg pumping out beats that mere mortals would require two.

One of the few songs that I've not been able to drum properly. Never been so challenged in my life.

123 War - Meshuggah

If you like broken limbs try playing this one...

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124 Jellybelly - The Smashing Pumpkins V 1 Comment
125 Aja - Steely Dan

The drum solo in the middle of the song is the meca of all Jazz drum solos. The technicality, speed, and precision is insane. Some of the fills played by Steve Gadd on this track are crazy good.

I came here to vote for this song. Aaand it's at 177 - UncommonLoon

126 Tarkus - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Hard as hell time signature, all over the map, 20 minutes long. Even the first could be considered harder then most of the songs on this list.

My band plays this, and as the drummer I've spend almost a year learning this.. and I've played drums for over 25 years.. "Eruption" is in 5/4 and "Manticore"is in 9/8.. it is hard as f***!

127 Raining Blood - Slayer V 1 Comment
128 Descending - Lamb of God
129 Assassin - Muse

One of the hardest drum songs I've heard.

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130 Wax Simulacra - The Mars Volta

How this song wasn't already on the list is beyond me.

131 Gematria (Killing the Name) - Slipknot

This song took me week to play this. Very hard! - Mumbizz01

132 Toad - Cream

Toad is to Cream as Moby Dick is to Led Zeppelin.

133 Chop Suey! - System of a Down
134 Diluted - Slipknot

I checked out a drum cover of this song on YouTube, and believe me, it does NOT look easy. - NikBrusk

135 Loser - Beck
136 Indians - Anthrax
137 Burn - Deep Purple
138 Triskelion Song Triskelion Song
139 The Black Page - Frank Zappa
140 One - Metallica

Although the beginning of the song is not exactly difficult to play, as the song gets heavier and faster, you start to really notice the difficulty and complexity it has, especially with the "All that I see" part, with the repeating sextuplet double bass patterns.

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