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141 When I Come Around - Green Day
142 St. Jimmy - Green Day

I can play all except that bass drum in the first part... Does he use a double bass pedal? I'm seriously asking a question

143 Peacemaker - Green Day
144 Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? - Green Day
145 Stoiber on Drums - Jonny K├Ânig

This is a drum adaption of a stuttered speech by a politician made into a song.

146 In My Time of Dying - Led Zeppelin

Seriously, the only reason this isn't in top 15 is because it's one of the lesser known Zeppelin songs... You can't compare with Bonham's metronome-power but you can PRETEND to play it. Cute...

Apparently no one has ever heard of the great Bonham go off his rocker about 6 mins in

147 The Ballroom Blitz - The Sweet

Just listen to the beginning of Ballroom Blitz, and you'll understand.

148 Chasing Shadows - Deep Purple
149 Israel's Son - Silverchair

Ben Gillies is a tank

150 Make Total Destroy - Periphery

At least you'll have to listen to this, this song is full of polymetric metric modulation and linear pattern

151 Incomudro - Kansas

Incumudro-Kansas I have been drumming for 39 years I will never get it perfect.

152 Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day

6 songs in one. 9 and a half minutes in length. Tempo and time signature varying per a measure sometimes. Complex fills.

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153 Cygnus X-1 - Rush

Obviously the technical songs won't get the credit fast songs will, this is easy up there in top 20

154 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

This song is easy I played it in my high school music club lol

Not really... there's plenty of harder dave grohl songs

155 Ants of the Sky - Between the Buried and Me

Very nice, needs to be rated higher...

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156 Where Eagles Dare - Iron Maiden

To have so many Travis Barker songs ahead of Nicko is just plain wrong. Nicko has been described by several other drummers as "the octopus" not to mention no double bass drums...only one leg pumping out beats that mere mortals would require two.

157 All Nightmare Long - Metallica
158 In the End - Linkin Park
159 Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park
160 Bleed It Out - Linkin Park

Let's not forget that nearly impossible drum solos that Rob Bourdon does at concerts

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