Top 10 Hardest Sonic 3D Levels

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1 Eggmanland - Sonic Unleashed

You die in this level more than anything else

Thought it was bad enough on normal mode on time attack mode is even worse

Hardest but favorite of mine (Somehow)

The people who play the wii/ps2 version have no idea how hard this stage is on Xbox/ps3. The night time moments are nowhere near as stressful as the daytime bits

2 End of the World - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

One time, my younger brother told me that he was better than me at Sonic 06, so I told him that if he's better than me at this game, I told him to beat the end of the world level, because I have beat this level before, it is the worst level in the worst sonic game, which I like this game. This level is basically, all of the levels you have played in the game, but THIS time, there are time portals that will suck you in even if you have rings. First you have to play as tails in crisis city, basically time you have to collect a chaos emerald with all of the characters except for blaze and sonic, blaze died in Silvers story line, and sonic is almost dead, meaning that you have to collect all 7 chaos emeralds to bring him back. So after you play as tails, you play as Omega in flame core. Oh, and not only is there portals that will suck you in, there are also portals that will throw boxes at you. After that, you play as knuckles in tropical jungle. This is probably the easiest part in the ...more

One of the most infuriating levels I've ever played. Whoever thought having loads of instant death black holes constantly spawn out of nowhere in a long level was a good idea, I bloody hope they got fired from Sega after thinking that would make a great finale.

Like eternal engine it is known for how long and boring it is

Playing as the slow Silver is a guaranteed GAME OVER.

3 Cannon's Core - Sonic Adventure 2

This place easily has the worst 100 ring mission in the game, and the sole culprit is the artificial chaos Eggman has to deal with (at least Tails can cheese those stupid enemies with the Time Stoppers, but Eggman has to deal with 2 AT ONCE! WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? )

It took me 2 years to beat this level

Took me forever to beat it

4 The Cauldron - Sonic and the Black Knight

Pretty hard because of the lava when trying to jump

5 Eternal Engine - Sonic Adventure 2

I hate you. Enemies that attack relentlessly and give you little time to react, a space area with lack of depth perception and awful camera issues, so many artificial chaos creatures that are such a pain to kill because they are invulnerable until showing the helmets after unleashing a lightning fast arm attack, and to top it all off, shooting the dynamite gets you sucked into space and killed. This is where you really wished the walker controls were not so clunky!

It is quite long and lengty

6 Kingdom Valley (Shadow) - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Very cheap level design and annoying towers that KO you

7 Crisis City - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Silver lives here... It's a deserted city... Fires blaze... No hope...

Living Hell

Glitches are expected
Delays may cause frustration
Death... Highly expected
Enjoy your stay! - Silverbronwyn

D: UGH. I remember the mockspeed sections.. So many failed attempts... SO MANY!

"The whole city's on fire! "
"That tornado is carrying a car! " -Sonic 2006 - Zombieman99

Has one of the hardest mockspeed sections in sonic 06

8 Terminal Velocity - Sonic Colors

Not that hard if you used super sonic

9 Night Palace - Sonic and the Secret Rings

Quite hard, especially the boss fights without the right equips.

Only hard part is when your on the glass floor

10 Lost World - Sonic Adventure

The Contenders

11 Central City - Shadow the Hedgehog

I only played this stage once and I think it's one of the hardest levels in shadow the hedgehog. You have 6 minutes to complete the stage. But who can beat in 6 minutes?!

This level is in a time limit and that's 6 minutes to dispose all the smaller bombs or explode all 5 giant bombs

12 Dragon Road - Sonic Unleashed
13 Lost Impact - Shadow the Hedgehog

3 words: Space, Big, Reasonthisgameis3gigs

14 Lava Mountain Zone 2 - Sonic Lost World (Wii U)

This sucked getting through on your first time

15 Final Fortress - Sonic Heroes

This stage was almost a joke in team rose but team dark this stage was LONG and hard I never got to beat team darks story because of this the farthest I got to was the giant laser I'm never fast enough to dodge it I try to sacrifice my rings but the camera in this game SUCKS if I get hit the camera moves to an angle where I can't see where I'm going then I fall off I had so much game overs that this made me (almost) never play sonic heroes again

Only hard with team dark and chaotix

16 Wave Ocean - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Only hard if it's you're first time playing it

17 Crazy Gadget - Sonic Adventure 2

The anti-gravity sections in this stage screw everything up. These sections have really awkward controls and can be disorienting at times. The anti-gravity sections are the biggest problems with this stage, but there's more to it than just that. There are several sections with bottomless pits and you can only get over them by grinding on a rail or light-speed dashing across a long trail of rings. If you're going fast at all when you come up to these sections, you will most likely miss the rail completely and fall to your death. To top things off, the annoying chaos-looking monsters are all over the place. Getting an A rank on this stage is probably just as hard as getting an A rank on Metal Harbor. The difference is, I've A-ranked Metal Harbor before, but I've never A-ranked this stage.

18 Asteroid Coaster - Sonic Colors

Really tough platforming sections.

19 Sky Deck - Sonic Adventure

There are bottomless pits everywhere, there are tons of enemies and traps flooding the level, and the gravity can be weird in some sections. On top of that, the level just goes on and on. Towards the end of the level, you have to do some platforming to get to some narrow walkways. It's a long way up, and if you fall, you have to do everything all over again!

20 Cosmic Fall - Shadow the Hedgehog

This level is the most impossible level in the game. And its 100 times worse in expert mode.

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