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41 Extra Zone - Sonic Rush

Its hard as Sonic. When you are blaze your attacks are so slow.

The boss is named egg salamander

42 Egg Robo - Sonic Lost World Wii U and 3ds

It's hard to hit him because of the horrible lock on system

43 Iblis - Sonic 2006

He's just to hard to beat in shadow stroy I hate ibis very much

44 Tails vs Eggman 2nd time - Sonic Adventure 2

I hate this boss so much

It wasent that bad

45 Death Egg Robot (Knuckles) - Sonic 2


46 Time Eater - Sonic Generations

This fight is only hard for one reason.
You can never hit the guy and when you get close he jumps back like 50 feet.
You can't go that fast when boosting.
Your friends are more annoying than the boss itself.
And it's just cheap because the time eater can throw you off of the core
The only good thing about this fight is the music but I can't hear it because of your annoying friends and me throwing my controller across the room out of rage

I got S rank on easy mode and hard mode

I took me more than 6 tries to beat this boss

2 mins 7 secs...too good... when in HARD MODE!

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47 Sonic - Sonic the Fighters

He can copy your moves and can make defense shelids

48 Doctor Eggman - Sonic Pinball Party

No one ever heard of this boss, even though it is notoriously difficult, just how?

49 Egg Breaker (Mad Matrix) - Shadow the Hedgehog

The egg breaker in shadow the hedgehog there are 3 levels in which you're against the egg breaker Iron jungle (with Omega) Cryptic castle (with Amy) and finally mad matrix (with Espio) Eggamn can get quiet annoying at times because of his meme the more the merrier

50 Mephiles the Dark - Sonic 2006

This guy is more evil than ANY OTHER SONIC VILLIAN! Not only did he become a god he KILLED SONIC! Screw the Death Egg Robo this guy is the strongest VILLIAN EVER and is the ONLY person to ever KILL SONIC! I wish that SEGA would bring him back but leave 06 to burn!

51 Final Boss - Sonic 3D Blast
52 Casino Night Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 1

It's Spring Yard Zone

53 Casino Night Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

The boss is named catcher eggman

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54 City Escape - Sonic Adventure 2

True it's not a boss but it is a great level with great music and a truck!

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55 Diablon w/ Sonic - Shadow The Hedgehog

I had to face thoes two countless times in shadow the hedgehog. You have the diablon to attack, then sonic using homing attack on you, then occasionally there's this anti matter canon

I remember when I had defeat sonic and diablon. It's insane for folks who first encounter thoes twi

56 Super Death Egg - Sonic 3 and Knuckles
57 Death Egg - Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1

I found this boss much more difficult than its Sonic 2 counterpart.

The boss is named death egg robot

58 True Hero Black Doom - Shadow the Hedgehog

Grab a gun to shoot black doom and avoid his projectiles and normal attacks won't do anything

It took me and my brother tag teaming him a total of 7 hours! 3 words; Game over, man.

59 Zik - Sonic Lost World (3DS)

What's the difference between 3DS and Wii U Version.

The 2nd fight with zik is hard

He summons fruits in a circle, but they're vertically surrounding him. He tries to run you over, and you can't hurt him unless you...

A. Launch his fruit back at him when he throws one to damage his shield.
B. Use the Yellow Drill color power to break away his shield.

"This can't be too bad! This is Sonic's first 3D adventure on a handheld! If it's a vertical shield, he can't hurt you! "

This boss is a side scroller.

"Well, dammit..."

60 Earth Dragon - Sonic and the Black Knight

Phase 3 is the worst.

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