Hardest Sounds In Languages

For any language.
Also I am making this list on phone so only have some letters, for clarifications:

Háček=that arrow thing over č

The Top Ten

1 R with Háček

It is very hard and I mean HARD but most people say that get it by saying "ch" really fast

The fact it is pronounced as a trilled r, with a "č" or "ž" right after is quite hard. It is usually the last letter native Czech speakers master. - AsianBlood

2 Throaty H

I am a native speaker of a language like this and still find myself sometimes missing it, it's very hard to do sometimes. - AsianBlood

3 C in Xhosa

If you don't know, Xhosa is a click language. It has 3 different clicks. X and Q are rather simple, but I find C to be very hard. - AsianBlood

4 Actual Q

Yeah it's hard to do this, in languages like Arabic and Tajik where it's NOT JUST A K LIKE IN A CERTAIN LANGUAGE. - AsianBlood

5 Æ

Because so many people think it's meant to be like "æ quirk of mine is..." - AsianBlood

6 Œ

I find so many people failing in this one, because they expect it to be like "�" why didn't you say so". - AsianBlood

7 Trilled R

Although I can do this sound now, it took me until I was 5 to do so. - AsianBlood

I still don't know how to do this.

8 W

Personally, I myself find it hard to make this sound when it is not in my native tongues. I see many ESL also pronounce it more as a V. - AsianBlood

9 Th

For foreign Speakers mainly, it sounds like some messed up D. - AsianBlood

10 LL in welsh

The ll is really hard because you had to blow with your tongue on top of your mouth.

The ll is a another one of the hardest sounds what you do is you put your tongue into the position of english l and t then you blow little soft

The Contenders

11 Ng

The fact is most of us pronounce this wrong. - AsianBlood

12 X
13 Q
14 The X in Pashto
15 Rl
16 þ
17 Ы
18 ع in Arabic
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