Hardest Sounds In Languages

For any language.
Also I am making this list on phone so only have some letters, for clarifications:

Háček=that arrow thing over č

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21 S in Arabic

The s is very hard in Arabic because its like 's' but with the back of the throat constricted. Makes 'a' further back in the throat, 'i' into 'e' and 'u' into 'o'.

22 H in Bosnian

A little more emphasized than the 'h' in "help". Somewhat close to the Spanish jota (j), pronounced in the throat

23 lateral click x in Xhosa

To pronounce the lateral click, x, place the tip of the tongue against the hard palate as if you were going to produce the n sound. Press one side of the tongue against the side of the jaw. Then, without shifting the tip of the tongue from the hard palate, withdraw the side sharply from the jaw. This sound differs from the other two in that the release takes place at the side(s) of the tongue and not at the front. This sound is sometimes made to express regret or to spur on a horse.

24 Q in Zulu

To pronounce the Q in Zulu you have to place your tongue against the roof of Your mouth and snapping it downwards.

25 x̌ in Klallam

The sound is made near the adams apple, a hard x sound.

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