Hardest Spec Ops Missions On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Snatch & Grab

Snatch and Grab is seriously the most impossible one ever. The juggernauts kill me and the enemies hide everywhere around the broken planes. High Explosive wasn't so hard, it took me a while but I ended up finishing it with my friend. WetWork is hard as well but still not as hard as Snatch and Grab.

Battle Shadow Company and Juggernauts in the airplane graveyard. Grab the intel and escape to the extraction point. - decorulez97

Not the toughest yet for me. I haven't made it to Delta yet, and to me this isn't the toughest one. However, It is challenging.


Breach and clear two deadly rooms full of enemies and hostages to capture the oil rig. - decorulez97

This one took me days to beat on 3 stars... It's the hardest Spec Op in my opinion.


High Explosive

This mission is very difficult, because you need perfect aim for the Thumper to do any damage; RPGs were the worst as well. Played the level on Co-op after my first few tries, ended up just knifing all of them. There is a building to the right of the spawn point, with a small back room behind a kitchen. Have a friend lie back there by the dresser, stand in the doorway, and knife and pistol shoot all of the juggernauts. You can be constantly revived by your friend. It only takes around 8 minutes this way on veteran to take down all of them.

1 smashed iPad and 2 hours later 3 stars were gained

Kill all ten Juggernauts using only explosives and a knife. You'd be insane to even try this. - decorulez97

Is it even possible on veteran?


Laze targets for the Stryker armored vehicle. Battle in the 'burbs house to house, room to room. - decorulez97

It is the only spec ops mission I have yet to complete

Homeland Secruity

Sentry guns, Thermal sights, Rocket launchers and Claymores. Defend yourself from five difficult waves of attackers. - decorulez97

So hard..
1 stars: not that Difficult winnable
2 stars: extremely difficult
3 stars: nearing impossible aimbot A. I for sure

Armor Piercing

Kill all fifteen Juggernauts on the oil rig. This probably isn't even possible. - decorulez97

Harder than anything ever done on spec ops. This mission was created to annoy the player.

Estate Takedown

Eliminate Ghillie Snipers, Elite Mercenaries and Juggernauts guarding the estate. - decorulez97

Breach & Clear

Phew! I beat this one in 40 seconds. My strategy was eliminate most of the enemies in the first room, then run like heck to the exit!

Smash through enemy defenses in the Gulag and escape. - decorulez97

Sniper Fi
Bomb Squad

Race through the Favela marketplace defusing the explosives before its too late. - decorulez97

The Contenders

Body Count

Rack up a large enough body count. Quick kills earn larger bonuses. - decorulez97

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