hardest sports

I have done way too many sports. Gymnastics is very hard and I agree it should be around the top 3. Swimming is not hard! I would know! I swam for numerous years and if someone's going to insist on having is in the top ten (which it shouldn't be) it should be number ten. Horseback riding isn't hard either. Yes you do fall a lot, and sometimes get bucked and its fun to do but not hard in any way. Figure skating, hockey, and any other type of skating is also very hard for all you people who think swimming's hard I doubt you even can skate. Golf shouldn't be anywhere near the top ten list even a 2 year old can hit a ball with a club whether it's a good shot or not. Pole vaulting I agree is very difficult, and should be where it is at around 9 or so. Just so you know bull riding shouldn't even be counted as a sport! Cheer is hard to compare to based on what we have today, because there's the stupid dumb blonde cheeleading were you just smile, jump up and down waving pom poms, while wearing some of the shortest skirts in history, when there's the competetive cheer that's hard because you have to be flexible and strong. I personally don't know a lot about motor cross but based on what I've seen it does look hard. I also don't know a lot about water polo and I haven't seen much of it so I really can't comment on that. And finally out of all the sports I have done I think that synchronized swimming is the hardest, which i saw nowhere from the top ten list to #45!!!! I think it is by far the hardest sport because it requires a lot of endurance, flexibility, strength, artistry, grace, presice timing, and exceptional breath control. You try holding your breath, upside down for up to 1-2 minutes! Hard to compare to anything, the hardest sport I know. Look it up and learn more. I repeat the hardest sport I know. Should be number 1 on the top ten list.


If you say swimming isn't hard you are not a swimmer. What you have to understand is you saying swimming is easy is like me saying
"gymnastics is easy I can do a backflip" or "boxing is easy, I can punch with my friend" whilst a backflip might be performed in gymnastics because someone could do one doesn't mean they can comment on how hard the sport is.

I can 100% confidently say you don't know anything about swimming if you think it's easy. Gymnastics is hard, but the fact you say synchronized swimming is the hardest is stupid, I'm not saying it is easy but actual swimmers push themselves to extreme levels of fatigue everyday.

It has to be specified what is classed as hard, is it how hard the sport is to actually do, or is it how hard the athletes train for the sport.
because if it's how hard it is to be able to do (at a low level) then I admit swimming wouldn't be ranked as highly on the list but obviously most of the swimmers have taken it as how hard they train. It's hard to compare sports like this, because if it was how hard it is to do then you could say golf is the hardest to do or ping pong is the hardest to do or anything similar.

but then if it's hardest training it then turn to sports with people who push themselves to the limits, like professional boxers, swimmers etc. (boxing wasn't on that list because it's not underrated and that's what the list was based on).

so we can't come to a conclusion on what the "Hardest" is until it can be specified what "hard" actually is. I'm sure anyone could say the hardest sports to do are not the non-physical exhausting sports which is where synchronized swimming fits in.

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Well I happen to disagree actually first of all synchronized swimming is FOR SURE physical. I can not tell you how many times a lift hasn't worked and fell on me. Speaking of lifts, try lifting 100 pounds five feet out of the water. If you really are saying synchronized swimming isn't the hardest sport, I suggest you try it. I do agree swimming might be up in the top ten, but really, I've done it for 8 years and I've never thought it was hard. not only are we training 20 hours a week or more, but we have to put up with people saying its stupid!?!?! - visitor

I think 'Ice Hockey' is the hardest sport because these reasons, you have to lunge squat push pull bend twist and gait(run/walk etc) plus carry something(stick) hit something(puck) wear something(visor/helmet/protective clothing) and all of this off the earth on an blade of steel 1/8" at HIGH SPEED going forward/sidewards and backwards. - visitor

Your all idiots motocross and fmx are the hardest sports in the world! Swimming is something anyone can do same with boxing but howmany kids do you see do a backflip on a dritbike?
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Your argument is completely stupid. Everyone can box and swim but that's not the point, swimming and boxing are both extremely hard to train for not necessarily to do. From those kids who can "swim" how many of them are in physical shape to complete 4 hours of extreme high intensity swimming a day and an 1hour30 of gym every second day without their bodies breaking down. Not many. And how many of those kids who can "swim" are willing to train every morning and night pushing their body to it's absolute limits whilst their legs cramp, shoulders give in and often spewing during the set and continuing.
The point being made is not that it's hard to do but that it is hard to train for. - visitor

Many sports are the hardest. But the ones that are very popular AREN'T, if something's hard not many people do it. There are different aspects that are the hardest in different sports. For swimming, it's the training that's the hardest, for ballet and figure skating, it's having to be elegant and graceful while working your butt off, for gymnastics, it's the all-around difficulty of everything. Yes, there are other very hard sports that I haven't mentioned, but these are examples. - visitor

How many kids do you see doing a backflip on a beam? - visitor

How many kids do you see doing a backflip on a beam? Or off a vault or bar? Or two in a row on the floor?
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I agree that synchronized swimming is the hardest sport in the world, and that's why not many people do it because its just too hard for most lazy americans! You have to be extremely flexible, VERY strong, VERY good breathe control, and have the ability to just smile sweetly while you swim and pretend that it isn't the hardest thing in the world! Did you know that an average person can hold there breathe for 5 mins and an average synchronized swimmer can hold there breathe for 7 mins? - visitor

I agree! - visitor

If you think swimming is so easy why don't you go and swim 20x100s on the 1:15 as your warm up set then come back and say swimmings easy. If you claim you have been a swimmer for many years and think its easy you obviously weren't good enough to move up from 10 and unders. - visitor

Agree, try 4x200 on 2:00. For you track people, it's like doing 4x800 on 2:00 in practice. - visitor

Synchronized Swimming is by far the hardest sport! - visitor

Speed swimming and synchronised swimming are very different, and neither of them are easy - I would say they are equally hard actually. You have to have different skills and abilities to be able to do them. I'm a synchro swimmer myself and we have to swim over a mile of warm up as if speed swimming, and I'm 13, not particularly talented in any other sport. What people don't underderstand about synchro is quite how hard you have to work to make what you're doing looks graceful AND properly exectuted. We don't just float around doing pretty fingers and look girly, you know. At least with speed swimming you just have a small, set variety of strokes and events and you don't have to choreograph and learn a 2-5 minute long routine, then spend weeks, even months perfecting it. - visitor

I have play hockey before and it's not that hard I play for about 5. Year it's not that hard I have no hand eye contnaion at all. I do believe that riding is hard because I did them for about the some amount of time and I am way better at riding then I ever was at hockey. Now I am not saying that hockey is not hard it just that I believe that riding is harder.
They are both a team sport In a way but in riding you are work with a 1000 lb or more horse and in hockey you are put it Ina human - visitor

Synchronized swimming by far...ignored because men can't do it...you need incredible breath control, men use up to much air u/w...terrific buoyancy (not men)...flexibility...stamina (men can't combine all that swimming)...simply requires the most from an athlete, mostly female swimmers even though there are a few male synchro swimmers now - visitor

No no no! You got it all wrong
Synchronized swimming is THE hardest sport. Not only do you have to do counting in your head like dance, but you have to be good at, ballet, gymnastics, weight lifting, dance, holding your breath, body building. All a wrestler has to do is get strong and attack people, so wait and think for a second which should win the gold medal before you flag. - visitor

Synchronized swimming is by far is the hardest sport. You can say your opinions but just remember, can you do a sport and hold your breath half the time? You're not even allowed to touch the bottom of the pool so how easy do you think it is do a lift and throw people several feet in the air? Not to mention you need incredible amounts of stamina. - visitor

Synchronized swimming is by far the hardest sport. You may think other sports are, but can you do a sport and hold your breath for half the time? Also, you aren't allowed to touch the bottom of the pool, so think about how much energy it must take to do a lift and toss a person several feet in the air! Not to mention incredible amounts of stamina! Months are spent perfecting routines, and you have to be incredibly flexible! - visitor

Let's all agree American football is a joke - visitor