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Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding.


I literally decided to vote here simply because people don't understand what makes a sport or a skill difficult. We are talking about playing the game in this list I assume, not how difficult conditioning is. I don't care if a cross country runner conditions all year for their races because absolutely anyone could do it with the correct training. Not everyone can hit a baseball, in fact most kids quit before little league because they are petrified of the ball. Imagine hitting a round ball with a round bat that is breaking and moving at 85+ mph from 60 some feet away. It's almost impossible and that's why even the best players to ever play the game were only successful 3/10 at bats. It is a skill that does not come to people simply from proper conditioning and repetition, it is a skill that some people can do and most people will never be able to do.

Baseball is one of the most demanding mental sports on this list except maybe formula one. the pitcher must be so precise as to throw a 70-100 MPH ball into a rectangle appropriately 2 feet high and 1 wide from 60.5 feet away then the batter must guess the movement and speed of the ball to try and make contact with a wooden bat less than 3 inches in diameter. Then you must catch the ball and throw the ball sometimes upwards of 300 feet in the air. That's further than an American football of soccer field. Not to mention the fear factor of standing in the batter's box waiting for the ball that can potential come right at you, when you're expected to just shrug it off. then you of course have to run at top speed into a catcher if he has the ball and hope to hit him so hard you knock him down and the ball out of his glove, which can lead to broken bones and concussions on both sides

Baseball should be top 5 its not easy at all you need eye hand coronation and you need arm strength to able to throw a ball from centre field to home plate if you need to make a quick play, its also a tough and dangerous sport because you can get a ball to the ribs or to the face if the suns in your eyes, also catching a ball isn't easy doing a little cartwheel is easy, if the sun gets in your eyes when your trying to catch a fly ball and it hits you in the nose and hitting a ball isn't easy ether or fielding a bouncing ground ball or a fast line drive when your in the infield or getting hit by the ball when your batting the helmet doesn't do a lot it still hurts baseballs hard period

People don't understand how difficult baseball is because the only people they watch are people that have been playing it for years. Hitting a round ball with a round bat is one of the hardest things to do and coming at even 80's makes it difficult. Baseball is the only sport where failing 70% of the time makes you a good player, that's why baseball is the hardest sport. Just think about it, maybe ask one of your varsity baseball friends to pitch to you, good luck. Baseball is chess, not checkers

46!? Baseball is this low because everyone thinks it is boring because they don't have the slightest talent at it. Hitting is the hardest thing to do in any sport, and many professional athletes who make millions still struggle to hit more than a third of the time. Baseball also requires high level mental skills to know what to do at all times. I have played baseball for years and still have barely scratched the surface of baseball knowledge. Baseball is most definitely the hardest sport.

As far as difficulty, Baseball is near the top.

Not many people can hit a 90mph pitch day in and day out.
And that is the main part of the game. Not to mention throwing, catching, running, jumping, and fielding balls in the air and on the ground.

Whereas sports like American Football require only physical abilities, not skills.

Baseball is by far the hardest sport and should be number one because when a 90 mph ball comes and your hitting round on round there is a very small margin for error or to miss.

The best hitter of all time was successful a total of 406 times out of 1000. His eye sight was incredible, had one of the purest swings anyone has ever had, and could place the ball almost anywhere. You're saying this isn't tough? Not to mention that if you want to even be considered as one of the best fielders, you can mess up about 10 times in 162 games. Plus, long pants, dark clothes, hats and gloves in 100 degree heat? For about 3 hours for almost three months almost every day? The sweat, blood, and tears these guys shed is proof that baseball is the hardest sport. - NWCatcher16

Baseball is one of the only sports where you can do everything perfectly and still fail. It is one of the hardest sports to be successful at and takes enormous mental toughness as well as physical to play the length of a college, major league, or even travel ball season.

What is this! Baseball at 45! Baseball is behind ballet and soccer for crying out loud! While baseball is not physical and many people call it boring it is just because you just don't know how to play. A baseball player has to remember thousands of different situations while in other sports you don't have to remember rarely more than 10. Baseball may not be physical but the amount of mental focus involved is insane! For example, Ty Cobb the player with the best batting average ever, only hit the ball 36% of the time and he made the hall of fame. In other sports do you make the hall of fame for losing 64% of the time? Plus positions like catcher and pitcher take so much focus, skill, and memorization that baseball is easily the hardest sport.

How the heck is "competitive baton twirling" ranked higher than baseball? People say "oh there's no running involved and you don't need endurance" yeah well try getting out of a rundown and see how long you last. Also, to hit a baseball at the major league level is described as "a superhuman feat." You have less than half a second to read the movement of the 90+ mph pitch, decide whether to swing or not, start your swing, and connect with the ball within the right time. If you are just 7 milliseconds too soon or late, the ball will sail foul. That is how precise this game is, and I don't understand how it is ranked 43rd.

Have you ever heard that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing in sports? You get less than half a second to decide wether to hit it and were to swing, and with the spins pitchers can put on it even if you do guess right it will move right out of the way. And if your off by a centimeter you pop up or hit a ground ball. It may not to take the most endurance or be the most tiring sport, but it requires more skill than everything else on this list put together, thus making it the most difficult

Baseball takes the most skill, easily. You have to know how to swing the bat properly, make defensive plays, run the bases, and not to mention throw the ball. People who say it's easy clearly haven't seen Tom Brady and 50 Cent throw out first pitches. Every baseball player I know can get the ball to home plate, it's one of the basics. But everyone that trashes baseball picks one up and either overthrows it by what seems like miles, or spike it in the grass. Watching them try to hit is downright disturbing.

Honesty you have swimming and gymnastics as number one clearly you've never played baseball and you favor there is no game in the world harder than baseball having a ball at a maximum speed of 105mph coming at you from 60 feet and having to swing a heavy club with perfect form to hit it then 400 feet or to go ahead and throw that fast 90 times strait and then don't forget catching and fields and the success rate and speeds

More baseball players can play other major sports. Where as other pro major sports players can not even touch a 90mph fast ball or a curve ball or a slider etc. Baseball players were usually quarterbacks which is supposedly the hardest position in american football. Not many people can hit let alone throw or even field a ground ball or a pop fly while on the run. If you think you can, go to the batting cage and go to the fastest speed cage. And see how many balls you can hit in a line drive. Youd be surprised.

Baseball is literally a game that is based on failure. As my coach says, if you're a doctor, and you kill 1 out of every 3 patients, you're a bad doctor. A baseball player with the same record is a good player. Baseball is a game that involves failing, which is mentally physically tough. Take that, soccer players

Baseball is the hardest sport in the world without a doubt. You have to hit a 2 1/4 inch ball with a 2 1/4 inch bat. Everything has to align perfectly just to put the ball in play, let alone putting it where you want to. Even the best player ever only hit the ball 3/10 times and they're hall of famers. Then in the field you have to try and grab the 2 1/4 inch ball on the field that's bigger than a football field. And it's most likely coming atypical at 75 mph. Baseball is easily the hardest sport in the world

Ha what is this? Competitive dancing higher than baseball!? Pole vaulting? Power tumbling? Golf?! Even though baseball doesn't have the physical demands like most sports on this list, it requires more skill than any other.

All about technique

It is proven hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in all sports. That's why players could get into the hall of fame failing 7 out of 10 times. There is no reason for baseball not to be number 1

Baseball is a sport where you have to be willing to step in a box with people throwing anywhere from 60-100mph at you and you have to know when and where to swing a bat with a diameter of about 2.25in at the ball. Factor in the movement on curves, splitters, knucklers, sliders, etc... And you have to expect all of it and have about.4 seconds to react to it and hit in an area where 1 of 9 people can't get to it before you can reach base... Not hard at all.

It's the hardest sport ever. If you succeed 30% of the time in other sports your terrible but not in baseball. Michael Jordan was one if the greatest athletes in the world, but he could never hit a curveball. you have to hit a ball coming in at 95 mph and you only have.45 seconds to react and swing or not swing and if you do swing the last.15 seconds of your at bat you can't see the ball

The thing that makes this sport the hardest is not just the skill but all of the mental game involved. It takes so much mental game and is so mentally exhausting that one thought could make or break the whole game.

Baseball is top 10 easily. No respect for the game in this poll. Anyone that thinks it's easy, should try it out themselves and have a 85 mile and hour fastball brush them off the plate. This poll is a Joke

Well lets just say this... I am a hockey player and I have played baseball (at a non-elite level) but my friend does and wow he has so much skill. The skill you need to have in baseball is pretty good. It is more difficult than most of the sports up there especially lacrosse

Go learn how to hit a 95 mile an hour fastball. When you figure that out try and hit a 80 mile an hour change up that looks exactly like the fastball coming out of the pitchers hand. Hardest sport period to play.