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Boxing is a martial art and combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring..


People are like gymnastics needs body conditioning what do you think boxing need we get hit all the time if your not focusing you can get a hook so quick it would hit you faster then a bullet and really boxing is 36 it's the most physically demanding every training session we are using every muscle in our body our backs arms legs shoulder forearms neck. Our hearts are strong and we have to be super fit to survive 3 minutes in a ring and the amount of rounds needed, you can end up with broken bones I know I have people have died our minds have to be focused and we need to know what punch our opponent is throwing at us like to see all you try that.

I used to think I was in really good shape from football and basketball until I went to my first boxing class. I sweated like crazy. A lot of people think that all you do is just learn to punch. No you have to learn to be fast, strong, patient and be able to be physically and mentally beaten but still put your all into it. My classes are so hard with everything. We are costantly working out and just wishing the class to end. We aren't trying to impress judges we are trying to knock our opponent out and he is doing the same. It is pretty hard to look at who you are fighting and see his cold eyes. People say they know pain tolerance, but try to withstand getting punched repeatedly by a trained person who can make his punch have its full power. boxing is an tiring sport and rigorous sport, but an amazing one.

I want to laugh at all the others placed before boxing. I did gymnastic, wrestled in high school, football in high school and college, played baseball in high school and also boxed during my college years. HANDS down boxing was the most demanding sport. Not only is it hard to do and demanding, people we must under stand that the objective in boxing is punch someone to knock them out cold. That takes a lot of gutts to participate in. Boxer don't tap out like MMA, nor do they wrestled or do ground work where some rest period can be done. Over 70 to 80 percent of their punches, is to the HEAD of your opponent. I've done other "Games" too, golf and bowling, and I call them "games" because although it is difficult to master, it is definitely not a manly "sport". Anytime you are dressed to go to church, you can't call that a sport.

Boxing should really be up higher on the list. you literally put yourself in the situation that 95% of people avoid. you get put in this tiny ring with some other person and throw punches, mix combinations, dodge their powerful punches, keep moving, keep on your toes, keep hands up, and still go 3 2min rounds (depending on your group) it is basically a battle between strength. Physically and mentally. people saying gymnastics is the hardest sport and incorrect. Is gymnastics hard? Yes is it the hardest? By no means! Yes you need strength the do the flips and what not, BUT momentum plays a huge role with half of that.

Really? Soccer harder than boxing? Anything harder than boxing for that matter? No. Imagine being across a boxing ring with a an that wants to hurt you. BADLY. Not only does the nerve aspect of this sport take the cake, but you must also have speed, power, endurance, durability, agility, flexibility, immense skill, and pretty much every other aspect of physical strength, speed and endurance. For all you people putting soccer and all those other sports above the sweet science, you probably have never been in a ring yourself or out on the road at 5:00 A.M running your daily 3-6 miles.

I have done boxing for more than 1 year now! It might not seem a lot but it's so hard. You have to be training 5 times a week at minimum to keep up with the people you fight with. Its not all about just punching but you have to be doing jogging, cardio training, bags, pads... Just do about 3 training sessions in your local boxing gym and you will see how it feels like.

Definitely the hardest sport! Sports like gymnastics and figure skating are closed skill sports where the environment is always the same and the skill can be practiced repetitively without outside influence. Boxing, football, soccer, etc are open skilled sports where the environment is constantly changing and the athlete must adapt those skills accordingly.

The hardest sport without a doubt, standing up to strikes is more difficult than any sport involving wrestling, UFC is less punishing because the ground game takes the momentum out of the striking so the shots you take are less damaging, also limiting the target area to head and body result in boxing being more punishing than any other combat sport and limiting it to your fists only mean you have to fine tune your weapons to perfection which takes years upon years of dedication

The fact that Boxing does not rest comfortably on top of the list here is laughbable. Clearly we all vote for whatever sport we know and the most popular sports come top.

I have done plenty of sports (Judo, Track and field, swimming, volleyball all competitively) and challenging as they are, they have NOTHING on boxing.


And trust me if you ever box a tiny bit seriously, you NEED to train VERY, VERY VERY hard E-VE-RY-TI-ME because doing a few rounds, even with a nobody, is extremely draining. And getting a concussion even at training, is never as much fun as what it looks like on the T.V..

Try it. It is completely humbling. Try to do just 3 rounds ok? Just 3. See just how exhausting it is, how it feels to want to barf, out of breath, as you are getting clobbered around the ropes. We'll talk again.

I've boxing for six months, when we get their we do a hard run before we start. we then do an hour and a half of extreme excersise three times a week. We start skipping for 15 minutes, then power skipping for another fifteen minutes. After that we do extreme cardio for 15-20 minutes and then do five minute intervals for push-ups, burpees, stomach, core, leg and calves over half an hour. (We don't always do everything) we then go to battle ropes which is two forty pound rips that we have to whip. After that we do technique for the remaining time. When we are done we stretch and then I bike home.

The other day we did 600 sit-ups and we do about 200-300 push-ups every day.

Boxing requires an insane physical capability, speed and mental awareness. We have to be able to see punches and block them before they hit us.

Why is this not number one!? As a boxer myself I know it's the hardest and most demanding sport out there. It's not just punching. Boxing demands Strength, Speed, Mentality, Endurance, Nerve, Hard Work, literal blood sweat and tears and more. Everyone who said Gymnastics number one, take a minute and enter the ring.

I love how you compare gymnastics to this and call gymnastics easy. gymnastics is much more than splits and a simple back handspring. Yeah, maybe we don't know how to fight, but that because we would rather work more than a hour for practice. I'm not flexible but I'm stronger than everyone in my family except my brother who is 24, played soccer for years, played football for 12 or more years, ran track, and can play any position in football. I believe he played rugby too, but he was 11 when I was born so I'm not sure. I'm 135 pounds of muscle and I'm a 13 year old girl who is 5'4''. Literally, people are scared of me just seeing me brush my hair (your muscles show just in case you aren't that strong yet) I'm not saying boxing isn't difficult its just not harder than gymnastics. we require the mindset, the strength, the endurance, and everything in between. We memorize 3 different routines (there is no vault routine) and have to use all our muscles to point our toes, straighten or arms ...more

Boxing is the toughest sport by far it is very demanding and hard. It takes a lot of heart and courage and if it was so easy every body would be doing it.

I've tryed most sports, to find something challenging enough for me. I don't lie when I say I've tryed at least 40 different sports, my god.. I can't even express in text how hard boxing is... Most people think boxing is about being big and strong.. FORGET IT.. Boxing is about tactics, strategy, physical and most important mental strength. Some of these sports which are listed above boxing... Boxing being placed 38.. HA.. Don't have anything to say than try it out, and be ready not to quit.

Damn, boxing. On T.V., it's a bloody struggle to take the consciousness away from an opponent. Fists to firsts, figure skating and gymnastics wouldn't amount to the pain these athletes endure in the arena. This should easily be in the top 10.

Boxers run marathons just to stay in shape for boxing! They fight for 36 minutes (12 rounds) of hard action. They also take the biggest risk by constantly being punched in the head. Definitely deserves to be the hardest sport.

Boxing really should be higher up the list it is very demanding both physically and psychologically. It also requires a lot of dedication to be successful.

Your friend is right, boxing should be second or third but gymnastics was scientifically proven the hardest sport by ESPN sport science so yeah. Sorry but you have no idea what we gymnasts go through.

I think boxing because you have to be fit and strong and you have to train a lot. Also you can get very hurt and even some people die because of boxing.

While I am a competitive swimmer and voted for swimming in this list, I honestly believe that boxing is the hardest sport. 'enough said.

Boxing is low because underestimate it until they actually experience first hand what it's like to get your arse whipped.

I box, it is all blood sweat and tears until that bell rings and the official raises your hand in the center of the ring

I hope I heard you wrong...did you just call figure skating carp! TRY JUST STANDING UP IN SKATES!

Boxing is without a doubt the most difficult sport. The most extreme and fanatical training regiment in any sport

Hardest sport I've ever done. Conditioning. Diet. Eye coordination. Everything is needed in boxing