Competitive Dancing


People in football, baseball, soccer, etc. Only need to play good to win, dancers need to play good AND look good. If you go out on stage looking bad, all sweaty with no makeup you are going to get a lower score. You also need to have the same makeup as everyone else (unless they're playing a separate role). Speaking of roles, you also need to act in dancing. Dancing takes strength in all body areas, flexibility, balance, stamina, rhythm, timing, control, and memorization. Most other sports you just need strength and stamina. Not to mention all of the changing you have to do for your multiple dances. In soccer and football and baseball etc. You play against ONE team. In dance you go against at least 10 studios and over 200 dances. I don't see you running down the field with pointed toes while keeping a smile on your face. Not to mention it takes me about 30 minutes for eye makeup, 20mins for hair, plus 5 minutes for everything else (other makeup, costume, shoes) All everyone else does ...more

The fact that dance isn't at least higher on the list is terrible. If you think dance is easy then you have NO idea. Let's just take a second to run through the classes I take a week:

- Turn class (turning in itself is very difficult, especially when you're doing 4 and 5 turns. It takes strength in your arms, legs, and core to hold tight enough to turn properly. Also, turning is different then spinning. )

-Ballet class ballet requires so much muscle it's crazy, especially if you're en pointe. There's a reason that many successful football players take ballet classes, it takes a lot of muscle, endurance, and flexibility. (Also, for the record, all dancers have A LOT of muscle, we just stretch after we work out so our muscles are more long than rippled)

-contemporary rehearsal as a competitive dancer we have a lot of rehearsals. I have 7 different dances this year, one being a solo, another a 10 minute production, and the other 5 normal 3ish minute group ...more

Competitive Dance is definitely the hardest sport there is. We condition just like any other sport by lifting weights, strength training, and endurance. Without endurance, strength, balance, agility, or stamina, there is no way you would make it through the routine. At competitions, we are docked points if a team member's foot isn't pointed, a wrong step, lost balance, wrong formation, motions not sharp and strong enough, timing of motion, etc. There are so many different things that a dancer has to remember. On top of everything, dancers have to keep smiling, or doing facials. We have to keep our character even when we are tired or hurting. No other sport has to mask their pain. This is one of the reasons that dance is such a hard sport to master. Getting through the routine by itself is a struggle, but keeping a smile on your face through it all is almost impossible. Doing the routine is a tedious and exhausting thing. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. It takes so ...more

Dancer break bones everyday and sometimes end up getting concussions... You need flexibility, balance, stamina, rhythm, timing, control, and memorization. You must have control and strength in every single muscle on your body. I dance 7 days a week 5 hours a day. My teacher says I could beat the bung out of any other sports player. I have competed against a 18 year old who I thought was wayy better that I was... I beat her solo by 10 points. I never thought I could do it. But because I had the things listed above I did it. My uncle used to play for Minnesota gophers. I played a game of football with him once during Easter. I just did it for fun and he did it for that same reason. We played for hours with the score of 6-6 about an hour later the score got to 11-6. I had the 11 points. I need up creaming him! Because of the things listed above I could do that! I am not a very slim person. And I could still do that! Dance takes a lot of skill. More skill that football does. If dance were ...more

How is dancing not in the top ten? It requires time and dedication. If you stop dancing for even a week its hard to get back into it. To be a dancer you need to have flexibility, balance, strength, and so much more. Just think of it like this: when you play any sport, they give you breaks. When you dance, there are no breaks. When you are in class, you are constantly moving. Taking a pointe class is even worse. You are dancing on your toes and that is really hard. When you are on pointe, you need to be very careful because you can easily twist your ankle. In sports its very physical and its easy to get hurt too, but of you are dancing on stage, there might be a lot of people on stage with you and if you aren't looking, you could easily injure yourself and other people too. I've been dancing for over 10 years and I'm only 14. Dance not only is good for your body but it is also a way to let all of your feelings out. Dancing makes me so happy, and it just makes me feel good. This is just ...more

I dance seven days a week and I am only twelve. My teacher tells me that I could beat the crud out of a football player, and she's right. If you run track and you've ever jumped a hurdle, next time try keeping your back, legs and arms straight, turn out your legs and point your toes so hard it hurts, and lift your chin and smile. Gymnists try your beam routines in toe shoes. Yeah. It hurts. And guys, don't ever think that male ballerinas are wimps. They train harder then you ever will in football or swimming. Plus, it's extremely hard to make it as a dancer. Only a lucky few will ever have a true dancing career. Dancers give up being popular in school, having a social life, and being a kid. And don't try to tell me that soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, and wrestling are tricky and complex sports, because if they were they wouldn't teach them in gym. If you fall over in volleyball or football, it may not affect your score at all, whereas if you fall in dance, it's over.

Some gymnasts compete in beam shoes, which is almost like a ballet shoe. Gymnasts have to make just as much of an impression on the judges with smiles and perfect execution just as much as dancers, while executing skills much, much harder than the ones in dance, but I agree dance is much harder than football and has more of an emphasis on training like gymnastics

This HAS to be in the top ten at the very least. Everyone thinks that "oh dance is for girls! " And that dance is one of the easiest sports. Well think again! We have to point or flex, we have to stretch or bend our legs, we have to turn out or turn in, we have to keep our thighs strong to the point where you can see the muscle through our tights, not to mention our turn out! OUR TURN OUT! This is one of the painful parts. We have to turn out, from the the hips in which you also have to have a strong butt, but only turn out from the hips because if you turn out from the knees you can get damaged knees. Strong core, strong arms, strong back, perfect posture and smiling effortlessly while doing all of this in one movement, then repeating this to the next movement for 2.30-15.00 minuets. Really depends on the style and or grouping (like a solo, line etc). And the hard, hard, work we put into this! I am only 11 and just last year I got a knee injury and still go to ...more

Competitive dance is definitely the most difficult sport on this list, it takes strength, courage, flexibility stamina and much more. The fear of being on stage in front of tons of people including strict judges is terrifying, when performing one not pointed toe, one not completely straight leg or even a hair elastic breaking can enormously define whether you get 1st in the competition or 15th. And I'm not just talking about the competitions the training is severe we have to train for at least 2 hours a day (usually more) and the pressure is cruel if you sprain an an clue you just keep dancing and suck it up if you seriously hurt you self all the training and hard work you put into your dancing could just go down the drain. The spins, jumps, splits are very hardto master and when competing we have to leap in the air and land on our not knowing if it will go well or if we will break our leg, spinning over 10 times with a perfectly pointed and our leg perfectly straight and doing it all ...more

I can't believe dance isn't in at least the top 5! I've danced for 11 years and I'm 12! I've tried lots of other sports including skiing cheerleading and gymnastics and figure skating! They are nothing compared to dance! Hey cheerleaders you can do the splits? Good for you! WE HAVE TO DO THE SPLITS 5 FEET IN THE AIR ON POINTE SHOES! Gymnasts do this too but on floors that are half trampoline! DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON POINTE! At some rehearsals you have to dance on pointe shoes for 6-9 hours! Your feet are bruised and bleeding but you keep going because you love it! People in my class think soccer is easy? All you have to do is kick a ball into a net and run around a field. Anyone can do that. Dancers train for hours upon hours! I personally train 15-18 hours a week! On stage you have to act and show emotion. You have to tell a story. You have to have stamina flexibility strength endurance power balance and MAKE IT LOOK EASY. Next time you think dance is easy maybe try going to a 2 ...more

Dancers are better than sports like baseball because in dance you have to be flexible, strong, you need good balance, technique, and you need to be able to act. As far as I know, in baseball all you need to do is run and hit a ball. Try dancing because I don't think that you will survive 1 hour at my studio plus guys are dancers too not just girls. At convention, a teacher told the guys that they are stronger and more artistic than baseball players.

People have to start training at as young as 1 just to be a professional. I have done sports such as cross country and track and I can promise you dance is a lot more physically mentally and emotionally demanding. There's is only one correct way to do technique. While on pointe you are putting all your body weight on a few of your toes while jumping, turning, leaping. Yet you still have to land gracefully with out making a sound Your job is to make it look effortless when in reality is extremely painful. You gave connect your emotions to the dance and each and every movement.

People pass out at the end of routines often. Your stamina and endurance have to be at their highest level. You can't stop in the middle of a routine. I can not count the number of injuries, blood, bruises I have gotten I. The last 10 years (I'm 15). Sweat and tears go into it too. Dancers dedicate their whole life to this art that's also a sport.

This should be in the top tens or five because it is a mixture of both performance and sport. We go on stage and oops we break our arm we will still be on there dancing then get of fix it,go back on stage. Unlike some people that take 2 weeks off. Sometimes I like to smack the people that twisted their ankle and say go back out there and finish your job. I have around 18 dances this year and my friends never see me crying when I twisted my ankle. Basketball was way to easy for me, tennis got that in 1 day. But dance there is still more things to learn every year. Yes you lose friends, yes you will get bullied more than an average kid, maybe you will even not have a boyfriend at all. I only have 4 friends and 0 boyfriends so maybe try dance. Oh forgot one thing I only eat breakfast 68% of the time for lunch, 45% of the time for supper try not eating lunch or dinner for a day well that is March for me so I am so happy you guys have the easiest and most popular sport. There won't be ...more

Dance is hard. I know because I do it. You have to be flexible in both ways. I want to see you try to pull your leg up to your head from the front and the back. And you can't always chose where you want to be in a formation you might just get sent to the back. And diseplene you are constantly begging yelled at and teachers or instructors or pushing you to the max. And you have to be strong they're not just going to let anyone off the streets for this. You have to be able to do flips and front walk overs and back walk overs and ariels (an ariel is a cartwheel with no hands). You also have to be able to take impacts and learn how to go a while without a lot of water you have to learn how to except defeat and learn how to be a good sport and cheer others on even if you don't know th or even if they hate U. So I want to see you try I want to see you try what I do because dance is not just a sport it is an art and a way of expressing your self so just try I want to see you do it.

Dance is one of the hardest sports there is. No questions or doubts about it. I'm scrolling through the cheerleader comments and laughing because they are talking about training for 3 hours without a break and I'm thinking about us dancers who train for 12 hours without a break OR water on the balls of our feet. Yes cheerleaders throw people in the air and yes that is difficult but they have 5 people throwing up 100 pounds. My pas de duex partner has to lift me in the air, hold me there for a certain amount of time, switch positions and repeat, then put me down and immediately do a triple pirouette into a grand jete, under the hot lights of the stage, in an itchy costume, in front of hundreds of people, and make it look easy and graceful with a smile on our face. We have to have the strength of a football player, the speed of a runner, the flexibility of a gymnast, the gracefulness of a swimmer, and the energy of a cheerleader. I'd love to see a cheerleader do a fouetté en pointe and ...more

Lets just say that it's a good thing if a dance looks easy to a non-dancer! That dance should look easy, like an illusion, and then they stop and think, how did they do that, and while they are wishing they could do a leg lift, and whatever else we did up on that stage, we are in the dressing room changing because we have 2 dances before we got back out on that stage and do it all over again!
And for all of those who wondered how we did it, lets just say we practice and practice and practice! Most of us are at the dance center more than we are at our own house, some are there as long as 24 hours a week!
We get hurt! We sweat... A LOT! We trip and we fall, and we also get back up! Something that looks so easy could be killing us on the inside! We have our leg up above our head, and we are working every muscle we possibly could be, all so we don't let down our team!
Try competition dancing, and try not to get hurt, haha good luck with the impossible!

Dance is hard I mean one reason why people think that it's so easy is well because we smile through it. Smile though the pain of dancing on the tips of our toes smile even though we are tired. But dancing is so much more then just what you see we have to put emotion into a piece of we were dancing with a smile you would never know what we're trying to say through dance. I'm not saying other sports are not hard but I'm saying dance is just well treated like its nothing. Have you ever seen a dancers feet have you ever heard about the injuries. now I've done many other sports I'm not just a dancer so this is not just like oh I'm a dancer and I've never done anything else. No I've done many other sports and well none of them are as hard as dance to me. When my friends say dance is easy I sort of get mad because they just don't understand. Well that was my opinion I could go on and on about this but I think I should stop right here I hope you will understand that dance is hard even though ...more

A lot of people think dance is easy and safe, but that's because it's a dancers job to MAKE dancing look like that. There are tons of ways to get hurt, for example

-pirouttes- they look easy, but if you land wrong or don't spot you can end up with a hurt foot and/or and the floor.
-flexibility- for the most part dancers have to be more flexible then cheerleaders, especially if you do acro. Do be that flexible, you have to stretch a lot, and by doing that you can tear a muscle.
-leaps- if you come down wrong you can hurt something, like your ankle. That happened to one of my friends.
-side aerials- tons of was for possible injury.
-switch leaps
-tour jetes
-toe touches- yes dancers do them too
-pointe- your putting your entire body wait one two toes. TWO TOES.
If you still think dancing is easy and safe and reading this, I advise you go and sign up for some classes. - Frog

For dance, you need stamina, strength, flexibility, good posture, good teamwork, etc. Dancers spend up to 20 hours practicing and working hard. For pointe dance and tap you go up on top of your toes with 3 times your weight on your toes. In Irish, Celtic, etc, you need to go on your tip toes. Dancers turn over 30 times in a row perfectly without getting dizzy. Their feet get wrecked from dancing and so do other parts of their body. There so many ways to hurt yourself during dance. Dancers have to jump over 5 feet in the air. Male and female dancers hold each other up over their heads and don't drop them-usually-It takes lots of balance and strength. I think dance should be in the top five. by the way:I don't think gymnastics should be number 1. But, definitely in the top 5. Sorry

With dance, you have to work tirelessly as with any competitive sport. No difference. However, you must look flawless while doing it. It's just your body doing things it isn't made to do. With ballet for example, you must stand on your toes and run around doing leaps and turns and look stunning while doing it. The performance quality is so difficult compared to other sports. I'm not saying dance is the absolute hardest, but the maturity and the spunk, that it requires differs from other sports. Not to mention the guts you have to have with putting your body out there to be judged by everyone! I think with any sport no one can really judge until you've actually done it and felt what it's like. But I, having played many other sports, think dance is the hardest mentally than any other sport.

Like others have said, in competitive dancing you need to be strong, flexible, have great technique, and stamina. But let's not forget about stage presence, which is almost as important as the things listed above. You have to look like you're having a wonderful time, even if you've been dancing for 12 hours straight!

DANCE IS NOT A SPORT and shouldn't even be on this list! Sure, you may need to have a lot of balance, endurance and maybe the slightest bit of strength but defiantly not that much strength. Dance is basically a game of memory, all you have to do is memorize moves to do. I do understand that being flexible is hard but to become flexible all you have to do is just basic stretches every day. Dance also has zero competition what so ever. Any "sport" that you are just being judged on is defiantly not a sport. For example, my friend that has danced since she was 3 tried playing volleyball in just an uncompetitive 2 week camp and then she said, " I don't want to play volleyball anymore." Then I asked her why and she said, "it's too competitive, cause in dance it's not this competitive." Also one time my friend texted me after dance and she was like, "dude, I'm sweating" and then I was like, "why is that such a big deal? " And she said, "this is the first time I have ever sweated in dance." ...more - Lexi01101

Dance is pushing your body to it's maximum overdrive. You have to put up with pain and a lot of dancers get serious injuries before they are 16. I have a pinched achilles tendon, pulled muscles in my hip, an almost snapped tendon in my foot and a hairline fracture in my other foot. I'm only 12 and this is just from the past 3 yeah dance is SO easy(note my sarcasm). Also dance requires complete control over your body and also we don't have to make split second decisions? Have you ever forgotten a part of the dance and had to improvise but still look good? Have you ever been doing grands(a type of turn) and you realize someone is moving towards you (note this is while you are turning and you must be completely aware using only your peripheral vision) and then you must decide what to do... do you keep turning and risk them hitting you( or vise versa depending on who's traveling) or do you stop and improv which requires more split second timing. Also have you ever done pointe, ...more

Dance is a hard sport! Football requires no skill. All you do is run into people... I am a competitive dancer and boys at my school said the wish they had my cafs... We have to be strong, flexible, powerful and graceful all at the same time. I also do acro dance, so a I can do back tucks with ease, they may not look like they take much strength, but it does. We also have a high tolerance for pain, everything we do hurts, but we just get over it. We dance through broken bones because we don't want to look like wimps sitting down and We look perfectly fine by hiding it. We don't fall over and roll around if we twist our ankles and have a medic come out and look at us (football players). Rolling your ankle is a normal thing to us dancers, we don't even notice it anymore.

Ha yea cause football players don't roll ankles they break them

Dance is HARD point blank period. Its not about just shaking your behind and showing off your moves. People take dance seriously, competitions outweigh a football/basketball game. YOU have to try it before you can scream out "Dance is NOT a Sport." Dance is about skill, stamina, support, balance, teamwork and most of all giving your all. Football is clearly running in the grass after one another to see who will get the most touch downs and same with Basketball, up and down the court seeing who can make the most baskets. Dance is splits, kicks, flips, cartwheels, and so much more than what you think. Its tough, some people break bones and tear muscles that take forever to heal.

Dance incorporates many different sports into one beautiful art. We do gymnastics like no other, but we don't have short stocky muscles. We have long muscles to still look elegant. Did you know pro football players actually have to take ballet classes sometimes to help them balance. We can carry all of our weight on a 3 inch platform( pointe shoes). Some people think we don't get hurt. Well, on your first day of pointe your feet often bleed. We do the stunts that cheerleaders do except their is only one person carrying the other. Do me a favor a jump in place nonstop for 3 minutes. Yep we do that too. If you tell me dance isn't a sport the you come show me your six pack. Most dancers have six packs.