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Cheer is extremely hard. Try combining weight lifting, intense cardio, and skill/technique into one sport: that's cheer. You have to learn to work as a team in order to hold/throw girls into crazy positions, you have to learn how to make it work. You have to memorize intense routine sequences. You have to master tumbling, it is not easy to throw yourself across the floor doing multiple front and back flips, twisting and flipping every direction in tons of different ways. Level 1 stuff is easy, cheering at games is easy. COMPETITIVE CHEER at an advanced level is HARD. People underestimate cheerleading because all they see is the stereotypes created by media through movies portraying cheerleaders as clueless, attention-seeking, pretty-girls. Cheerleaders practice strength, cardio, agility, form, and countless other skills. It takes years of dedication to master skills like a roundoff-backhandspring layout full. It takes endless amounts of practices to be able to show off a kick-souble ...more

I've done cheer since 2010 (present year: 2016) and I've done all other sports besides football and this is the hardest I've ever been through but people ask me why do I travel 6,000 miles for 2min and 30sec well I do it to learn discipline, I do it to learn how to be a good teammate, I do it to learn how to not give up. People say it's easy. It's not. All these stunts look so easy to you. You see the glitter we see the grit and our coaches see both. This isn't a sport where if little tommy gets a bruise he can sit out and little Johnny comes in his place. No. This is a true team. We need every single person at every single moment because when one person goes down, we all do, together. Backspots are the spine of the stunt, then there are the bases who will give their life to protect the girl who they are holding on top of them. Yes on top. They are the support or the brace. Then there's the flyer or top girl she is the star of the show. She must put her faith and trust into every ...more

Gymnastics is much more challenging in my opinion cause gymnasts don't just have a cheer and 2 minute 30 second routine to memorize, They have to memorize and perfect 4 different routines and 4 events, Beam, bars, floor and vault. It takes an amazing amount of speed and endurance for vault, I bet if a cheerleader tried vault they would fall halfway down the runway dying of exhaustion, Cheerleaders do standing fulls and tucks on the ground which is hard, But imagine doing this without any spring on a 4 inch piece of wood with out wobbling that's right they couldn't, Or get up on the bars 8 feet off the ground with no bases, flipping and spinning your entire body supported only by your bleeding and torn up hands around the bar at an blurring speed, with perfect form without slipping or falling off, once again they would not even make the mount, Or dance on the floor doing leaps, jumps, spins, turns, acro and tumbling in front of a panel of judges who would tick off a point for bending a ...more

What about the other Gymnastics disciplines such as Acrobatic Gymnastics - Gymnasticsfan

Competitive Cheerleading is by far one of the hardest sports out there. Not only must you throw girls around and then catch her, but you must make it look easy... Think about it. You've been working 4 days a week for months and months, and you only have 2.5 minutes to prove that you are the best, and you must execute every skill perfectly without ever appearing to break a sweat. Key word there appearing... We do break a sweat! Girls must all be tossed in to the air, CAUGHT, pull one leg up by their face, and make a look pretty. Then when you land that, you do it again, and again. After this you must flip your body through the air, twisting, and turning before landing perfectly on your feet. And talk about jumps! You must pull your legs to your face while jumping into the air... and do it maybe 4 times without stopping plus a flip at the end. A cheerleaders job is to be strong, graceful, powerful, and entertaining all without ever appearing to really "try". I guess if you think ...more

Gymnastics is way harder, have you seen behind the scenes of the Olympics, Gymnasts are literally in the gym all day working there butts of with a coach screaming and them and and pushing them until they are in tears, have you seen them fall from 13 feet in the air on a release move, have you seen them break their necks falling from the beam? Have you seen them breaking their ankles and wrists hitting the vault wrong? Have you seen them flying 10 feet in the air on the spring floor doing quads, triples, doubles and Arabians? Have you seen their hands after practice covered in blood and torn to shreds? Have you seen how much work and dedication goes into gymnastics? Do you know that many high level and competitive gymnasts are in the gym 6 days a week training non stop for up to 10 hours? Do you know that most high level gymnasts have to be home schooled cause they don't have time for regular school? Did you know that gymnastics was proven the hardest sport in the world by Espn. ...more

Cheer is way harder then you think. Yesterday I had practice and you want to know what happened when practice was over? I have scratches all over my hands because of my flyer, I have a chunk of my skin scratched out because of my other base,I have bruises EVERYWHERE, a twisted ankle, and I threw up (in my mouth) at cheer (yes I know it's disgusting) but it's not just me that gets hurt all the time.. My flyer has a bloody nose because we dropped her and do you know what we had to do after that? Condition. We had to run forever then run some more. A girl got Hit in the lip and it was swollen in the middle of the routine and you know what she did? That's right kept going.. She didn't stop or make the coaches stop the music.. No she kept going and after that we had to do it again. After that we had to stunt. No water. Just stunting. Trust me it's not as easy as it looks you make think it's easy but it's not. We make it look that way. You should at least respect us as a sport because we ...more

Everyone think that any type of cheerleading is jumping around on a mat and screaming... But that is NOT the case. I want a football player to jump into our stunts, do the tumbling we do, perform the routines we do, and make it look as easy as we do. Even though I think most of us have those days where we don't want to go to practice. I don't think I could ever say wrestling is just boys rolling around on the floor with other sweaty boys, because I haven't tried it before and don't know the endurance it might take. Therefor, it's not fair that people that haven't tried cheer before, and perform the 2 minute and 30 second routines we do. People say that "it's not a sport because it has judges"... Are you serious. Do you really want to go there. What about figure skating, gymnastics, or competitive dance? People say that these are sports, but don't they have judges too? Let's have someone who plays football, basketball, wrestling, or anything else that is a typical sport come ...more

Cheer should be 2nd because we do gymnastics just like other gymnast which means that we call the spring floor our field, we were made to tumble and we were born to take pain as a help to helping us reach our goals. We do hard work too. We can also hurt ourselves doing stunts 20 ft. In the air! Also we should be 2nd because we also go up in a stunt using only one man's hand or hands and going up in a stunt position or a liberty. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT HURTS TO FALL IN THAT?!?! You can get 200 lbs. On your body because you fell! And you think it's little blondies and brunettes in mini skirts and short shirts! It's endurance, pain, blood, sweat, and tears. You know what some coaches say? " TAKE IT LIKE A MAN! ", " That pain will help you get better! ", " IT HURTS SO GOOD! " And you think it's easy NOT. Try going to Cheer Extreme All-stars Practice and show them a round off back handspring step out, back hand extension, back handspring, Front-back layout, ...more

Cheerleading needs more credit.
Cheerleaders are strong like weight lifters - we lift and toss other people to extreme heights.
Cheerleaders are confident like gymnasts - we trust others to throw ourselves in the air, and are daring to try new stunts.
Cheerleaders are agile and flexible like gymnasts - we stretch to our limits, and do high level tumbling and flipping - even putting this into stunts as well as on the ground.
Cheerleaders have the speed and co-ordination of a dancer - We dance to high energy routines.
Cheerleaders have the springy feet of a gymnast - we do jumps and somersaults from standing.
Cheerleaders have the energy of any athlete - 2 minutes 30 seconds to STUNT, JUMP, TUMBLE, CHEER and DANCE.
It's very dangerous, and you need team skills and athletic ability. We get injured and fall, but that never takes away from our spirit. Definitely should be 2nd on the list!

Cheerleading and gymnastics are the hardest.. But never compare the two because they are very different. Most gymnasts think cheerleaders are just bad gymnasts, but they are not. Okay maybe gymnastics tumbling is more difficult and has better form, but what people don't realize is that tumbling is not even close to being most of cheerleading. In fact it is about 30 seconds of a 2 min 30 sec routine. The rest is filled with extremely difficult stunts that are very dangerous, and to some they may look easy but they are not.. Cheerleaders purposely make them look easier because they never stop smiling. I know there is more to gymnastics to, but never ever compare them. And if you are a gymnast, next time you say cheerleaders are just worse gymnasts try doing every thing else cheerleaders do! Both are extremely hard, take a lot of endurance, and strength. The one that is not a sport is dance.. Sorry, that's a hobby. But CHEERLEADING IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT

Cheerleading is definitely the hardest sport I've ever done. People tell me that cheerleading isn't a sport or that all it is, is a bunch of girls clapping and yelling. It's much harder and more complex than that. I've cheered for about 8 years now and it keeps getting harder and harder. In the past, I've played soccer, softball, and I danced. None of them compare to how hard cheerleading is. You can get very very injured if you make the slightest mistake. It's a HUGE team sport. Cheerleaders have to rely on their teammates to keep them safe. It's really complicated to learn all the chants and cheers because you have to remember the words and moves. Learning the dances is also very hard because you have to remember which move goes on which count and everyone has to hit their specific move on the right count or the routine wont look right. The conditioning is also a very hard part of cheerleading. People should go out and cheer. See how long they can take it.

I'm going to be straight up honest here and say that I have done 4 different sports in my life and gymnastics and all stars (competitive) cheer are definitely the most injury-prone. And I'm not here to say that football and soccer aren't hard because I played soccer for 4 years and I had shin splits and bloody knees almost every day. Also, my brother plays football and he has been in and out of the hospital several times do to back injuries. The only thing I have to say about that is the fact that I have been right there with him. Broken bones, bloody noses, torn rotator cuffs, it's all part of the show. I have to say that all these top ten most dangerous are beyond dangerous and the limits that most of these people push their bodies to is ridiculous. All I have to say is that what my team and I do essentially defies the laws of physics.

Competitive cheerleading should get more credit! I did gymnastics for 6 years and I've done cheer for 1 and a half. Cheerleading is definitely harder. You have to jump, tumble and stunt accordingly to the music and in time with your team. You have to lift people in the air and throw them using all your strength, then throw a couple tumble passes as well as dance and multiples jumps one after the other. Going fast and making it look good. The conditioning is the same if not harder than a football players or gymnastics. In a stunt the flyer is literally thrown into the air, as soon as the flyer is in the air he/she puts his/her life into the bases hands relying on the bases to catch them once again, while making it look pretty. Trust me competitive Cheerleading is allot harder than it gets credit for. And it's allot more than blonde girls running around in skimpy outfits with a crap ton of makeup on waving Pom poms. Think about all the hard work and training that goes into it.

Its not given enough credit for the things we do. Its not just smiling and yelling and being cute. Its much more. Stunting, tumbling, dancing, jumping while yelling. Yelling for 20 is hard enough and makes you out of breath WITHOUT doing any of the things cheerleaders do. In any other sport, you drop the ball and go on the the next play. No big deal right? In cheer, you drop the person, and it could be over. Getting hurt, or even dying. On top of that, hiding pain with a huge smile. Hiding your exhaustion with a smile. 1 person gets injured, you have to change the whole routine. It's the ultimate team sport.

Competitive cheerleading would be the hardest sport there is. This would be because of the flexibility you would have to have, the timing, and if you are out in the middle of your routine and you get hurt, guess what you do! Continue on in your routine. I know some friends on my team that push themselves until they got hurt. When you are in a flip you have to trust yourself that you can do it. If you are in the middle of a flip and decide to not continue on with that flip, it can end on a broken arm. Or if you are not landing your flip right and it becomes a habit, you shatter your heel the week before summit! For all of you who don't say cheerleading isn't a sport, or its not the hardest sport, try lifting 100 pound girls over your head. Or being tossed up towards the sky and flip in pretzel forms. Would you last a day in my shoes?

Look up Acrobatic Gymnastics as they can do stunts and do doubles and triples with only one base and no spotters. - Gymnasticsfan

Hey, I'm a cheerleader, I tried gymnastics and I'm just saying give a little more credit to gymnasts, What they do is super tough, The beam is really scary I give gymnasts credit just for walking on it, and vault how do you possibly flip you entire body by yourself over a solid piece of wood, I forgot what they call the little thing you do flips on its like a wooden bar or something but it was really hard it hurt my hands, so I think gymnastics also deserves more credit then cheerleader give them, and the coach said my tumbling was bad, I work harder then ever to have good form cause many cheerleaders don't care about form and it looks really bad, gymnast would probably give us more respect if we actually worked as hard as them to make out tumbling look good and with good form, I have to admit the little level 2 gymnasts had better kickovers and handstands then me a level 4 cheerleader.

Honestly I'm surprised at how many people don't think this is a sport. I myself am a gymnast, and definitely consider it a sport. The definition of a sport is "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment" Competition Cheerleading, competition is in the name. Check. You think tumbling doesn't require skill? Check. If you don't think doing cheerleading is physical, please go try tumbling, jumping and lifting other people, then tell me that you didn't do anything that required physical exertion.

Cheerleading is a very difficult sport. Being a cheerleader you need have that spirit to bring every team to victory, to be able to lift 100 pound girls in the air like no big deal, have flexibility and hyper extended legs for jumps, and have amazing tumbling. Not to mention being right in front of millions of people and judges surrounding you while you perform this two minute and thirty second routine. Cheerleaders also need those facials to wow the judges and crowd. oh and make sure your motions are super tight. Although many people say cheerleading is not a sport, I would like to see you do all these things with a smile on your face making your fans proud. Cheerleading is a amazing sport!

Cheerleading should be number 1 because I am a cheerleader and it is definitely harder than anyone thinks it is because you have stunts (throwing people in the air and hand positioning the right way and having to catch the girl sometimes twisting) then you have tumbling (running across the mat having to do different flips and twists and other stuff like that) then you got dancing (having to know the perfect position and turns and hand motions and movements) then on top of all that the conditioning because I know my team conditions for at least 5 hours a day then we have to run 10 miles then we have to warm up by doing stretches for 2 hours because we have to do like 100 of everything then we have to work out for 3 hours and then on top of all that we have to practice for 4 hours then on top of everything else we have 7 competitions every week because I am on 4 teams at my gym let alone the people on like 8 different teams and some people on that many teams also have gymnastics I have ...more

Cheer is difficult because it isn't just one skill or sport to master. Cheerleading is a combination of dance, tumbling, and stunts so it's like three sports put into one. The sad thing is, many people don't see how hard it is because it's High School cheer that is mainstream and most (not all) high school teams are not at the caliber they should be at to be considered difficult.

Competitive/All Star cheerleading on the other hand is a whole different world. I have been living in that world for about 12 years now and the lengths these athletes push their bodies to still amazes me. Check out some of the routines and teams from the the All Star Worlds Competition in Florida every year and then try and say its not a sport... You will think again.

Acrobatic Gymnastics can also dance, stunt and tumble and it is much older than Cheerleading - Gymnasticsfan

In my opinion competitive cheerleading is the hardest sport. Everyone thinks it's just a rah rah sport where you don't do anything, but really it's a mix between tumbling, acro, gymnastics, stunts, and so much more. Cheer is 50% physical strength and 50% mental strength. If you are physically strong enough but not mentally strong enough you will not be able to pull through. Besides that, how many people can do fulls, doubles, tucks, and more? Not a lot of people. Cheer is also the most dangerous sport. In other sports if you mess up a little it's fine. In cheer, you mess up a little and that's a deduction. You need to be extremely strong, both mentally and physically, flexible, and have good timing. If you get hurt in other sports you sit out. If you get hurt in cheer, you keep going for your team. This sport requires years of training and determination. Sure other sports do too, but in cheer you don't do something right, you get hurt. Everyone needs to understand cheer isn't the rah ...more

Cheerleading should be the hardest sport, because it's lie gymnastics but yet, we do stunts,
And from those stunts if you don't do them right or a flyer falls you can get a concussion. And plus to top
That off you get like what 120-200lbs dropped on you. I had to wear a neck brace due to a stunt.
Most people think of cheerleading as sideline cheerleading but no, this is competitive cheerleading. And competitive cheerleading is so hard. If you think it looks easy, you should try all-star cheerleading and see if it's still easy. See how one you can last in all-stars. My friend is a gymnast and she's been doing gymnastics for like 7 years and she tried all star cheerleading and she said it was harder than gymnastics...
So therefore I think competitive cheerleading should go back to number 1.
Thank you,
All all-stars cheerleaders

To all you cheerleaders saying we do gymnastics in cheer, you don't,gymnastics is way more then just some cartwheels and handstands, gymnastics is not just floor, being a gymnast means you do flips and acro on a 4 inch beam, launching your body over a solid piece of wood doing multiple twists and flips, keeping perfect form and technique the whole time, Swinging you entire bodies around a wooden bar while your hands are bleeding and ripped, doing insane release move 10 feet off the ground with no one to catch you when you fall, Dancing and tumbling on the floor in front of a panel of judges who will tick off points just for not pointing your toes, Cheer is hard I know that but not near as hard as gymnastics.

If you are not a cheerleader you would not understand. Cheerleading is hard. It takes a lot of muscle. And of all the sports I have ever done. Cheerleading is the hardest. It's not a bunch of skinny prissy girls roaming around in little skirts yelling go Panthers. It's like life. Your gym is like our second home. Your teammates are like your second family. It's like a second life. Or your only life. You take chances, you do things and you think, wow I just did that. So if you don't cheer, you have no right to say how hard/dangerous Cheerleading is.

People don't give enough credit to cheerleading. Everyone thinks its just standing on the sidelines, waving pom poms but that is not the case at all. I've played so many different sports and cheerleading is by far the hardest. The two minutes and 30 seconds you're doing your routine is probably the hardest couple minutes ever. No other sport is that hard in that short of a time. People need to stop being so ignorant. It's hard and there are so many more injuries than any other sport has.